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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: SA: Assassination Duet; LOST HERITAGE

A Chinese dignitary has arrived in Kagoshima, a city on the southern tip of Japan, to attend a memorial service for Chinese war dead interred there. Protesters have staked out the area, and are making sure that their voices will be heard. At the behest of the Chinese Public Security representative, Aramaki mobilizes his team to provide security for the dignitary. Covering all the angles, they come to learn that an attempt on the dignitary's life is imminent.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x18
Airdate: Sunday March 13th, 2005

Guest Stars
Kari WahlgrenKari Wahlgren
voiced Saori
Loy EdgeLoy Edge
voiced Wang
Michael ForestMichael Forest
voiced Kubota
Michael ForestMichael Forest
voiced Kubota
Steve StaleySteve Staley
voiced Yuu
Michael GregoryMichael Gregory
voiced Hideo
Episode Notes
Hideo Tsujisaki's given name is not mentioned on the English Dub. The Japanese seiyū for Aramaki mentions Tsujisaki's first name when he looks at the picture of Yū that Motoko hands him.

Kanji Displayed at Road Block: 検問中 - (Kenmonchū) - Inspection Here.

Kanji Atop Building Fronting Three "Pillars": 空港 (Kūkō) - Airport.

Kanji on Two Closest Protesters' Signs: アジアに恒久的平和を - (Asia ni Kōkyūteki Heiwa o) - An always long awaited peace for Asia.
殉死墓 - (Junshibo) - Follow your martyrs to your own grave.

Kanji on Marker Where Vice Minister Jin Lays a Wreath (seen for a split second as Yū moves to attack Jin):
沖縄県慰霊の碑 (Okinawa-Ken Irei no Ishibumi) - Okinawa Prefecture Memorial Wall.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Origa「Inner Universe」 
Yōko Kanno「Spotter」 

Episode Quotes
Daisuke: The ones you miss most are the ones who leave the soonest.

Motoko: After this procedure, I believe the Colonel's memories are gone for good. And even though it's a very slim possibility, there's still an outside chance that he'll completely turn back into the boy, Yū Tsujisaki.
Daisuke: True...but at my age I'll have to endure the loss of my friend a second time.
Motoko: Wasn't he just a war buddy?
Daisuke: Yes, of course.

Episode Goofs
Chinese Name Mispronounced:The name given for the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Jin, is mispronounced by the English Voice Artists. The 'i' in Chinese is always pronounced like 'ee'.

Japanese City Mispronounced
The English voice artists mispronouce Kagoshima, adding a pause to the 'ka' and the 'go'. With the exception of lengthened vowels, Japanese syllables are not stressed. The 'a' in 'ka' and the 'o' in 'go' are not stressed so there should be no pause on either.

The DVD translates the article shown on the website that Yū is reading in his room, 金外務次官慰霊碑を訪問 (Jin Gaimu Jikan Ireihi o Hōmon), as Vice Foreign Minister Jin Visits War Dead Memorial. The correct translation is Vice Foreign Minster Jin's Visit to the Memorial Wall. Jin's name in Chinese, , is actually read in Japanese as either Kin (Chinese reading) or Kane (Japanese reading) and means "gold" or "money" respectively. Jin is how the character is read in Chinese and can be used as a family name. The Japanese seiyū (voice artists) pronounce Jin's name in the Japanese way: With their Chinese reading, Kin.

Cultural References
Kubota: I do feel bad about that incident with the Colonel. Really.
Aramaki: I was simply doing precisely what the Colonel trained me to do.

Aramaki and Kubota are referring to an incident with their former intelligence school instructor Colonel Tōnoda. The incident is covered in the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune in the chapter entitled "ROBOT RONDO".

Etorofu Route: Northern Territories

While discussing the most likely scenario that a sniper will try to assassinate Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Jin to the Major, Ishikawa mentions that pieces for the sniper rifle were brought into Japan via the Etorofu route. Etorofu is the northernmost of four islands within what Japan calls the Northern Territories, a group of islands just off the northeastern tip of the large northern island of Hokkaido. The Shimoda Treaty of 1855 divided the countries of Japan and Russia between the islands of Uruppu and Etorofu. Due to the vagaries of World War II, a dispute arose about control of the Northern Territories. Today, Etorofu belongs to Russia and is part of the Kuril Island Chain. The Northern Territories are covered more in episode 19 - "CAPTIVATED".

Episode References
Aramaki: ...supplied us with information not long ago...
Aramaki thanks Mr. Wang of South China Public Security for helping them in an earlier incident. Mr. Wang had told Section 9 that a possible underworld hitman had been hired by a South China mafia group in episode 14, "¥€$".

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