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Ghost Adventures

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 17/Oct/2008 Bobby Mackey's Music World
2 1x02 24/Oct/2008 Houghton Mansion
3 1x03 31/Oct/2008 Moundsville Penitentiary
4 1x04 07/Nov/2008 The Riddle House
5 1x05 14/Nov/2008 Sloss Furnaces
6 1x06 21/Nov/2008 Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
7 1x07 28/Nov/2008 Edinburgh Vaults
8 1x08 05/Dec/2008 Idaho State Penitentiary

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
9 2x01 05/Jun/2009 Preston Castle
10 2x02 12/Jun/2009 Castillo de San Marcos
11 2x03 19/Jun/2009 La Purisima Mission
12 2x04 26/Jun/2009 Magnolia Lane Plantation
13 2x05 03/Jul/2009 Birdcage Theater
14 2x06 10/Jul/2009 Eastern State Penitentiary
15 2x07 17/Jul/2009 Moon River Brewing Company
16 2x08 24/Jul/2009 Ancient Ram Inn

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
18 3x01 06/Nov/2009 Pennhurst State School
19 3x02 13/Nov/2009 Poveglia Island
20 3x03 20/Nov/2009 Ohio State Reformatory
21 3x04 27/Nov/2009 Remington Arms Factory
22 3x05 04/Dec/2009 Old Washoe Club and Chollar Mine
23 3x06 11/Dec/2009 Linda Vista Hospital
24 3x07 18/Dec/2009 Execution Rocks Lighthouse
25 3x08 01/Jan/2010 Prospect Place
26 3x09 08/Jan/2010 Clovis Wolfe Manor

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 4x01 17/Sep/2010 Gettysburg
28 4x02 24/Sep/2010 Rolling Hills Sanitarium
29 4x03 01/Oct/2010 Return to Bobby Mackey's
30 4x04 08/Oct/2010 Waverly Hills Sanitarium
31 4x05 15/Oct/2010 Stanley Hotel
32 4x06 22/Oct/2010 Hill View Manor
33 4x07 29/Oct/2010 Vulture Mine
34 4x08 05/Nov/2010 USS Hornet
35 4x09 12/Nov/2010 La Palazza Mansion
36 4x10 19/Nov/2010 Fort Chaffee
37 4x11 26/Nov/2010 Amargosa Opera House
38 4x12 03/Dec/2010 Olde Fort Erie
39 4x13 10/Dec/2010 Villisca Axe Murder House
40 4x14 17/Dec/2010 Kell’s Irish Pub Restaurant
41 4x15 07/Jan/2011 Pico House Hotel
42 4x16 14/Jan/2011 Return to Goldfield Hotel
43 4x17 21/Jan/2011 Bonnie Spring Ranch
44 4x18 18/Feb/2011 Witch House Lyceum Restaurant
45 4x19 25/Feb/2011 Jerome Grand Hotel
46 4x20 18/Mar/2011 Yorktown Hospital
47 4x21 08/Apr/2011 Madame Tussads Wax Museum
48 4x22 15/Apr/2011 Sacremento Tunnels
49 4x23 29/Apr/2011 Hales Bar Marina and Dam
50 4x24 13/May/2011 Maysville Slave House- Maysville, KY
51 4x25 27/May/2011 Tooele Hospital- Salt Lake City, UT
52 4x26 10/Jun/2011 Loretta Lynn’s Plantation House

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
53 5x01 23/Sep/2011 Ashmore Estates
54 5x02 30/Sep/2011 Mizpah Hotel
55 5x03 07/Oct/2011 Old Town San Diego
56 5x04 14/Oct/2011 Winchester Mystery House
57 5x05 21/Oct/2011 Lizzie Borden House
58 5x06 28/Oct/2011 Letchworth Village
59 5x07 11/Nov/2011 Return to Virginia City
60 5x08 02/Dec/2011 Rocky Point Manor
61 5x09 09/Dec/2011 Rose Hall
62 5x10 16/Dec/2011 Old Charleston Jail

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
63 6x01 09/Mar/2012 Shanghai Tunnels
64 6x02 16/Mar/2012 Peabody-Whitehead Mansion
65 6x03 23/Mar/2012 The Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House
66 6x04 30/Mar/2012 The National Hotel
67 6x05 06/Apr/2012 Return to Linda Vista Hospital
68 6x06 20/Apr/2012 Gary Galka's House
69 6x07 27/Apr/2012 The Riviera Hotel

