Old Jail - Recap

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Dave Tango presents a case to Jason and Grant, and tells them about a restaurant/bar located in New Jersey, which is the hometown of a TAPS member, Dave. The local residents and customers at this Bar/Restaurant, known as “Domani’s”, have some paranormal activities going on their, and the locals are afraid of even going in their. The Bar’s co-owner shows the TAPS members around, and explains all the activities in this bar which includes: stools tossing themselves upside down to the floor; strange voices/noises of a woman, doors slamming, bar glasses shaking on there own, a haunted/cursed mirror that ledged has it, if someone touches it, bad things happen to them.

During the investigation, Brian and Steve try to capture EVPs (Electro Voice Phenomena). Elsewhere, Jason and Grant catch an image on the heat sensing camera (or thermal imaging camera), of a figure that looked like it had a human form; they try to see if it’s a reflection of themselves, because the wall has a shinny tile surface and could result on a mirror image of themselves. Also a TAPS member, Dave, experienced a door closing forcibly off his hands while trying to open it. It seemed to push off on its own when he tried opening it.

Jason and Gant debunk the stool falling on its own and landing upside down, but what they couldn’t explain was how it would fall. Also Jason and Grant couldn’t debunk the glasses shaking on its own. These glasses couldn’t move with any standard vibration of sorts.

During the Analysis/Findings and the Reveal, the thermal image that Jason and Grant find was found to be reflection of a stool bouncing off the tile wall, this was debunked. They also find an EVP that sounds like whistling, sighing, a voice saying “What is this contraption?” and a child’s voice saying “I’m still here” or “I’m staying here”.
They conclude that it does have unexplainable activates, but they are still not sure if it could be a haunting or not

Dona tells Jason and Grant about a Jail built in 1891 in St Augustine, Florida known as the “Old Jail”, this Jail is thought to be haunted by ghosts of dead inmates of the 8 authorized hanging that were conducted here. These spirits cause some ill manner behavior, such as that a story of ex-jail member being pushed down some stairs.

Savannah Brewer, the museum’s historian, tells Jason and Grant about all the hauntings that she’s experienced and heard of during present times, which includes: people being pushed down some stairs, unexplainable parts of a wax manichen having new parts put on it that it isn’t supposed to have, strange voices and noises, strange odors of urine and chocolate, death row doors slamming shut on tourist and other people.

During the investigation, Steve and Brian do some EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings to see if there are some activities in that part of the prison, they find a few big EMF spikes their. Jason and Grant investigate the “Death Row” floor and they smell urine all over the place, they think its normal for a jail with no pluming to have these odors, they base this on their expertise on being plumbers. Brian and Steve hear noises like locks jiggling and so they go to investigate it, they find nothing but experimental sounds they make that could be the cause of it.

During the “Findings” and the “Reveal”, the TAPS team only find a peace of audio, which is considered to be a good peace of evidence. This audio peace had voices of strong mumble conversations. Jason and Grant deem this investigation as inconclusive, because they only find one peace of good evidence.