Child Haunting / Sutcliff House - Recap

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On the first investigation of this episode, The TAPS team go to Springfield, Massachusetts to investigate a haunting involving a family who has been plagued by demonic and paranormal activates. Local residence, Denise and Joe Tanguay have had strange things happen in their home, like seeing strange faces on the ceiling, hearing strange crackling noises and when Denise has gotten a dizzy sensation while visiting her basement, Jason and Grant think this could have been do to a carbon monoxide poisoning. Also some demonic and strange things have also happened to their son Zachary who has been poked in the face, slackened in bed and pulled on his legs while asleep. Denise shows the team around the house, she shows the room were Zachary has experienced those strange occurrences, and then shows TAPS members the basement and a ceiling were she’s seen a strange face on.

During the investigation, Jason and Grant recorded an EMFs (Electro magnetic field) on their instrument in the basement. He think this could be the cause of the dizziness Denise feels. Later on the analysis, Andy and Steve see a strange lightning a video they recorded earlier, Jason and grant thinks it could be a reflection on the infrared light the camera has.

When Jason and Grant meet with Denise and Joe Tanguay again to tell them what went on the house during the investigation and what they got during the analysis, Jason tells them about the EMF reading and that this could be the cause of the dizziness feeling they’ve been having and that their was no carbon monoxide poisoning involved whatsoever, they didn’t find no reading of carbon monoxide at all. Also that the occurrence their child has been experiencing could have been attributed by a condition known as restless sleeping, that involves going to sleep after playing video or other activities as such. And the strange noises could be attributed to the heater kicking on and off. Jason and Grant do admit that their could be paranormal activities in the house but none that they saw or experience during this investigation.

On the second investigation of this episode, TAPS gets a call from a Warren Group member, who tells them about the “Sutcliffe house”, which is said to have a ton of paranormal activities related to it. Jason and Grant agree to look into it after they show it to the team. Jason and Grant tell the team to look out for footsteps, doors opening, sounds, appearances and black forms appearing. We are introduced to Jon Zappas
Whose aunt has investigates this house several times ago in the past. Norma Sutcliffe, a local resident of the house, takes Jon, Jason and Grant to tour of the house and shows them were strange things has happened to her husband like a door wanting to open by itself but making the nod rattle and shake on its own and suddenly stopped when they opened it; Norma also shows the team were she and her husband have felt a chair moving and vibrating on its on.

During the investigation, Jon feels the same chair that the Sutcliffe’s have had experiences on vibrate with no possible explanations to it. Later Dustin and Steve are in the same room, and Dustin feels someone or something grabbing his arm. Aslo, Jason and Donna hear a door closing and rambling by itself on the Sutcliffe’s bedroom, Jason and Donna go to the room to investigate what’s going on, and when they go in the room the doors are all closed, they then open the closet door and see a bed mattress inside the closet and another door on the back of this closet, Dustin and Steve later go to this same room and experience cold sensations and record cold spots. Steve also hears the door closing and opening, he goes to investigate that and see the outside door was opened with ought anyone being nearby at the time.

During the analysis TAPS members see on a video recording that the closet door on the bedroom was actually opening and closing by itself twice 20 minutes apart. Jason and Grant check it out the next day the come to talk to the local residence. They fund out that it’s almost impossible for someone inside the closet to do this. Jason and Grant agree that this is an actual haunting. Do to all the experiences they’ve encountered in this house