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Get Smart: Double Agent

KAOS agents discover a listening device concealed in a fake ice cube so genius scientist Parker devises something even more clever: a $400,000 fly with a tiny radar, transmit and receive antennae, and that can actually fly. Sadly, Max mistakes it for a real fly and smashes it - forcing him to go undercover in person to learn what KAOS plans. That requires him to alienate all his friends and develop unsavory habits to convince the KAOS men that he's ready to defect. Unfortunately, his first assignment is to kill Agent 99...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: 015
Airdate: Saturday January 08th, 1966

Guest Stars
Milton SelzerMilton Selzer
As Parker
Gregg PalmerGregg Palmer
As The Texan
Fabian DeanFabian Dean
As The Bartender
Arthur BatanidesArthur Batanides
As KAOS Agent #1
Dave Barry (1)Dave Barry (1)
As KAOS Agent #2
Clay TannerClay Tanner
As KAOS Agent #3
Jack OrrisonJack Orrison
As The Drunk
Episode Notes
Gadgets: Listening device disguised as ice cube; listening device and radar disguised as fly; absorbo pill (absorbs alcohol from beverages); shoe phone; phonowatch (tiny phonograph built into watch); charm bracelet record containing recordings of screams and laughter for use with phonowatch; listening device concealed in light bulb.

The concept behind the absorbo pill, which permits Max to drink alcohol without getting drunk, may have been inspired by RU-21, a drug developed by a division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The KGB sought a chemical that would permit its agents to drink without becoming intoxicated, so that they would be at an advantage when drinking with suspects. The drug did not work, although it does reduce the effect of a hangover. It is a combination of food acids, vitamin C and an amino acid.

Episode Quotes
Max: You know, 99, I really feel sorry for Professor Parker.
99: The ice cube transmitter.
Max: For the last six months, he’s tested it in every known fluid. That’s how he got his reputation.
99: As a perfectionist?
Max: No, as a drunk.

(Parker demonstrates his listening device – disguised as a fly – to the chief.)
The Chief: That’s incredible, Parker, how did you do it?
Parker: How did I do it? Two and a half years of nerve-wracking microminiature fabrication and $400,000 worth of research and equipment. Did you see those two tiny antennae?
The Chief: Um-hum.
Parker: The one on the left is a receiver. On the right, a transmitter. The left eye is the world’s smallest radar tracking dish, a network of seven thousand exquisitely delicate wafer circuits.

Parker: Oh, please don’t tell them where it is. I would like Mr. Smart to take a look at your desk, and see if he can detect which item is the listening device.
The Chief: Parker, I don’t think you should do that...
Max: Don’t be ridiculous, Chief. That’s a great idea!! If he can fool my keen eyes, the security of KAOS is doomed! Excuse me 99. Well, I don’t think it’s this magazine – it’s a little obvious, and clumsy... I don’t think it’s this paperweight, or the cigarette lighter.
Parker: What about that fly?
Max: Oh. (Max smashes the listening fly. Parker, shocked, looks at the wreckage and then just puts his head on the desk in misery.)

The Chief: I’ll be the only one who knows you’ll be a double agent.
Max: Right, Chief. (He realizes something.) You mean we can’t tell 99?
The Chief: Max, KAOS will be watching your friends closely. You must convince them more than anyone else that you’ve gone bad. Now Max, remember: acting as a double agent is the most dangerous game in the world. These men are killers; they’ll stop at nothing. You’ll be living in constant danger every moment.
Max: And... loving it!

(The Chief hands Max a coat that’s dirty and torn – part of his disguise.)
The Chief: Max, take good care of this. The tailor charged us a fortune to rip it up like this.
Max: Gee, Chief – I’ve got a dry cleaner that’ll do this for nothing!

(Max cannot tell 99 about his undercover assignment.)
The Chief: Max, until your mission is a success, she’ll learn to do without you.
Max: Yeah, Chief. But what if my mission is a failure?
The Chief: We’ll all learn to do without you.

KAOS Agent: Mr. Smart. I always knew that deep down inside... you were a rat!

Max: Well, 99, I can’t wait to tell the Chief about this. We’ve just broken the sinister arm of KAOS that’s threatened the nation’s capitol!
99: But, Max, what happens when the Chief finds out that we’ve just wounded four of our own government’s top agents?
Max: Well, we don’t have to tell the Chief everything.

(Max has overpowered four KAOS agents – all of whom were double agents working for various government organizations.)
Max: Apparently the real KAOS man who started the group died several years ago, Chief, and was never replaced.
The Chief: You’ve done a good job, Max, and I understand most of them will be out of the hospital within the month.
Max: Sorry about that, Chief.

Episode Goofs
99 tells Max that they have wounded four of the country’s top agents. But moments earlier, the men identified themselves as belonging to the CIA, Naval Intelligence, the FBI, and Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard is a British agency responsible for policing the London Suburbs; it is not part of the United States government. Additionally, it does not have international responsibilities (the British spy agency responsible for those is the Secret Intelligence Service, popularly known as MI-6 and the employers of fictional elite agent James Bond.)

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