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Get Smart: The Amazing Harry Hoo

The Chief assigns Max to follow the number three man in KAOS’ data smuggling operation. Control has been following agents since number one hundred eighteen, trying to locate the top man in this ring of spies before he can smuggle the tranquilizer bomb formula out of the country. When the number two man comes to a bad end, Max meets Harry Hoo, the famous detective, and between then they discover that the top man in this criminal hierarchy is an old adversary of both men – the sinister mastermind known only as... The Claw!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x25
Production Number: 025
Airdate: Saturday March 12th, 1966

Guest Stars
Joey FormanJoey Forman
As Harry Hoo
Leonard StrongLeonard Strong
As The Claw
Lee KolimaLee Kolima
As Bobo
James MillhollinJames Millhollin
As Ticket Seller
Vince HowardVince Howard
As Policeman
Harvey GardnerHarvey Gardner
As Control Agent
Episode Notes
Gadgets: Flashlight gun

In both appearances as this character, Leonard Strong affected a stereotypical Oriental inability to pronounce the sound of the letter "L" and the writers exploited this for humor, particularly Max's confusion of the words "claw" and "craw." Many fan sites therefore refer to the character as "The Craw." He is credited as "The Claw" on screen, so that is how he appears here.

There is no dialogue in the teaser act. This is unusual for an episode of Get Smart. Instead, this teaser consists of Max shadowing an Chinese man, and then becoming involved in a running gun battle with his quarry.

99 tells Max that all Chinese laundries look alike to her. This is a parody of a common statement that “all Orientals look alike” to Occidentals. Studies have shown that people have more difficulty identifying individuals from different racial stock than themselves; these have called the reliability of eyewitness identification into question, and a few police agencies have ceased to use the "lineup" for this reason.

Episode Quotes
The Chief: That agent is our only lead to their number one man! The man in charge of KAOS’ data smuggling operation. Your man was number three. He would lead us to number two, and number two would lead us to number one!
99: How long have we been following those agents now, Chief?
The Chief: Since number one hundred and eighteen.
Max: One hundred and eighteen?!? My gosh, Chief, that sounds like an awful waste of time to me! Why didn’t we just start off with number one?

(Max examines a map containing dozens of pins. It shows the movements of nearly a hundred KAOS agents.)
Max: The position of all these KAOS agents can be explained. All except one.
The Chief: Which one is that?
Max: What’s this guy doing up here in Manitoba?
(Max removes the pin through Manitoba. The map falls to the floor, pins scattering everywhere.)
The Chief: (exasperated) He was holding the map up!!

The Claw: Well. It appears, Bobo, that our old adversary Maxwell Smart has fallen into our trap. He does not realize that he is walking into great danger!

The Claw: Now, here are your orders – it is very simple. Go to the Tremont Hotel. When Ling How arrives, kill him, get the shirt and leave this half laundry ticket on his body. Now, do you have that, Bobo?
Bobo: Yes, Master. Just give me the last part again.
The Claw: Which part?
Bobo: The part after, “It’s very simple...”

Max: Who’s that?
Policeman: That’s Hoo.
Max: Who’s who?
Policeman: He’s Hoo.
Max: Oh, he’s who... what are you talking about?!?
Policeman: Mister Smart, this is the famous Hawaiian detective, now serving with the San Francisco police force, Inspector Harry Hoo.

Harry Hoo: It is wisely written, Mr. Smart: Dead men... tell no tales...

Harry Hoo: Mr. Smart, you are man of some perception. What do you notice about man on floor?
Max: He’s not breathing.
Harry Hoo: Which present two possibilities, Mr. Smart. One, man has gone to visit honorable ancestors.
Max: Or?
Harry Hoo: Man very good at holding breath...

Max: You found something, Mr. Hoo?
(Harry Hoo picks up an ashtray containing two burning cigarettes.)
Harry Hoo: Perhaps, Mr. Smart. Notice, please, ashtray contain two cigarettes.
Max: I see... Well, then, that means that there was someone here in the room with the victim when he was killed! Perhaps even the murderer...
Harry Hoo: Moment, please.
Max: Moment, please?!?
Harry Hoo: Once again, worthy Control agent leap at too obvious a conclusion. If victim were non-smoker, could have been two smokers in room with him.
Max: Well, that’s true.
Harry Hoo: Perhaps two smokers and one non-smoker.
Max: Moment, please.
Harry Hoo: Moment, please?!?
Max: Perhaps there were two smokers and TWO non-smokers.
Harry Hoo: Perhaps two smokers and FOUR non-smokers.
Max: Well, then, what you’re saying Mr. Hoo, is there could have been as many as fifty people in this room with the victim when he was killed, providing only two of them were smokers!
Harry Hoo: Exactly.
Max: Boy, it must have been pretty crowded in here!
(Two of the men collecting evidence retrieve their cigarettes from the ashtray.)

99: I talked to all of the other occupants and they heard no strange noises. Just the usual running and shooting and screaming.

Harry Hoo: Moment please. Much can be learned from man by what he carry on person. (Harry lifts the sheet covering the body.) Please to examine pockets, Mr. Smart.
Max: Wallet. Handkerchief. Comb. Keys to my apartment.
Harry Hoo: One moment, Mr. Smart. Victim had key to your apartment in his pocket?
Max: Oh! You want me to search his pockets...

99: Max, are you sure this is the right one? All Chinese laundries look alike to me.

Max: So! It’s our old friend the Craw!
The Claw: Not the Craw! The Craw!!

Max: How do you like this, 99? The Craw, one of the great master criminals of all time, working in a Chinese laundry.
The Claw: No, Mr. Smart. Operating a chain of Chinese laundries across the nation, where KAOS agents receive and pass on stolen information.
Max: A complete spy network...
Bobo: The spy network is just a front... the real money is in the laundry.
The Claw: (whispering to Max and 99) The less he knows the better.

The Claw: Oh! It is you, Hoo!
Harry Hoo: We meet again, Mr. Craw.
The Claw: Craw! Not Craw! CRAW!!

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