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Jason HawesJason Hawes
As Himself ~ (Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator)
Grant Wilson (2)Grant Wilson (2)
As Himself ~ (Co-Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator)
Steve GonsalvesSteve Gonsalves
As Himself ~ (Technical Manager/Advisor and Evidence Analyst)
Brian HarnoisBrian Harnois
As Himself ~ (Technical Advisor and Case Manager) ~ (S01-S03)
Andy Andrews (1)Andy Andrews (1)
As Himself ~ (nvestigator) ~ (S01-S03)
Dave TangoDave Tango
As Himself ~ (Investigator)
Paula  DonovanPaula Donovan
As Herself ~ (Research & Development)
Kris WilliamsKris Williams
As Herself ~ (Investigator) (S03 ~ (previously recurring))
Heather DroletHeather Drolet
As Herself ~ (Field investigator)
Krystin AllenKrystin Allen
As Herself ~ (Field Researcher) ~ (S02)

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Ghost hunters +1.Rating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes

I've been a "faithful" follower of the show since day 1. I love how they do their investigations and the approach to the term haunting an ghost. The debunking part of it is one of my favorite part. Also when they do get unexplained noises they do not go and say "YES this is a ghost" or something. I've heard Jason & Grant & Steve. Also a huge fan of ghost hunters international. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, August 13th 2013 at 8:23 am


Reviews: 3
Ghost Hunter +1Rating: 1 likes, 2 dislikes

Concise Oxford English Dictionary: "the non-physical part of a person"
As we understand the brain more and more we also recognize the amount of Read more

Review posted on Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 4:14 am


Reviews: 2
... lost its way long time ago...Rating: 0 likes, 2 dislikes

Actually, I found this show very boring with exactly the same methods of investigation used since the beginning of this program many years ago. I don't watch it anymore. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, November 2nd 2014 at 9:28 pm

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2x23: Shining Hotel recap: On the season finally, Donna tells Jason and Grant about the Stanley Hotel, Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this is the place where “Steven King” got his inspiration for his best seller novel “The Shining”
Some claims pf paranormal activities and haunting include: People hearing noises, Mr. Stanley, who use to own the hotel, has been seen passing the halls, A story about a Lady screaming and was hysterical for no apparent reason and had no alcohol in her system... read more.

2x21: Toxic House recap: Donna tells Jason and Grant about a bead and breakfast Inn called the “Stone Lion Inn”, located in Oklahoma, were two affiliate TAPS members from the OKPRI group, Christy and Kristen, need help investigating this Inn. The TAPS team go all the way to Oklahoma were they beet the two affiliate TAPS members, they tell the story behind this Inn, which was that some time ago this inn was a local funeral home and that a little girl in a closet, named Agasta, who was poisoned while she inhabited the funeral home. Activities includes voices, visions of a man reading a newspaper both in the basement and looking through a mirror upstairs; and doors suddenly closing by themselves. An Affiliate TAPS member shows an old EVP recording she’s recorded in the past to Grant, this EVP seems to be saying “Get out”... read more.

2x20: Old Jail recap: Dave Tango presents a case to Jason and Grant, and tells them about a restaurant/bar located in New Jersey, which is the hometown of a TAPS member, Dave. The local residents and customers at this Bar/Restaurant, known as “Domani’s”, have some paranormal activities going on their, and the locals are afraid of even going in their. The Bar’s co-owner shows the TAPS members around, and explains all the activities in this bar which includes: stools tossing themselves upside down to the floor; strange voices/noises of a woman, doors slamming, bar glasses shaking on there own, a haunted/cursed mirror that ledged has it, if someone touches it, bad things happen to them... read more.

2x19: Haunted Lighthouse recap: The TAPS team receives a phone call from a Florida lighthouse keeper, which asks them if they are willing to go all the way to Florida to investigate his lighthouse. The TAPS team agrees and travels all the way to St. Augustine Florida to investigates the infamous St. Augustine Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built over 100 years ago in 1870 and has a rich history behind it. such like a man who killed himself by means hanging himself on the outside near porch, and people have been known to hear strange noise coming up and down the stairway like footsteps, also a Little girls voice have been noticed... read more.

2x6: NY Museum/ CT Lighthouse recap: On the first investigation of this episode, Andy tells Jason and Grant about an alleged haunted light house known as the “Ledge Lighthouse” located in New London, Connecticut, rumored to have paranormal and poltergeist activities. Andy found this site after he saw a film on Japanese paranormal investigators who got trapped on this lighthouse during witch they taped the whole event. The Lighthouse is suspected to be haunted by a previous lighthouse keeper known as Ernie, who killed himself he threw himself of the lighthouse after his wife left for another man... read more.
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Joe Chin (9 eps)
Josh Gates (5 eps)
Mark Fusetti (3 eps)
Kristyn Gartland (2 eps)
Reanna Wilson (2 eps)
Dustin Pari (2 eps)
Mike Dion (2 eps)
Barry Fitzgerald (1) (2 eps)
Patrick Clark (1) (2 eps)
Deanna Hoffman (2 eps)

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