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Get Smart: Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain

KAOS agents have arrived in the country from all over the world, by all kinds of methods. Determined to discover their purpose, The Chief has Max switch suitcases with one agent so they can photograph the contents. Inside, they find only one out of the ordinary object – a curious piece of metal Parker tells them is part of a larger device. Max must go undercover to deliver the device to the KAOS agents, but when he learns what they’re assembling, he’ll wish he hadn’t taken this particular assignment!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x24
Production Number: 024
Airdate: Saturday March 05th, 1966

Guest Stars
Milton SelzerMilton Selzer
As Parker
Victor FrenchVictor French
As Agent 44
Ted KnightTed Knight
As KAOS Agent #1
Lew GalloLew Gallo
As Nealis
Episode Notes
Gadgets: Parking meter teletype; fire hydrant phone; shoephone; hidden atomic bomb brought into the country one piece at a time.

Fans of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Too Close for Comfort will certainly recognize the first of the KAOS agents Max encounters in the cabin. He's played by Ted Knight.

Episode Quotes
The Chief: Max, I want you to report to headquarters, pick up a suitcase and meet me at the airport.
Max: Right, Chief, but where am I going?
The Chief: To the airport.
Max: I know that, Chief, but where are you sending me?

The Chief: Well, what is it, Parker?
Parker: I don’t know – it’s some metal alloy. Machine tooled, hand finished – I’d say from these grooves and this beveled edge that it fits into something.
The Chief: You mean it could be part of some larger machine?
Parker: That’s right.
Max: Parker, what are these numbers here on the side?
Parker: (reading) 1...2...7
99: Maybe that’s a part number.
The Chief: Then each KAOS agent is bringing in a part of some larger object. Some machine or weapon, and that is part number 127.

Max: Judging by the time of your arrival, the points of entry of the other KAOS agents and your method of transportation, I would say that your meeting place would be in... Littleton, New Hampshire!
Nealis: You’re dead wrong!
Max: Well, it may not be right in Littleton, New Hampshire, but it’s right outside of it!
Nealis: And I am telling you that Littleton, New Hampshire is no place near Blue Mist Mountain!

(Max’s shoe begins to ring while he meets several KAOS agents.)
KAOS Agent #1: What is that?
Max: Uh, must be your phone.
KAOS Agent #1: We haven’t got a phone.
Max: How about your alarm clock?
KAOS Man #1: There’s no alarm clock here.
Max: Oh. Well, I guess it was a wrong number.
KAOS Agent #2: But we told you, we don’t have a phone!
Max: Well you better get one. As long as you’ve got the ringing you might as well have the phone, right?

The Chief: Let me see the map.
Max: (drawing) Well... there’s a door here, Chief, and a door here, and then there’s a window over here...
The Chief: (pointing) Well, what are those three things?
Max: This is me, and this is you, and this is 99.
The Chief: Not this cabin, Max!! That cabin!!

The Chief: Somewhere in this room there’s a bomb that’s going to explode in three minutes, and we’ve got to find it!
Max: Three minutes?!? That doesn’t give us too much time, Chief. Just about thirty seconds to find it.
The Chief: What are the other two and a half minutes for?
Max: Running.

(Parker tries to instruct Max in how to disarm the bomb.)
Parker: Remove the flange from the plutonium strip. Do you know what I’m talking about?!?
Max: Yes, I’m familiar with the word "remove"...

The Chief: I don’t know how you did it, Max, but you just saved the east coast. Maybe the whole world! That was a close one.

Parker: Which way did you turn that plutonium screw?
Max: I’m not quite sure, Professor Parker. Why?
Parker: Well, if you turn it to the left it doesn’t matter, but if you turn it to the right you’ve destroyed the safety device. It can be reactivated by... by anything... (suddenly whispering) ...even a loud noise!
(Hearing this, a captured KAOS agent attempts to flee. Max shoots him.)
Max: Could the loud noise be a gunshot?
(Inside the casing, the machinery of the bomb whirrs back to life...)

Episode Goofs
The KAOS men plan to escape by helicopter from a nuclear bomb set to explode in six minutes. Unless the bomb was pointlessly small, its shockwave will swat them from the air.

Although he's quite vague on the details, Parker describes what is essentially a gun type nuclear weapon design (the other common design, and one used more frequently, is the implosion design).

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