Speed Demon - Recap

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After her jeep breaks down on a dark, deserted road one evening, Melinda comes across an angry spirit that causes her to drive around in circles until her car dies. It is at this point when Cindy Brown, a young woman who owns a nearby auto shop stops to help Melinda out by fixing her car and giving her directions back to the main road.

While working in the shop one day, Melinda gets a brief visit from the same spirit and decides to go with Jim later that night to find the road she was got lost on the night before. It is during this time when they come across a sign with the number 190206 after their Jeep stalls again. As they try to figure out what’s wrong, the Jeep suddenly starts up again and takes them on a dangerous ride down the road while the spirit haunting Melinda warns her about the “Midnight Circle.”

The next day when she is at the shop with Delia and Ned, she mentions what the ghost told her and as a result, Ned gets a funny look on his face. Later that night when Melinda closes up the shop, she notices Ned hanging out with a group of boys with that same mysterious number on their car and decides to tell Delia about what she saw.

Less than thrilled with Melinda tells Delia about what he’s been doing; Ned angrily tells her that he’s got some secrets of hers that he could tell everyone. While they’re talking in the square, Melinda asks him again about the Midnight Circle and is less than thrilled with how elusive Ned is being with his answers. Later that afternoon, Melinda goes to see Rick for help in figuring out the significance of the number 190206 and soon discovers that it is a date on the calendar from the previous year when a drag racer names Gordon Pike died in a fiery crash.

After confronting the spirit about his actions, Melinda learns that he plans to kill his girlfriend on the anniversary of his death; she tries to warn Cindy, but soon gets laughed out of the garage. It is at this point when Melinda turns to Ned for help in trying to get the last person Gordon raced to talk to her, since he hangs out with the group of drag racers. When he refuses to answer any questions, Melinda decides to go to the drag races that night to try and stop Gordon from harming Cindy.

It is during this time when Melinda confronts Ray again about what happened during his race with Gordon that he realizes Cindy didn’t tamper with his car like he originally suspected. Gordon then tries to stop Cindy from getting in her car for the race but is unsuccessful and as a result, decides to ride with her in order to keep her safe. Eventually Cindy loses control of her car and when it looks like she is going to meet the same fate as Gordon, he uses his love for her to stop the car from getting in a fiery crash.

After she gets out of the car, Cindy finds Melinda and pulls her aside to ask about what happened. When she discovers that Gordon was there with her, Melinda is able to give Cindy his last message before he goes into the white light.