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Ghost Stories (US)

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In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1996
• 1997
• 1998
• 1999
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• FOX
• It Was Syndicated Locally
• The WB
How many episodes were in the series Medium msd85• 41
• 42
• 43
• 44
How many seasons did Ghost Stories run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
What is the name of the fashion magazine Nicole Osborne edits in "Erased" Medium msd85• Brash
• Sassy
• Dazzle
• Sizzle
Who really killed Marty Brand's wife Gail in "Denial" Medium msd85• Ed
• Marty
• Bobby
• Gail
Who wins the poker game to become the CEO of the company in "Winner Takes All" Medium msd85• Judith
• Rob
• Ethan
• Mr. Croft
Kevin Sussman, who stars in "It's Only A Movie", would go on to be a cast member on what 2000's sitcom Medium msd85• Two & A Half Men
• My Name Is Earl
• 30 Rock
• The Big Bang Theory
What is happening to the disappearing teenage cashiers in "Consumers" Medium msd85• They're being sold for spare parts
• They're being turned into robots
• Their bodies are being swapped with old people
• Their brains are put in a freezer
What is the name of Alma Harding's missing husband in "At Death's Door" Medium msd85• Jacob
• Jeremiah
• Jesse
• Joshua
What is the name of the scorned woman possessing Cheryl after her heart transplant in "Heartsick" Medium msd85• Laura
• Lisa
• Lois
• Lauren
Who is trying to kill the comatose Grace Matthews in "The State Of Grace" Medium msd85• Andy Hill
• Nurse Kate Walker
• Her doctor
• Her husband
What is the name of the character featured in the haunted attraction that Stu was afraid of as a child in "The Scream House" Medium msd85• Jack The Ripper
• Doctor Blood
• Professor Bones
• Count Vlad
Who is trying to drive Father Eric Sandoval insane during "Bless Me Father" Medium msd85• Father Haley
• Mrs. Harmon
• Emily
• Frank The Janitor
What country is Vera Markov from in "The House That Spilled Tears" Easy msd85• Russia
• Belarus
• Ukraine
• Kazakhstan
What color BMW did Will Dunn drive before he fell on hard times in "Underground" Easy msd85• Blue
• Red
• Silver
• Green
What is the name of the evil child that Danny the Nanny is terrorized by in "The New Nanny" Easy msd85• Edward Keys
• Elijah Keys
• Eric Keys
• Evan Keys
Why is Lorena's dead son returning to her in "I Heard You Call My Name" Medium msd85• He blames her for his death
• He wants her to save another boy's life
• He wants her to kill herself so they can be together
• He needs her help with unfinished business
What truth can a grieving father just not accept about his son after he comes home from the war in "Resting Place" Easy msd85• He died during the war
• He died on the flight home
• He's not really his son
• His son's a deserter
What is the name of the master magician the Calvin's travel far to meet in "The Stainless Blade" Easy msd85• Lance Welbert
• Vance Welbert
• Lance Delbert
• Vance Delbert
Who did Anne Coats lose in the plane crash prior to the events of "Last Flight Out" Medium msd85• Her husband and son
• Her brother and sister
• Her husband and daughter
• Her father and mother
What movie franchise would Ghost Stories' host Rip Torn go on to be a part of Easy msd85• The Mummy
• Men In Black
• Pirates Of The Caribbean
• Austin Powers
What secret does the mysterious lighthouse keeper hide from Charlotte after she commits suicide and wakes up in his room Medium msd85• She's not dead yet
• She's going to hell
• She wasn't supposed to die
• He killed her
What is Dr. Paula Burns' special ability in "Sleep No More" Easy msd85• She can stop people from dreaming
• She can read people's thoughts
• She can enter the dreams of sleeping people
• She absorbs other people's nightmares
Actor Will Bond first appears in "Beat The Reaper". In what later episode does he appear as a different character Medium msd85• The Scream House
• Resting Place
• At Death's Door
• Winner Takes All
Actor R. Ward Duffy first appears in "Green-Eyed Monster". In what later episode does he appear as a different character Medium msd85• Bless Me Father
• I Heard You Call My Name
• You'll Wake The Dead
• Fatal Distraction
Andrew thinks he is in a bizarre hospital room for most of "Cold Dark Space", where is he really Medium msd85• A Space Ship
• Heaven
• Hell
• On Another Planet
Where does Lt. Jake Messing end up at the end of "Blazes" Easy msd85• Heaven
• Dead In A Fire
• At His Wife's Grave
• Hell
What is the name of the tabloid magazine that James Rowe works for in "Beware The Muse" Medium msd85• The Boston Bloodhound
• The Seattle Snooper
• The World Watchdog
• The USA Uncovered
Where does Terry Pike ultimately end up after deserting her family in "All Night Diner" Easy msd85• Heaven
• Purgatory
• Hell
• In A Coma
Tony Hale, who stars in "Personal Demons" under the name Tony Haskin, would go on to be a cast member on what 2000's sitcom Medium msd85• Arrested Development
• Rules Of Engagement
• Community
• The Office
What does Eric put the body of his victim inside before dumping it in the lake in "Cold In The Grave" Easy msd85• A Freezer
• A Car
• A Cooler
• A Refrigerator
What is the last name of the artist who painted the title work in "Landscape Of Lost Dreams" Medium msd85• Everett
• Edwards
• Evans
• Edison
How much money did Ray steal from a bank prior to the events of "Blood Money" Medium msd85• $500,000
• $700,000
• $900,000
• $1,000,000
The use of what addictive substance renders Dr. Rourke unfit to perform surgery in "Wake In Fear" Medium msd85• Cocaine
• Alcohol
• Marijuana
• Painkillers
Who did Jessica's new stepfather previously kill in "Step Sister" Easy msd85• His daughter
• His wife
• His sister
• His son
What is the name of the flight attendant that died in the plane crash that Anne Coats now can't forget Medium msd85• Ruth Garcia
• Rachel Mendoza
• Ruth Mendoza
• Rachel Garcia
To what year is Dr. Carolyn Ryan transported back to in "Back Ward" Medium msd85• 1845
• 1859
• 1863
• 1877
Warning: Ghost Stories (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September, 1997
Ended: June, 1998
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