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General Hospital: #12918

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Robert and Anna arrive on Cassadine Island. Robin and Nikolas come face to face. Alexis learns that the DNA test results won't be ready until tomorrow. Lulu talks to Alexis about the custody battle. Faison and Britt come face to face. Nikolas is shocked to see that Robin is still alive. Diane talks to Maxie and Spinelli about getting the baby back. Alexi warns Lulu that things don't look good. Britt wants Faison to give her back her baby. Anna and Robert discover Liesl passed out on the floor. Sabrina is surprised by Patrick's marriage proposal. Nikolas tells Robin that everyone thinks she is dead before they hug. Faison tells his daughter that the baby finally gives him a male heir and she replies by saying that he is not your flesh and blood. Nikolas learns from Robin that Jerry has been holding her captive. Sabrina isn't sure that Patrick is ready to move forward with his life. Patrick tells Sabrina about his conversation with Elizabeth. Nikolas tells Robin why he is on the island and Robin learns the truth about Patrick not being the father of Britt's baby. Lulu hopes that there is something that Alexis can do to stop Maxie from taking the baby away from her. Britt tells Faison that Ben is not her biological son. Liesl attempts to convince Robert and Anna that Faison was lying when he said Robin was still alive. Anna attempts to get Liesl on side. Nikolas learns that Liesl and Faison left with the baby. Faison doesn't understand when Britt insists that the baby isn't her biological child. Alexis tells Lulu that the only chance she has to keep the baby is to prove that Maxie would be an unfit mother. Diane warns Maxie and Spinelli that things could turn nasty. Alexis wonders if Lulu really wants to destroy Maxie. Britt refuses to leave without her son. After Liesl tells Robert and Anna that Robin is downstairs in a lab, Robert knocks her out again. Nikolas wants Robin to wait in the lab for him until he returns but she wants to leave with him now. Patrick insists to Sabrina that he wants her to become his wife and tells her that he wants to start a family with her. Maxie tells Diane to do whatever it takes to get the baby back. When Faison tells Britt that he intends to leave with the baby, she warns him that he will have to kill her first. Anna and Robert enter the lab and find nobody inside. Nikolas and Robin see Liesl on the floor. Nikolas leaves to go get Britt and the baby. Anna sees the DVD and says to Robert that Robin was here. Sabrina agrees to marry Patrick.