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Get Smart: Our Man in Leotards

A thief steals a quantity of Imobilo, Control's newest development. The drug can paralyze most men for a half hour or so with one tiny dose. The thief leaps over the tall fence to escape, which suggests to Max and the Chief that a dancer might be the culprit. Control must ensure that a treaty signing occurs as planned - at an embassy hosting a troupe of ballet dancers, some of whom oppose the treaty. There's only one answer - send Max and 99 undercover to find the threat.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x10
Production Number: 008
Airdate: Saturday November 20th, 1965

Guest Stars
Robert CornthwaiteRobert Cornthwaite
As Windish
Edward ColmansEdward Colmans
As Don Hernando
Michael PateMichael Pate
As Naharana
Nestor PaivaNestor Paiva
As Doorman
John StephensonJohn Stephenson
As Parkerson
Fernando RocaFernando Roca
As Dancer

Robert KarvelasRobert Karvelas
As Saunders
Episode Notes
Gadgets: CFB-6000 automobile (cost: $32,000) with two .50 caliber machine guns in the radiator, radar operated tracking device, high frequency emergency signal device; hotline to The Chief’s office disguised as a pair of test tubes; imobilo, a drug that induces temporary paralysis; ring with large reservoir and tiny needle permitting Max to easily inject others with the drug.

The car used for the CFB-6000 is the same car used as The Chief’s personal automobile in “Satan Place” – one episode earlier in airing order.

Does John Stephenson's voice sound familiar, but his face ring no bells? Perhaps that's because he is the voice behind dozens and dozens of cartoon characters, including scientist Benton Quest from Jonny Quest (1964)

Episode Quotes
(Max and the Chief go over the CFB-6000 automobile.)
Max: What’s this, Chief?
The Chief: I don’t know.
(Max operates the control and a jet of water blasts The Chief’s face.)
Max: I think it’s the windshield washer.
The Chief: (tightly) I think you’re right.

Max: Wait a minute, Chief – Emilio Naharana – isn’t he the world famous ballet dancer?
The Chief: Correct. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Max: No, Chief, I’m thinking what I’m thinking – Emilio Naharana, potential enemy to our country.
The Chief: Swarthy Latin type.
Max: And one of the last of the world’s great leapers.

Max: Windish, one question: just what is imobilo and how does it work?
Windish: Actually that’s two questions.

The Chief: Now, I’ll need an agent to stay in contact with her.
Max: You’ve got him, Chief, the best in the business.
The Chief: No, Max, I think I’d like you to do this.

Doorman: Who are you? What do you want?
Max: I’m here to fix the air conditioning.
Doorman: We have no air conditioning.
Max: Oh. Yes, of course, how stupid of me. I meant the elevator.
Doorman: There is no elevator.
Max: No elevator. Oh, I was only kidding around. I’m the plumber.
Doorman: The plumbing is fine.
Max: Yea- well, tell me, is there anything wrong with anything around here?
Doorman: Yes, as a matter of fact, we have a short-circuit in the wiring. Now tell me, what are you doing here?
Max: I’m here to fix the wiring.
Doorman: Good! Good! There’s a short circuit in the wiring!!

(Max has hidden inside a bass drum. Emilio Naharana, unaware of this, has punctuated his speech by pounding on the drum, each time causing Max to wince.)
99: Max! What did you find out?
Max: I found out something very important, 99.
99: What is it, Max?
Max: A human being can’t live in a bass drum.
99: Well, what did you find out about their plans?
Max: Well, Naharana plans to get very close to the ambassador and inject him with boom-boom.
99: Boom-boom?
Max: Ehhh, imobilo.

(Emilio pulls a sword from the wall and leaps to attack. As he lunges, Max pokes him with a pen containing imobilo, paralyzing him.)
The Ambassador: What does all this mean?
Max: Well, it only goes to prove one thing, your excellency: the pen is mightier than the sword!

Cultural References
The pen is mightier than the sword, a line Max uses after he paralyzes the ambassador's attacker with a pen containing imobilo, dates to 1839 and a play entitled Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy. The adage possibly existing in similar forms prior to that date. The adage refers to the notion that diplomats and their agreements often shape states to a far greater degree than armed conflict. Max, of course, turns the saying on its ear by actually defeating a swordsman with a pen, albeit a drug-charged pen.

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