Shining Hotel - Recap

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On the season finally, Donna tells Jason and Grant about the Stanley Hotel, Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this is the place where “Steven King” got his inspiration for his best seller novel “The Shining”
Some claims pf paranormal activities and haunting include: People hearing noises, Mr. Stanley, who use to own the hotel, has been seen passing the halls, A story about a Lady screaming and was hysterical for no apparent reason and had no alcohol in her system.

When TAPS arrived, they meat with Billy Ward, a longtime employee at the Stanley Hotel, he tells and shows the TAPS team about the story about the Hotel. He also talks about some other claims and stories people have experienced, like in the MacGregor recreational room, chefs have heard people having party in that room while no one was around. People feel like other people are walking behind them, books flying off the shelves. In room 217, Steven Kings Room, this was the same room were a gas leak was, in which a lady, Misses Wilson, died, it is said to be haunted by her spirit. It is also said that Steven King has seen this ghost. In room 401 it has been said that things like jewelry go missing. In room 412, a lady was seen to start acting hysterical and crazy for no apparent reason. In the “Manna Hall”, in room 1302, a cleaning lady once opened a door and she saw everything in the room, paintings and other stuff, all thrown on the floor; and a homeless lady is said to of frozen to death. In a ballroom in the hotel, and seen near a furnace trying to get warm.…

Mr Ward tells the team that the 3rd and 4th floor are supposedly the most active in paranormal activity in the entire hotel.

During the investigation on day 1 of 2, Jason and Grant take some “thermal imaging” with their cameras, at a hall way, and notice some thing moving through the thermal camera at the other side of a door. They notice that it was a reflection of their feet on the door near by.
In room 412, Steve and Brian hear a door shaking, they try to record some EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and try to make the ghost shake a bed. Brian sees a shadow like figure of a hand move near Steve, and Steve sees a white shadow passing him near the floor.
Later, Jason and Grant still taking thermal images, get to a door with a lock, they hear strange knocking sounds coming from the walls.
In room 217, Steven King’s room, Brian and Steve try to provoke a ghost that supposed to be haunting this room, the supposed ghosts name is “Misses Wilson” who takes peoples luggage and moves stuff around.
In room 401 Jason’s room, while he was sleeping, strange noises wake him up. It seems to be the closet door opened by itself and a glass cup brakes by itself as well. more later, Jason again hears banging noises coming from his room.

On night 2, Brian sets up a thermal imaging camera in a room, and he hears a mans voice. He didn’t see anything or anyone near their.
Jason and Grant go back to room 412, were they tried to debunk the movement of the door and bed. They conclude the wind made “head board” of the bed move.
Later Jason and Grant take on more thermal images on many places they end up in a hall way.
At MacGregor’s room, Steve and Brian take some EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) readings and find some constant fluxing on their instruments. They pinpoint a huge spike, and Brian goes to the exact spot under the floor were this spike occurred to see what the source of it. Brian sees a power grid and a communications room that was the source of EMF spike.
Jason and Grant go back to Jason’s room to investigate why the glass shattered during the night. They investigate how that could have happened.
Brian and Steve went to record some EVPs, and Brian sees someone standing on a hallway across from them, their was nobody their, their were no EMFs either, but they do hear jiggling from an outside door about to open that could not be explained.

Dave Tango, Lisa and Grant go to the MacGregor room to investigate, but it was all a prank Jason and Grant made up, were Jason found a hatchet and a door prop used in “The Shining”. So Jason went behind that door and Grant lured them in.

Brian and Jason hear a Screeching noise when they closed a door behind them, the door was going from the outside to inside of the hotel. (People have also claimed to hear screeching at this point of the hotel as well.)
Brain and Jason talk about what Brian was going through and Jason tries to repair all the lost time and lost friendship from when Brian decided to quite TAPS.

Dave Tango, Lisa and Grant went to room 1302, and Dave suddenly felt like he was being watched. Jason tried to change his cameras film with Kendall Whelpton, a “Ghost Hunter’s” camera man, helping him by shining his LSD camera light to help Jason out, when suddenly the table Jason was using moves violently up and down. Kendall Whelpton let out a shriek and moved back when he noticed it.

During the analysis, Dave Tango and Steve analyses al the footage they collected.
Steve analysis Jason’s room footage and notices the exact moment when the closet door opened and the glass shattered by hearing them go as the tape plays. And also he sees the closet door closeting by itself.

During the findings, Steve plays one EVP, which Grant dismisses as a heater turning on. And also Steve reviewed the table moving and didn’t find anything other then what they

Brian reveals during his research about different types of stone that cause paranormal activities, like quarts, limestone and other, were made into the Stanley Hotel.

During the Reveal, Jason and Grant tell Nancy Baker and Billy Ward about the door screeching, and that was caused by condition in which the door is situated and the wind creeps up and makes that sound; the bed shaking's were caused by wind blowing on the bed's head board. Also, Jason and Grant tell them about the TAPS member’s personal experiences, like the table moving and Jason’s room’s activities.
Jason and Grant strongly believe the hotel is haunted.