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General Hospital: #12919

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Lulu comes face to face with Spinelli who thinks that they should talk. Mac shows up to see Maxie. As Robert and Anna are about to leave the lab, Jerry shows up. Robin is determined to return home to Patrick and Emma. Liesl wakes up. Nikolas warns Faison to let go of Britt. Maxie and Mac talk about Robert and she wonders why he didn't return to Port Charles with him. Lulu tells Spinelli that she is sueing him and Maxie for custody of the baby. Sabrina is excited about marrying Patrick, who tells her that he needs to get her a ring. Lisel is surprised to see Robin who tells her that Nikolas rescued her. Afer Nikolas points a gun at Faison he lets Britt go who then takes the baby. Faison wants to know why she wants the baby when he is not her biological son. Robin learns that her parents knocked Liesl out. Jerry manages to get the upper hand after he locks Anna and Robert in the lab. Faison informs Nikolas that Britt told him that the baby isn't hers. Maxie fills Mac in on what has been happening with the baby. Lulu wants to know how Spinelli could think about taking the baby away from her after everything that they have been through together in the past. Emma learns about Patrick and Sabrina's plans to get married. Robin learns that her parents are in the lab and as she goes to see them Jerry shows up. Britt says she said the baby wasn't heres to get him away from Faison. Britt is surprised to see Robin when she comes downstairs with the baby. Nikolas shows up with Faison as Jerry grabs Robin and there is a stand off. Robert and Anna attempt to find away out of the lab. After Jerry gains control of the stand off he explains that he needs Luke Spencer's blood to survive and he wants Faison and Liesl go to Port Charles and get him. Spinelli tells Lulu that he can't give up his daughter and that he will see her in court. Robert tries to reassure Anna that they will find a way out of the lab. Jerry lays down the terms to everybody about what is going to happen.