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General Hospital: #12931

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Franco says that he can't go to the show because Carly will be there with Derek. Derek assures Carly that he is not having an affair with her son. Kiki informs Sonny that her mother's brother is Julian Jerome. The DA wonders how Scott managed to get hands on the tape. Scott tells him that he wants him to drop out of the election. Olivia wonders why Morgan believes it is too late. Sonny promises Kiki that her mother won't be hurt as she is not who he is after. Diane insists that Franco has to go to the show. Olivia goes to see Sonny and shares with him her concerns regarding Morgan. When Morgan shows up at the art gallery, Ava tells him about his mother's concerns that he is having an affair with Derek. Ava kisses Morgan in front of his mother. Shawn receives a call from Max who informs him that Sonny wants Julian dealt with tonight. TJ is worried that something bad could happen to Shawn. The DA shows up to talk to Sonny and tells him that it is urgent. He tells Sonny that Scott knows about the file. Ava and Carly are stopped from fighting. Shawn attempts to reassure TJ that everything will be fine. When Franco shows up, Carly informs him that he was wrong about Derek and Morgan. Max runs into Diane and asks her if she is really dating Franco. The DA wonders if Sonny has set him up and continues that he will have to drop out of the election race. The DA wonders how Scott got has hands on the file after Sonny insists he is not to blame. After the DA leaves, Olivia tells Sonny that she saw Morgan talking to Scott. Sam talks with Derek. Kiki attempts to offer Morgan some advise. Scott is pleased that he is about to become DA again but Lucy is worried about who he is getting involved with. Sonny finds the bug that Morgan planted. Heather is furious that Franco is taking all the credit for her work and exposes him in front of everybody.