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Ghost Hunters: Spirits of the Old West

TAPS heads over to Nevada to investigate two separate locations both well known for being plagued by Paranormal activities."The Goldfield Hotel" and "The Old Washoe Club"

(Case #1: Goldfield, Nevada - Goldfield Hotel)
First, TAPS heads over to the the Goldfield Hotel located in Goldfield, Nevada where this 100 year hotel that is about the be renovated, has been reportedly plagued by numerous hauntings and paranormal activities that include phantom shadows and disembodied voices.

(Case #2: Virginia City, Nevada - Old Washoe Club)
On the second investigation, TAPS heads over to a former millionaires club that was built in 1862 and is now a bar know as the "Old Washoe Club". Patrons as well as employees and former employees have reportedly experienced several paranormal activities such as disdained heads floating around, ghostly children standing hauntingly gazing, and many other things.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x8
Production Number: 408
Airdate: Wednesday April 23rd, 2008

Guest Stars
"Sweetwater" John Buie"Sweetwater" John Buie
As Himself (Former Employee at the Old Washoe Club)
Britt GriffithBritt Griffith
As Himself (TAPS Investigator)
John MitchellJohn Mitchell
As Himself (Bartender at the Old Washoe Club)
Red RobertsRed Roberts
As Himself (Owner of the Goldfield Hotel)
Scott BurrellScott Burrell
As Himself (Owner of the Old Washoe Club)
Episode Notes
TAPS is the last paranormal investigative group to investigate the Goldfield Hotel before it gets renovation

Bret Griffith is part of TAPS family investigative team in California.

Episode Quotes
(Note all EVPs Quotes are based on what either TAPS and/or the respective people associated to the case have understood after listing to the EVPs in question.)

(All three EVPs for this episode where recorded at the Goldfield Hotel.)

  • EVP #1
    EVP (Male voice): Get out.

  • EVP #2
    EVP (Loud male voice): Where did the bitch go?

  • EVP #3
    EVP (Female child voice): Can we go home now.

  • Steve: I'm telling you Bret, I get the craziest feeling around this elevator man.
    Bret: And down here and over there.

    Steve: Investigating the second floor it definitely has a different feeling, you know.

    Steve: It almost just feels for some reason that particular part of the building is occupied. You know, it could be something along the lines, you know, that there is something paranormal and maybe thats what feels like something occupying this space.

    Steve: Yeah, I'm spooked out in this corner. I don't know what it is. If, if your feeling changes from one point to another, I mean that could be, mean somethings roaming around. I mean...
    Bret: Yeah, I don't... Well I don't know why anyone would think an entity ask to stick in an area could of went out check Kris out. And hell if it were an old school cowboy, I'd be down with Kris.
    (Steve laughs.)

    Dave: I know what Kris and I saw wasn't a car going by, but it just makes it hard, you know what I mean. If its not a car going by, what is it? And that's what gets me.

    Bret: So do you think it could be Liz roaming the hotel, looking for her baby?
    Steve: I didn't think of that, man. If it's true that she didn't know what happened to her baby...
    Bret: She was chained to that radiator.
    Steve: Chained to the radiator, then she died chained to that radiator. She could be wondering this place, like you said, looking for her baby. That's a great idea. I didn't think of that.

    (Red, the owner of the Goldfied Hotel, after hearing the EVPs)
    Red: I can tell you one thing for sure right now, you are converting me little by little.
    (Jason and Grant laugh.)
    Jason: No no, we're just trying to show you what we caught.

    Red: In all honesty, TAPS is turning me just a little bit towards that there is possibly maybe, something beyond my comprehension, here

    (Jason and Grant explaining to Red about the two orb like heat signatures they encountered.)
    Grant: And you'll see over here these two things. Do you see that?
    Red: I see that.
    Grant: Now we're moving the camera, but they move in the opposite direction of the camera.
    Red: There's something there, that's for sure.
    Jason: See how it's moving.
    Red: Yeah, yeah amazing.
    Jason: Definitely stands out.
    Grant: Is it a ghost? We don't know, but we're showing you the things that we can't explain. Whether it looks like a ghost or not.
    Red: I'm the last person in the world that would say it would be a ghost, ...
    Grant: (Nodding his head in agreement) Good.
    ...but there's definitely something there.
    Jason: We have more to show you.
    Red: You're gonna make me afraid come in my own hotel.
    (Everyone starts laughing.)
    Jason: Hopefully not.

    Steve: I tell you what man, I love this stuff. Just the old abandoned buildings.
    Dave: Yeah man.
    Steve: If you're a kid, this is your dream.
    Dave: Yeah.
    Steve: Look, who doesn't want to sit on these building and just play around, you know.
    Dave: I know.

    (Steve and Dave investigating in the ballroom of the Old Washoe Club)
    Steve: This is the place where everybody hangs out. Right here, Tango...
    Dave: Yeah.
    Steve: .. dancing, ballroom dancing like this, the go they dance. And over here, there's people reading books.
    Dave: Yeah.
    Steve: Over here there's people giving drinks out.
    Dave: Yeah.
    Steve: And through that door, over there, you have the women of the night.
    Dave: Really?
    (Steve starts acting out what he explains.)
    Steve: They peak out like this, and wave to the guys. And the guys ...
    Dave: Oh my God.
    Steve: And the guys say (Whispering) "oh, but my wife's downstairs."
    Dave: Aha.
    Steve: What am I going to do? And you know what she says?
    Dave: What?
    Steve: (Whispering) Go downstairs, and up the spiral staircase.
    Dave: ooh.
    Steve: And I'll meet you in the other room.
    Dave: They're clever, the women of the night.
    Steve: Yep.

    Steve: What the hell is that noise? It just turned on.
    Dave: it's a machine but...
    Steve: Lets go towards it, and lets see what we are dealing with.
    Steve: Oh wait a second. Here it is.
    Dave: It's blowing out.
    Steve: It's just air, it not blowing heat or anything. ah, op? Ahh It smells.
    Dave: I know!
    Dave: Aah, I know what it is!
    Steve: What?
    Dave: The, the.. Someone's in the bathroom they put the thing on. The ah vent. And that's the poop smell.
    (Steve starts to laugh.)
    Dave: What?
    Steve: We just inhaled someones poop smell right out of a (Explicit deleted. Perhaps "Fucking") tube.
    (Steve continues to laugh while Dave spits out the odor stuck in his mouth.)

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