Haunted Lighthouse - Recap

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The TAPS team receives a phone call from a Florida lighthouse keeper, which asks them if they are willing to go all the way to Florida to investigate his lighthouse. The TAPS team agrees and travels all the way to St. Augustine Florida to investigates the infamous St. Augustine Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built over 100 years ago in 1870 and has a rich history behind it. such like a man who killed himself by means hanging himself on the outside near porch, and people have been known to hear strange noise coming up and down the stairway like footsteps, also a Little girls voice have been noticed.

When TAPS arrives, the director, Paul Wenglowsky, of the lighthouse greets them and starts talking about the lighthouse history and what people have experienced their; like some people have noted hearing a bucket slamming on top the lighthouse and strange mumbling sounds or voices on the upper level of this lighthouse. During the investigation, Dustin, Steve, and Brian hears some female voices in the basement area of the lighthouse, they didn't exactly know where these voices were coming from. later half way up the lighthouse, Jason and Grant have debunked the "bucket falling" claims, by slamming a window that was barely closed with a sand bag attached to it that prevented the window from opening on its own. But This sand bag could of been untied or had some fault to it allowing the window to slam by itself, which could cause great noise. This window had a very similar noise when it slams close as to a bucket falling down. Latter, Jason and Grant hear whispers midway in the lighthouse. Grant thinks these whispers resembles a girls voice, and latter find it to be more of a conversation between a woman and a man or a man and little girl. Grant and Jason also experience during this period a figure leaning on the stairway balcony, moving in and out of a light. Jason and Grant decide to call in other TAPS member, Dustin and Brian, to see if they experience similar situations and to capture some EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and video footage. They come up with the same results as Jason and Grant have experienced. They hear some girl or lady calling for help, and a strange light blinked once, also they even hear some footsteps. but no distinctive visible signs of anyone that could of been their. Also Jason and Grant talk Steve into going upstairs to see if he could experience the same things as the rest of the TAPS members have had. Steve, who has an incredible fear of heights, was reluctant to go, but latter decides to go and not miss an opportunity of a lifetime to experience an apparition. Steve experienced strange footstep sounds creaking above him.

During when when Steve and Brian do their Analysis of recollected information and after checking all the videos, they found many unexplainable shadow figures in these videos, like a strange light coming from the top of the building and some strange EVPs as well.

Grant deems this investigation as being haunted, all the evidence was too incredible not to be classified as such.