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 7x01 14/Sep/2012 Central Unit Prison
70 7x02 21/Sep/2012 Excalibur Nightclub / Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
71 7x03 28/Sep/2012 Point Sur Lighthouse
72 7x04 05/Oct/2012 The Palmer House
73 7x05 12/Oct/2012 Black Moon Manor
74 7x06 19/Oct/2012 Sedamsville Rectory
75 7x07 26/Oct/2012 Cripple Creek
76 7x08 09/Nov/2012 Brookdale Lodge
77 7x09 16/Nov/2012 Tor House
78 7x10 23/Nov/2012 Union Station
79 7x11 07/Dec/2012 Crazy Town
80 7x12 11/Jan/2013 Wyoming Frontier Prison
81 7x13 18/Jan/2013 Sailor's Snug Harbor
81 7x13 18/Jan/2013 Sailors' Snug Harbor
82 7x14 22/Feb/2013 New Orleans
83 7x15 01/Mar/2013 Market Street Cinema
84 7x16 22/Mar/2013 Return to the Goldfield Hotel
85 7x17 29/Mar/2013 Glen Tavern Inn
86 7x18 19/Apr/2013 Kings Tavern - Natchez, MS

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
87 8x01 16/Aug/2013 The Pioneer Saloon
88 8x02 23/Aug/2013 Black Swan Inn
89 8x03 30/Aug/2013 Tuolumne Hospital
90 8x04 06/Sep/2013 Missouri State Prison
91 8x05 13/Sep/2013 Yost Theatre & Ritz Hotel
92 8x06 20/Sep/2013 Haunted Victorian Mansion
93 8x07 04/Oct/2013 Exorcist House
94 8x08 11/Oct/2013 Alcatraz
95 8x09 18/Oct/2013 Mustang Ranch
96 8x10 25/Oct/2013 Thornhaven Manor
97 8x11 15/Nov/2013 Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
98 9x01 15/Feb/2014 Sharon Tate Ghost
99 9x02 22/Feb/2014 The Myrtles Plantation
100 9x03 01/Mar/2014 George Washington Ghost
101 9x04 08/Mar/2014 Bannack Ghost Town
102 9x05 15/Mar/2014 Fear Factory
103 9x06 22/Mar/2014 Heritage Junction
104 9x07 29/Mar/2014 Battle of Los Angeles
105 9x08 12/Apr/2014 Saint James Hotel
106 9x09 03/May/2014 Fox Hollow Farm
107 9x10 17/May/2014 Haunted Savannah
108 9x11 07/Jun/2014 Whaley House
109 9x12 21/Jun/2014 Overland Hotel & Saloon
110 9x13 12/Jul/2014 Old Licking County Jail

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
111 10x01 04/Oct/2014 Queen Mary
112 10x02 11/Oct/2014 Lemp Mansion & Brewery
113 10x03 18/Oct/2014 Zozo Demon
114 10x04 25/Oct/2014 Doll Island
115 10x05 10/Jan/2015 Bell Witch Cave
116 10x06 17/Jan/2015 Sallie House
117 10x07 24/Jan/2015 Nopeming Sanatorium
118 10x08 31/Jan/2015 Apache Junction
119 10x09 07/Feb/2015 Leap Castle & Hell-Fire Club
120 10x10 14/Feb/2015 Loftus Hall
121 10x11 21/Feb/2015 Return to Tombstone
122 10x12 28/Feb/2015 Demons in Seattle
123 10x13 07/Mar/2015 Texas Horror Hotel

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
124 11x01 22/Aug/2015 Edinburgh Manor
125 11x02 29/Aug/2015 Old Montana State Prison
126 11x03 05/Sep/2015 Manresa Castle
127 11x04 12/Sep/2015 Old Lincoln County Hospital

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
128 12x01 30/Jan/2016 Black Dahlia House
129 12x02 06/Feb/2016 Secret Scientology Lab
130 12x03 13/Feb/2016 Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House
131 12x04 20/Feb/2016 Return to Riviera
132 12x05 27/Feb/2016 Chinese Town of Locke

