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Motoko Kusanagi, played by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Japanese Name and Title: 草薙素子 少佐- Kusanagi Motoko Shōsa or Major Motoko Kusanagi
Designation: Section 9 Field Commander
Cyberisation: Complete

Section 9's field commander and second in command. Cyberised at the age of 6 due to a tragic accident, the Major, with only parts of her brain and spinal column remaing from her original body, has honed her skills over to years to become one of the most adept prosthetic body user in the world.
Daisuke Aramaki, played by William Knight (2)

Japanese Name and Title: 荒巻大輔 課長 - Aramaki Daisuke Kachō or Section Chief Daisuke Aramaki
Designation: Section 9 Chief
Cyberisation: Cyberbrain

A former Colonel, 大佐 or Taisa, with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force, 日本陸上自衛隊 or Nihon Rikujō Jieitai, Daisuke Aramaki has cobbled together enough contacts within the government to be able to create his own special unit whose sole purpose is to protect the people of Japan from the worst of the criminal lot. Aramaki has only received a slight brain augmentation to accomodate a cyberbrain. Always seeing things through to the end, Daisuke lives up to his name; his first name means 'great helper' in Japanese.
Batou, played by Richard Epcar

Japanese Name: バトー
Cyberisation: Complete

A former Ranger, Batou is one of the most elite soldiers that Japan ever had. Initially recruited by the Major for her own unit, he later joined Section 9 at its inception. Batou has a somewhat worry-free attitude although he is always the professional. Somewhat "old-school", he is very territorial when it comes to Section 9. Like the Major, he joined Section 9 because of the freedom it has been allowed. His body, like the Major's, is completely cybernetic; only his brain from his original body remains.
Togusa, voiced by Crispin Freeman

Japanese Name: トグサ
Designation: Section-9 Lead Investigator
Cyberisation: Cyberbrain

The only field agent of Section 9 who does not have any cybernetic implants save for the almost universal cyberbrain, Togusa was recruited from headquarters of the Niihama Prefectural Police by the Major herself. His investigavite abilities being second to none, Togusa's human side gives Section 9 an incredible advantage in the world of cyberterrorism. Having the only natural body in a unit of cyborgs can be a weakness, but Togusa makes up for that by training diligently. Togusa also has a wife, a daughter, and a son, making him the only family man in Section 9. Forgoing the usual armaments carried by his colleagues, Togusa always has his trusty Mateba at his side.
Ishikawa, voiced by Michael McCarty

Japanese Name: イシカワ
Cyberisation: Complete

A former defence contractor for the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, Ishikawa is a skilled electronics expert and Section 9's full-time hacker. He possesses the uncanny ability to break into any computer system in the world.
Saitou, voiced by Dave Wittenberg

Japanese Name: サイトー
Cyberisation: Cyberbrain, Left Eye and Arm

Saitou is the resident sniper of Section 9. His incredible ability to attack from far away is made even more potent by his Hawkeye system implanted in his cybernetic left eye. One of the most battle-hardened members of the unit, Saitou will always work hard to cover all the angles.
Bouma, voiced by

Japanese Name: ボーマ
Cyberisation: Complete

Bouma is the giant of the unit, towering even over the mighty Batou. As tough as Bouma is, he is usually seen working with Ishikawa as his computer skills are beyond reproach.
Pazu, voiced by Bob Buchholz

Japanese Name: パズ
Cyberisation: Complete

A former member of the Japanese Yakuza, Togusa uses his contacts in the underworld to aid Section 9 in their policing efforts. The ever cool Pazu lets those cigarettes just hang out of his mouth. He's almost never seen without one.
Tachikoma, voiced by Rebecca Forstadt

Japanese Name: タチコマ
Cyberisation: Think-Tank/Ghostless

While one woman does all the voices for the Tachikomas in the Japanese version, several English voice actresses are used for the English dub. The most important of these voice actresses is Rebecca Forstadt, who voices the Tachikoma that carries the distinction of being Batou's pet. Throughout the series, the Tachikomas will be an integral part of almost every mission that Section 9 handles. At the end of each day, all information that each Tachikoma encounters and experiences is shared with the other Tachikomas. Willingly sacrificing their ghostless bodies for the good of the unit, the Tachikomas work very hard to be the best. Of course, they have been known to relax on their downtime: playing video games, reading books, going on adventures when they're not supposed to, initiating android revolts. It's all in a days work for the indefatigable Tachikomas.
Type: Animation
Genres: Anime, Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 07, 2004
Ended: June 21, 2007
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