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Get Smart: Mr. Big

Maxwell meets 99 and they fight a dangerous KAOS dwarf named Mr. Big who has stolen a dangerous weapon and kidnapped a scientist.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 001
Airdate: Saturday September 18th, 1965

Special Guest Stars
Michael DunnMichael Dunn
As Mr. Big

Guest Stars
Vito ScottiVito Scotti
As Dante
Janine GrayJanine Gray
As Zelinka
Karen NorrisKaren Norris
As Mother

Bryan OBryan O'Byrne
voiced Hodgkins
Episode Notes
Gadgets: Shoe phone, The Inthermo (a heat ray), The Cone of Silence (theoretically permits two people to have a conversation without others overhearing, but never works correctly.), Binospecs (binoculars built into eyeglasses), Inflatocoat (coat with fake inflatable arms), Rubber garbage (disguises fake garbage scow).

Fans of The Wild Wild West will recognize Mr. Big. Actor Michael Dunn's arguably most famous role was the recurring genius Miguelito Loveless. James West was called on to thwart Loveless' evil ten times over his series' four seasons.

Episode Quotes
Max: Just a minute, Chief! Isn’t this top security?
The Chief: Yes...
Max: Well, shouldn’t we activate the Cone of Silence?

(Speaking under the Cone of Silence)
The Chief: How much do you know about KAOS?
Max: What did you say, sir?
The Chief: KAOS.
Max: What?
The Chief: KAOS!!
Max: Oh, KAOS. Yes, of course. Well, that’s an international criminal organization that was founded... oh, I think in 1957.
The Chief: How’s that?
Max: ’57.
The Chief: What?
Max: ’57!!
The Chief: Agent 57 is in Hong Kong.
Max: What?
The Chief: Hong Kong.
Max: What about Hong Kong?
The Chief: What?
Max: Hong Kong!
The Chief: (exasperated) Why are we talking about Hong Kong?!?
Max: What?
The Chief: Hong... (Pressing the intercom button) Hodgkins, raise the Cone of Silence.
Hodgkins: (over the intercom) What??
The Chief: (really exasperated) RAISE THE CONE OF SILENCE!!

The Chief: Max, you realize you’ll be facing every kind of danger imaginable...
Max: And... loving it!

99: I’d like to know where you were when the professor was abducted.
Max: If you don’t mind, 99, I’d like to handle this myself...
99: Right.
Max: I’d like to know where YOU were when Professor Dante was abducted...

Max: There’s nothing about there but that old garbage scow. But there’s something funny about that old scow... I’ve got it! Seagulls!
99: Oh! But there are no seagulls...
Max: Exactly! Did you ever see and old garbage scow without seagulls hovering over it?

Max: At this very moment, seven Coast Guard cutters are closing in on you! Would you believe it, seven!?
Mr. Big: I find that very hard to believe.
Max: How about six Coast Guard cutters?
Mr. Big: I don't think so.
Max: Two policemen in a row boat?

Cultural References
Dante's Inferno
The professor's name, and the name he gives his weapon (seconds before its destruction) refer to the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri, better known as simply Dante, and his best known work, an account of what amounts to a guided tour of Hell, called the Inferno. The Inferno is actually one third of an epic describing all three celestial realms: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.

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