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General Hospital: #12927

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Liesel and Faison discover Robin gone. Sabrina and Patrick leave for the party. Carly pulls away from Franco and leaves. A mystery figure is shown with a knife. Duke shows up at Wyndermere. Robin goes to the nurses station and sees Epiphany. The mystery person makes their way to Franco's hotel room. Julian dressed up as Zorro shows up at Carly's. The mystery person is revealed as Heather. Faison wonders what Duke is doing at Wyndermere. Brad makes a strange claim. Felix thinks that Ben looks like neither of his parents. Duke notices an open tunnel. Heather wonders what Franco was doing with Carly and tells him that she doesn't deserve him. Carly wants to know why Julian never told him that he was doing business with Ava. Heather warns Franco that Carly is dangerous and he wonders why she cares. Liesl wearing the Anna mask asks Duke what he is doing here. Robin runs into Emma. Anna tells Duke that the island is deserted and he wonders where Robert is. Julian tells Carly that Ava is his silent partner and that there is no romantic interest between them. Anna says says sorry to Duke for not calling him and tells him that she is trying to protect him. Duke wonders if Faison and Liesel could be hiding in the tunnel. Epiphany is pleased that Patrick has found somebody new to share his wife with. Robin runs off after Sabrina shows up and Emma tells her that she is to be her new mommy. Patrick goes after her. Julian leaves after kissing Carly and she tells him that her daughter is upstairs. Franco wonders why Heather is so opposed to him being with Carly. Anna unsuccessfuly attempts to stop Duke from entering the tunnel. Faison shows up with a gun. Nikolas notices the woman running out of the party wearing the same costume Liesel wanted Robin to wear. Sabrina promises Emma that she will be a good mommy to her and tells her that she will never replace Robin though. Robin takes her mask in a room off as Patrick attempts to find out where she went.