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General Hospital: #12928

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Nikolas is able to stop Patrick from entering the examing room by telling him that the woman inside is Spencer's nanny. Tracy tells Luke that she will leave if he contacts Anna. Britt wonders why Elizabeth is concerned about her and Nikolas growing closer. Duke tells Liesel to take off the mask because he knows that she isn't really Anna. Nikolas tells Robin that she took a big risk by showing up at the party. Luke tells Tracy that he loves her and wants a future with her. Robin wishes she could be reunited with Patrick and Emma now. Faison attacks Duke and they are involved in a tussle. Luke and Tracy end up sharing a kiss. Patrick talks to Sabrina and tells her that he thinks Nikolas is lying to him about who the woamn really is. Nikolas, Robin and Britt return to Wyndermere. Duke is lying on the floor in the tunnel not moving.