Toxic House - Recap

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Donna tells Jason and Grant about a bead and breakfast Inn called the “Stone Lion Inn”, located in Oklahoma, were two affiliate TAPS members from the OKPRI group, Christy and Kristen, need help investigating this Inn. The TAPS team go all the way to Oklahoma were they beet the two affiliate TAPS members, they tell the story behind this Inn, which was that some time ago this inn was a local funeral home and that a little girl in a closet, named Agasta, who was poisoned while she inhabited the funeral home. Activities includes voices, visions of a man reading a newspaper both in the basement and looking through a mirror upstairs; and doors suddenly closing by themselves. An Affiliate TAPS member shows an old EVP recording she’s recorded in the past to Grant, this EVP seems to be saying “Get out”.

During the investigation Brian, Steve and Dustin were taking some EVPs (Electronic voice phenomenon) readings while Dustin records on his thermal camera. Out of a sudden, Dustin feels something pass his arm, something light like a spider web. Later, Jason and Kristen took some EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Field) and thermal readings; Jason sees heat coming from a bed, as like someone was laying on it before they came in the room. Later, Grant and Christy sees something moving through the shadows, Christy says its a silhouette of a man, EMF reading constantly flicker up and down during this encounter, and. suddenly both a Grant and Christy heir a voice calling out Grant’s name.
Jason and Grant meet up again in the basement and now are taking pictures and EMFs. Grant now again sees constant fluxing in his EMF detector, and finds it to be that it’s faulty; all the readings were coming from a wall outlet.

In the analysis and the findings, Steve and Brian find a strange and unusual sound that seems to be a female child’s voice saying “Can you find me? … Find me” but this EVP is unclear, the voice is too mumbly to completely make out.
Jason and Grant meet with Rebbecca Luker, the Owner, and show her all the evidence given from the investigation. And tells her about what they found from researching Agasta, They tell her that Agasta didn’t die their, Agasta lived a full life and had children. Jason and Grant does tell her that their was an unknown child born and died around the same age and time as what was speculated with Agasta.

Jason thinks it appears to be haunted, but still doesn’t conclude it as being such.

On the second case of the episode, Donna tells Jason and Grant about a newly renovated house, located in New Bedford Massachusetts, which seemed to have a sudden outburst of paranormal activities in it. Kathy Elmore, a friend of David Edgerly which is the owner of the house, is afraid of her friend’s current condition, she decided to mail TAPS for help. Activities in house includes a shadowy figure following people in room, people hearing footsteps on the stairs were no one is their, and the local resident, David Edgerly, experiencing emotional sensations like anxiety and depression

During the investigation, Jason and Grant takes some EMF readings in the basement, and Grant finds some fluxing readings on his instruments. Later Brian and Steve take some EMFs in a room located in the upper half of the house, they seem to have a reading that goes all the way to the to a lover section of the house, they continue to follow the EMF readings up and down the stairs. Were they found a fuse box located in between the stairway that was giving off dangerously high readings. They go to downstairs were they suddenly notice some mole growing in the basement sealing which could be a factor to David’s emotional depressions.

During the findings, the TAPS team finds nothing to support a haunting, Jason and Grant tell the local residents, David and his friend Kathy Elmore, about all the potential damages to their house and that they may be causing all their emotional disorders.