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General Hospital: #12922

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Nikolas and Britt are with Faison and Liesel at Wyndemere. Faison tells his daughter that he used to live there. Robert hurts his shoulder as he attempts to break down the lab door. Ava wonders what Julian is doing. Julian instructs Carlos to eliminate Morgan. Morgan tells his father that he has something important to tell him. Anna and Robert are upset that they allowed to Jerry to get one over on them. Duke is worried when he is unable to contact Anna and talks to Mac. Felix learns about Sabrina and Patrick's plan to get married. Morgan wants to talk to his father alone. Ava doesn't want Carlos killing Morgan. Julian warns his sister that Carlos works for him. Morgan finds out that Sonny has decided to allow Michael to run his restuarant. Robin wants to go to the hospital but Liesel tells her Britt can go get what she needs. Sabrina tells Felix about the phone call Patrick received. Nikolas and Britt run into Patrick at the hospital. Robin learns that Jason is dead and that Faison killed him. Duke learns from Mac about what happened in Switzerland. Anna talks to Robert about Duke and how he has left his old life behind him. She mentions that he is working for Derek Wells and Robert recognizes the name. Morgan decides not to tell Sonny that Derek Wells is really Julian. Robert tells Anna that she knows Derek as well but by the name Julian Jerome. Carlos points a gun at Morgan. The DA shows up to see Sonny and gives him a file. Nikolas lies to Patrick. Faison tells Robin how he killed Jason and shows her a newspaper article. Britt sees Sabrina's engagement ring and says she can't marry Patrick. Sabrina wonders why. Felix tells Britt to mind her own business and Britt says forget what I just said. Robin thinks that Jason could still be alive as his body was never found. Mac talks to Frisco on the phone and tells him that Liesel and Faison are still at large. Anna learns that Julian managed to cut a deal and got a new face and identity. Ava learns that he doesn't accept betrayal that that he killed their sister Olivia. Carlos takes Morgan to Julian's office who wants to know what he told Sonny. Sonny reads the file which contains the truth about Derek being Julian. Morgan insists that he didn't tell Sonny anything and Julian instructs Carlos to kill him. Felix talks to Sabrina about Britt's reaction to her engagement. Britt informs Robin about Patrick and Sabrina's engagement. Morgan tells Julian that he can help him. Sonny takes another look at the file.