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Ghost Hunters: The Boy in the Brothel

(Case #1: North Kingstown, Rhode Island - Carriage Inn)
TAPS heads over to North Kingstown, Rhode Island to investigate the "[Hoof, Fin, and Feathers] Carriage Inn" banquet hall, where they will look into claims made by employees of this former inn and brothel which was built in 1760. Claims include: Voices of dead children and general disembodied voice, specifically a little boy who, according to legend, is "proclaiming the innocence of his father who was hung in the attic" of the Inn; full body apparitions spectral sightings, phantom appearances of a woman dressed in 1700's (or possibly 1800's) clothing, apparitions of a little girl that has burn scars over her face who stands still and only stares outside; apparitions of dead prostitutes roaming inside he Inn's barn, unknown forces apparently slapping and grabbing the Inn's employees, whispers, and some cold spots in the attic of this banquet hall.

(Case #2: Groton, Connecticut - Stiteler House)
Also, the TAPS teams heads to Groton, Connecticut to investigate a residential house (a private home) claimed to be haunted. The Stiteler family, a self proclaimed 'military family', have all experiences and seen an apparitions of something apparently looking like a child, a boy, with the physical characteristics of having black nose, black hair, black eyes, black mouth and squiggly arms. Inside he room of their youngest child they have seen toys turning on my themselves a he same time every night (at 3:00AM.). Including a rocking-battery-powered-toy-horse turning on by itself without any batteries inside of it, and a TV set turning on by itself.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x16
Production Number: 416
Airdate: Wednesday September 17th, 2008

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)

Guest Stars
Joe ChinJoe Chin
As Himself (Investigator in Training (Carriage Inn))
Bill StitelerBill Stiteler
As Himself (Homeowner (Stiteler House))
Brenna LeveilleBrenna Leveille
As Herself (Former Waitress at the Carriage Inn)
Dawn MeadeDawn Meade
As Herself (Former Custodian at the Carriage Inn)
Emily StitelerEmily Stiteler
As Herself (Homeowner (Stiteler House))
Gretchen DeitchGretchen Deitch
As Herself (Manager of the Carriage Inn)
Linda WadenstenLinda Wadensten
As Herself (Owner of the Carriage Inn)
Main Cast
Jason HawesJason Hawes
As Himself ~ (Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator)
Grant Wilson (2)Grant Wilson (2)
As Himself ~ (Co-Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator)
Steve GonsalvesSteve Gonsalves
As Himself ~ (Technical Manager/Advisor and Evidence Analyst)
Dave TangoDave Tango
As Himself ~ (Investigator)
Kris WilliamsKris Williams
As Herself ~ (Investigator)
Kristyn  GartlandKristyn Gartland
As Herself ~ (Field Researcher/Investigator)~
Episode Notes
TAPS investigators for 'Carriage Inn':
•Jason Hawes
•Grant Wilson
•Steve Gonsalves
•Dave Tango
•Joe Chin
•Kris Williams
•Kristyn Gartland

TAPS investigators for 'Stiteler House':
•Jason Hawes
•Grant Wilson
•Steve Gonsalves
•Dave Tango

The second investigation, Stiteler House, only lasted approximately 13 minutes out of 43-44 minutes. Without commercial interruptions.

Episode Quotes
(Note all EVPs are based on what either TAPS and/or the respective people associated to the case have understood after listing to the EVPs in question.)

EVP #1 (Male child's voice): Daddy, are you here?
(Alternative interpretation: "Daddy, are you there?")

EVP #2 (Male child's voice): ... don't go.

Jason: So guys, you all set for this investigation? Nice local case.
Joe and Kyrstin:Yes
Kyrstin: Nice to be local.
Steve: I like being close to the TAPS office.
Jason: Well, Steve this place isn't that big. It's about five thousand square feet.

Jason: And all different claims of full body apparitions from a burned little girl to ah seeing, you know old prostitutes, because this place use to be a brothel.
Joe: Cool.

Linda Wadensten: In this section here, there's been sittings of an older woman probably in like 1700 attire, kind of like a bouffant skirt. She actually was fresh enough to slap a little busgirl one time in the butt. And scared her so much she punched out and left.

Linda Wadensten: What makes this so interesting over here there have been reports of brothel women back here, and it kind of makes sense because in the olden days all the mischief would go on behind the barn.

Dawn Meade: I was grabbed, and it felt like Frosty the Snowman grabbed me.

