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General Hospital: #12930

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Heather admires her art work at the gallery. Sam tells Silas that she is going to Franco's art show as the proceeds
are for Pediatric Lukemia research. Morgan gives Scott the flashdrive. Michael tells Kiki about what is going on with Sonny. Sonny insists to Max that he wants Julian taken out tonight. Silas tells Sam that he will donate a million dollars and they can go to movies instead. He then wonders why Sam really wants to go the show. Franco tells Carly that her son is sleeping with Julian. Olivia sees Morgan talking to Scott. Carly insists that her son is not bisexual.Franco insists that he is correct and tells her about the conversation he heard them having. Derek tells Ava that he is still going to the art show and has his own plan to beat Sonny. Carly tells Franco to worry about his art show. Franco says Derek is a predator. Heather vanishes after Diane shows up at the gallery. Scott notices the DA talking to the press. Olivia wonders what Morgan was talking to Scott about. Ava is worried that her brother will end up dead but he insists that everything will be settled tonight in his favor. Michael tells Sonny to be careful and to watch his back at the art gallery later. Scott and Lucy listen to the flashdrive. Scott then becomes certain that he will become the new DA. Sam and Silas show up at the gallery. Julian says hello to Sam and asks how Danny is doing. Lucy wonders why Morgan would want to give Scott give him information that incriminates his father. Olivia isn't impressed when Morgan gives her attitude about Sonny. Franco tells Diane that he is not going to the show. Olivia attempts to offer Morgan some advise but he tells her that it is too late. Carly tells Julian about Franco's claims and he insists that he is not sleeping with her son.