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General Hospital: #12921

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Diane and Franco talk about his his painting. Scott is surprised to see Heather. Michael wonders what happened at the warehouse. Morgan is shocked after learning that Derek is Ava's brother. Diane believes that Franco has lost his mojo. Morgan continues to listen in on Ava and Julian's conversation. Sonny thinks that Julian is behind the hit. Scott and Heather talk about the past that they shared. Sonny wonders why Ava would want to keep the fact that she has a brother a secret. Morgan interupts Ava and Julian. Lucy sees Scott kiss Heather. Diane offers Franco some advise. Morgan reveals that he knows that Derek is Ava's brother and calls him a loser. Morgan then calls him Julian. Lucy warns Scott that he can't be seen with people like Heather if he wants to become DA. Ava attempts to convince Morgan that he misheard what he thinks he heard. Morgan thinks that Julian is the person who blew up his father's shipment. Julian wonders why he cares as he thought he hated Sonny. Michael wants Sonny to give him a job. Julian warns Morgan to forget what he heard. Sam talks to Silas about Julian being her father and wants to go to Ryan's Bar as somebody there might remember Ava or Victor. Sonny offers Michael a job at the restuarant as it has nothing to do with mob. When Morgan attempts to leave, Ava goes after him. Silas offers to go to New York with Sam. Ava believes that Morgan won't say anything to Sonny but Julian wants to have him eliminated. Morgan witnesses a close moment between Sonny and Michael.