Steve: Everything's all set. Camera one is the main dining area where supposedly that waitress got her butt smacked.

Grant: We were told that there's a boy here. Alright? I'd like to talk him, especially one who thinks his dad is Innocent when he was hung.

Dave Tango: They just hear voices in here. Is that pretty much it?
Steve: no. They hear voices, and they see full bodied apparitions, these women. People have claimed to see up to ten of them at one time.
Dave Tango: What!?
Steve: All over here.
Dave Tango: Wow.
Steve: Ten female apparitions
Dave Tango: That is nuts.

Steve: Is anybody in here? Besides us. We really like to just communicate with you. Could you give us a sign? You make a noise.
Dave Tango: Do you have any blonds anywhere?
Steve: Can you tell us your name?
Dave Tango: How about red heads? Do you have any red heads?

Linda Wadensten: I have experienced some strange things, but it doesn't totally make me a believer. I think sometimes you just want to say "nah". But I'm hoping they really caught the things we're hoping to find.

Grant: Has there been any activity since we where here last?
Linda Wadensten: Well, you know, it's always kind of a spooky place anyway, but probably spookier since you've been here.
Grant: Oh boy.

(Referring to the Thermal image evidence.)
Grant: Looks like a Black Bear or something.

Linda Wadensten: You know when TAPS first came in I was skeptical. I guess I have to be skeptical being the owner because you don't want to be creeped out coming into your own facility. Now I'm defenestrate looking twice when I hear footsteps and take an extra peek.

Jason: Hey Steve, you ready to investigate the Stiteler house?
Steve: Yeah man, another house. I'm exited. I like doing the houses, get a chance to help some people.
Jason: This family is really.. They're.. they're scared, Steve. They've experienced what appears to be like a child of a black nosed, squiggly arms.
Steve: Are you sure it's not maybe a kid's imagination going a little active?
Jason: They've all seen it. So, you know that just help build creditability with it.
Steve: Right, of course.

Grant: There are certain cases that send up a red flag immediately. The foremost one where there are kids involved. From my own personal stand point I have three boys and I were in a situation where something was going on and they were frighted and I did not know where to tern, I would want people to come quick.

Bill Stiteler: One night I woke up and I sat straight up in bed. I saw a small figure with dark hair standing in the hallway out in front of my son's room. It was starring directly at me. And some feeling came over me hat I was more terrified that I think I have ever been in my entire life.

(Taking EMF recordings.)
Steve: So if they're siting down on floor watching cartoons... i mean I don' know about you..?
Dave Tango: Yeah.
Steve: ... But when I was a kid...
Dave Tango: Yeah.
Steve: ...Maybe even more so now...
Dave Tango: Yeah.
Steve: ... I would spend about ten hours watching cartoons.

Grant: Well hold on. This appears to be off and he just said "Lets load up a block". I mean it looks off to me, but it just said something.

Cultural References
Dawn Meade: I was grabbed, and it felt like Frosty the Snowman grabbed me.

Frosty the Snowman is a fictitious character in the popular song (and latter adapted into a cartoon) written by Walter "Jack" Rollins and Steve Nelson. Which is about a magical snowman that comes to life after a magic hate is placed on it's head.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerRob Katz (1)  |  Craig Piligian  |  Tom Thayer
Co-Executive ProducerAlan David (2)
Supervising ProducerAron T. Plucinski
ProducerGrant Wilson (2)  |  Jason Hawes
Associate ProducerAmanda Ross (1)
EditorKelly Bruner-Kirkpatrick  |  Nick Arico  |  Jim Gallagher  |  Rachel Kisselbach
Line ProducerAvi Eshed
MusicDavid Vanacore
Camera OperatorAndres Fernandez  |  Jon Schneider  |  Shaun Aponik
Assistant EditorSarah Goff
Re-Recording MixerEdward Thacker
On-Line EditorDavid Pleasant  |  David Broadbent
Director of PhotographyCory Clay
GraphicsMike Machin
Field Production CoordinatorsAndrea Digiorgio
VP Of ProductionsKathleen Burns (1)  |  Brett Boydstun
AccountantKarin Murphy
Story ProducerMatt Meltzer  |  Suzie Sueoka Kenton  |  James Dugan
Executive In Charge Of ProductionHeath Banks
Director Of Post ProductionJared Bushansky
AudioMike Peebles  |  Roger Arguello
Pre-layJustin Wikke
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