S03 - #106/Nov/2009Post Mortem:The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic AsylumN/A
S03 - #215/Jan/2010Ghost Adventures Live: The Cutdown - The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum8
S03 - #322/Jan/2010Poveglia Island Special8.5
S03 - #430/Oct/2009Ghost Adventures Live: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum8
S04 - #510/Sep/2010Best Evidence So Far8
S04 - #610/Sep/2010Scariest Moments Special7
S04 - #711/Feb/2011Valentine's Day Special - Longfellow's Wayside InnN/A
S05 - #824/Feb/2012Horror Hotels & Deadliest HospitalsN/A
S05 - #902/Mar/2012Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror and Bloodiest Battlefields7
S06 - #1013/Jul/2012Hellfire Caves7
S06 - #1120/Jul/2012Fort Horsted8
S07 - #1202/Nov/2012Dead Men Walking7
S07 - #1330/Nov/2012Death by Wild West7
S07 - #1414/Dec/2012Clinically Dead7
S07 - #1521/Dec/2012Killer Nightlife8
S07 - #1628/Dec/2012Do Not Disturb8
S07 - #1704/Jan/2013Home Sweet Hell8
S07 - #1825/Jan/2013Passport to Hell5.5
S07 - #1901/Feb/2013Dungeons & Demons8
S07 - #2008/Feb/2013Bewitched & BotheredN/A
S07 - #2115/Feb/2013Obsessions & Possessions8
S07 - #2208/Mar/2013Armies of Darkness8
S07 - #2315/Mar/2013First Timers7
S08 - #2427/Sep/2013Up Close & Personal7
S08 - #2531/Oct/2013Halloween Special - Transylvania8
S08 - #2631/Jan/2014Romania: Targoviste Castle and Hoia-Baciu ForestN/A
S08 - #2715/Feb/2014Extra Pulses: Hunedoara CastleN/A
S08 - #2815/Feb/2014Extra Pulses: Targoviste CastleN/A
S09 - #2922/Feb/2014Extra Pulses: Sharon Tate GhostN/A
S09 - #3001/Mar/2014Extra Pulses: The Myrtles PlantationN/A
S09 - #3108/Mar/2014Extra Pulses: George Washington GhostN/A
S09 - #3215/Mar/2014Extra Pulses: Bannack Ghost TownN/A
S09 - #3322/Mar/2014Extra Pulses: Fear FactoryN/A
S09 - #3429/Mar/2014Extra Pulses: Heritage JunctionN/A
S09 - #3505/Apr/2014Extra Pulses: Battle of Los AngelesN/A
S09 - #3619/Apr/2014Extra Pulses: Haunted Victorian MansionN/A
S09 - #3719/Apr/2014Extra Pulses: Saint James HotelN/A
S09 - #3826/Apr/2014Aftershocks: Bobby Mackey's/Brookdale LodgeN/A
S09 - #3910/May/2014Aftershocks: Villisca Ax Murder House/Letchworth VillageN/A
S09 - #4010/May/2014Extra Pulses: Fox Hollow FarmN/A
S09 - #4124/May/2014Extra Pulses: Haunted SavannahN/A
S09 - #4231/May/2014Aftershocks: Bloody Mary/USS HornetN/A
S09 - #4314/Jun/2014Aftershocks: Sedamsville Rectory/Winchester Mystery HouseN/A
S09 - #4414/Jun/2014Extra Pulses: Whaley HouseN/A
S09 - #4528/Jun/2014Extra Pulses: Overland Hotel & SaloonN/A
S09 - #4628/Jun/2014Aftershocks: Palmer House & Mustang RanchN/A
S09 - #4719/Jul/2014Extra Pulses: Old Licking County JailN/A
S09 - #4820/Sep/2014Aftershocks: Bonnie Springs & Vulture MineN/A
S09 - #4927/Sep/2014Aftershocks: Lizzie Borden & Black Swan InnN/A
S09 - #5018/Oct/2014Extra Pulses: Lemp Mansion & BreweryN/A
S09 - #5125/Oct/2014Extra Pulses: Zozo: Demon BoardN/A
S10 - #5231/Oct/2014Halloween Special: Ireland's Celtic DemonsN/A
S10 - #5314/Mar/2015Aftershocks: Zozo Demon / Katie's BarN/A
S10 - #5421/Mar/2015Aftershocks: Bannack Ghost Town / Thornhaven ManorN/A
S10 - #5528/Mar/2015Aftershocks: Sharon Tate / Linda Vista HospitalN/A
S10 - #5604/Apr/2015Aftershocks: Exorcist House / Ohio State ReformatoryN/A
S10 - #5711/Apr/2015Aftershocks: Stonehouse Brewery / Missouri State PenitentiaryN/A
S10 - #5818/Apr/2015Aftershocks: Bonnie Springs & Vulture MineN/A
S10 - #5925/Apr/2015Extra Pulses: Bell Witch CaveN/A
S10 - #6002/May/2015Extra Pulses: Sallie HouseN/A
S10 - #6109/May/2015Extra Pulses: Nopeming SanatoriumN/A
S10 - #6216/May/2015Extra Pulses: Apache JunctionN/A
S10 - #6330/May/2015Extra Pulses: Leap Castle & Hell-Fire ClubN/A
S10 - #6406/Jun/2015Extra Pulses: Loftus HallN/A
S10 - #6513/Jun/2015Extra Pulses: Return to TombstoneN/A
S10 - #6620/Jun/2015Extra Pulses: Demons in SeattleN/A
S10 - #6727/Jun/2015Extra Pulses: Texas Horror HotelN/A
S11 - #6808/Aug/2015Aftershocks: Apache Junction / Fear FactoryN/A
S11 - #6915/Aug/2015Aftershocks: Texas Horror Hotel / Sloss FurnaceN/A
S11 - #7031/Oct/2015Halloween at DeadwoodN/A

    Season 12 »
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Horror/Supernatural | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: travel CHANNEL ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 17, 2008
Episode Order: 13
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