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Get Smart: School Days

KAOS has planted an infiltrator at Control's secret training school! Max and 99 must assume undercover identities to ferret out the enemy agent before he can reveal the identities of the new Control agents to his sinister masters at KAOS.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 004
Airdate: Saturday October 02nd, 1965

Guest Stars
Henry BrandonHenry Brandon
As Zukor
Byron MorrowByron Morrow
As Dean Watson
Ben WrightBen Wright
As Hillary Gainesborough
Leo GordonLeo Gordon
As Grillak
Kitty KellyKitty Kelly
As Mrs. Green

Episode Notes
Clever Gadgets: Machine pistol that assembles in three seconds; wristwatch with strangling wire built in; bowler hat with razor sharp edge; plastic impact bomb that opens anything (well, except the safe Max wanted open); coat with carbon paper lining that captures handwriting samples.

Episode Quotes
(Max rings the doorbell at what he believes is the spy school.)
Max: When the moon is full, the tide is high...
Lady: You must want the spy school. That’s next door.

Max: Why, with one perfectly timed chop of my hand, I can break eight boards this thick (gestures indicating a thickness about six inches). Would you believe it, eight?
Hillary Gainsborough: I find it very difficult to believe...
Max: Would you believe seven?
Hillary Gainsborough: I don’t think so...
Max: How about a loaf of bread?

(Max has thrown a razor sharp hat through the window next door.)
Lady: (brandishing the hat) I’ve warned you people long enough! This time, you don’t get the hat back!

Max: I’m Maxwell Smart, agent 86.
Hillary Gainsborough: That’s a likely story.
99: You can call Control headquarters and the Chief will identify him!
Max: Does he have to?
Hillary Gainsborough: Why, are you afraid I’ll find out that you’re lying?
Max: No, I’m afraid you’ll tell him I’m flunking weapons class!

(An unknown enemy has just thrown three knives at Max, barely missing him.)
Max: 99, I’ve got a hunch... this was no accident!

99: You’re deliberately setting yourself up as a target. You’ll be in extreme danger every minute!
Max: And, loving it!

Max: Well, I checked that candle that was supposed to burn down and set off the dynamite, and that candle was set for 5:20, which would have given you a perfect alibi.
Hillary Gainsborough: And you accuse me on this flimsy evidence?!?
Max: No, I have some more flimsy evidence!

Max: Why, without security, none of us would be safe!
Passerby: Excuse me, is this Mrs. Green’s house?
Max: No, that’s the spy school. Mrs. Green’s house is over there.

Cultural References
Hats Off to You
One exercise has students decapitate a dummy using a bowler hat with a stiffened and razor sharp brim. Such a hat was the preferred weapon of Auric Goldfinger's chief henchman Oddjob in the James Bond film, Goldfinger. The mute Korean Oddjob demonstrated his deadly head wear in a very similar manner to the scene here.

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