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Giada At Home

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 18/Oct/2008 Rock the Block
2 1x02 25/Oct/2008 Tricks or Treats
3 1x03 01/Nov/2008 Remembering Rome
4 1x04 08/Nov/2008 Garden Party
5 1x05 15/Nov/2008 Food and Fashion
6 1x06 17/Nov/2008 A Family Thanksgiving
7 1x07 22/Nov/2008 California BBQ
8 1x08 29/Nov/2008 Lobster Bake
9 1x09 06/Dec/2008 Secret Santa
10 1x10 13/Dec/2008 Breakfast for Dinner
11 1x11 20/Dec/2008 Recipe Sharing
12 1x12 27/Dec/2008 A Day of Indulgence
13 1x13 03/Jan/2009 California Light and Healthy
14 1x14 10/Jan/2009 Moroccan Magic
15 1x15 17/Jan/2009 California Sushi
16 1x16 31/Jan/2009 Polo Brunch
17 1x17 07/Feb/2009 Table for Two
18 1x18 14/Feb/2009 We'll Always Have Paris
19 1x19 07/Mar/2009 Bridal Shower
20 1x20 14/Mar/2009 Happy Trails
21 1x21 21/Mar/2009 Art House
22 1x22 28/Mar/2009 Picnic in the Park
23 1x23 04/Apr/2009 Spring Fling
24 1x24 11/Apr/2009 Lazy Day Lunch
25 1x25 18/Apr/2009 Cocktails with Couples
26 1x26 25/Apr/2009 Pasta Party
27 1x27 02/May/2009 Mother's Day Brunch
28 1x28 09/May/2009 Food and Fun
29 1x29 23/May/2009 Many Thanks
30 1x30 30/May/2009 Last Minute Menu
31 1x31 06/Jun/2009 Around the World
32 1x32 13/Jun/2009 Father's Day Party
33 1x33 20/Jun/2009 Record Release
34 1x34 27/Jun/2009 More Cheese Please
35 1x35 04/Jul/2009 Beach Volleyball
36 1x36 11/Jul/2009 Road Trip Picnic
37 1x37 18/Jul/2009 Surf's Up
38 1x38 25/Jul/2009 Welcome Home
39 1x39 01/Aug/2009 Busy Day Menu
40 1x40 08/Aug/2009 Sweet Treats
41 1x41 15/Aug/2009 Small Bites
42 1x42 22/Aug/2009 Dig in for a Cause
43 1x43 29/Aug/2009 Special Delivery
44 1x44 12/Sep/2009 Makeover
45 1x45 19/Sep/2009 More For Less
46 1x46 07/Nov/2009 Giada's Kidz Kitchen

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
47 2x01 17/Oct/2009 Bowling Night
48 2x02 24/Oct/2009 Sugar Rush
49 2x03 31/Oct/2009 Todd's Midwestern Favorites
50 2x04 14/Nov/2009 Thanksgiving
51 2x05 28/Nov/2009 Housewarming
52 2x06 05/Dec/2009 Christmas
53 2x07 26/Dec/2009 Body and Soul
54 2x08 02/Jan/2010 Light and Delicious
55 2x09 09/Jan/2010 Smoke in the House
56 2x10 23/Jan/2010 Jade's First Birthday
57 2x11 30/Jan/2010 Football Weekend
58 2x12 13/Feb/2010 Giada's Sunset Brunch
59 2x13 20/Feb/2010 Northern Italian
60 2x14 27/Feb/2010 Comfort Food
61 2x15 06/Mar/2010 Play Date
62 2x16 13/Mar/2010 Basic Italian
63 2x17 20/Mar/2010 Aloha L.A.
64 2x18 27/Mar/2010 When Life Gives You Lemons
65 2x19 03/Apr/2010 Picnic At The Getty
66 2x20 10/Apr/2010 Pizza Party
67 2x21 01/May/2010 Lunch With Raffy
68 2x22 15/May/2010 Todd Loves Thai
69 2x23 29/May/2010 Walk For Life
70 2x24 05/Jun/2010 Tex Mex BBQ
71 2x25 12/Jun/2010 Giada's Restaurant Favorites
72 2x26 10/Jul/2010 Let Them Eat Cake
73 2x27 17/Jul/2010 Paint And Party
74 2x28 24/Jul/2010 De Laurentiis Family Dinner
75 2x29 31/Jul/2010 Totally Fried
0 2x34 18/Sep/2010 All Dressed Up

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
76 3x01 Unknown/Unaired Halloween
77 3x02 Unknown/Unaired Childhood Favorites
78 3x03 Unknown/Unaired Flavors of Fall
79 3x04 Unknown/Unaired LA Nights
80 3x05 Unknown/Unaired One Pot Meals
81 3x06 Unknown/Unaired Sunday Brunch
82 3x07 Unknown/Unaired Light and Fabulous
83 3x08 Unknown/Unaired More For Your Money
84 3x09 Unknown/Unaired Jade's Music Class
85 3x10 Unknown/Unaired Big Game
86 3x11 Unknown/Unaired Valentine's Day
87 3x12 Unknown/Unaired Cooking with Raffy
88 3x13 Unknown/Unaired Total Comfort
89 3x14 Unknown/Unaired Bake Sale
91 3x16 Unknown/Unaired Golden Hour Beach Picnic
90 3x17 19/Mar/2011 Taste of Peru
92 3x17 Unknown/Unaired If I Could Have Lunch with Anyone
93 3x18 Unknown/Unaired Pool Party
94 3x19 Unknown/Unaired Spring Has Sprung
95 3x20 Unknown/Unaired Celebrating Mom
96 3x21 Unknown/Unaired The Heat is On
97 3x22 Unknown/Unaired Treasure Hunt
98 3x23 Unknown/Unaired Dad's Day
99 3x24 Unknown/Unaired Giada's Greek Feast
100 3x25 Unknown/Unaired Nonna Luna's Recipe Diary
101 3x26 Unknown/Unaired California Dream Boat Cruise
102 3x27 Unknown/Unaired Garden Variety
0 3x28 13/Aug/2011 From Scratch
103 3x28 Unknown/Unaired A Girl's Grill
105 3x30 Unknown/Unaired Viewer's Choice: Vegetarian
106 3x31 Unknown/Unaired Modern Italian
107 3x32 Unknown/Unaired Weeknight Meals
108 3x33 Unknown/Unaired Have Food Will Travel
109 3x34 Unknown/Unaired Giada's Book Club
110 3x35 Unknown/Unaired Surf and Turf
111 3x36 Unknown/Unaired Market Fresh
112 3x37 Unknown/Unaired If I Could Have Lunch With Anyone 2
113 3x38 Unknown/Unaired Future Chefs
114 3x39 Unknown/Unaired Italian Desserts
115 3x40 Unknown/Unaired Giada's Family Christmas

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
116 4x01 Unknown/Unaired Giada's Chili Favorites
117 4x02 Unknown/Unaired Sweets and Treats
118 4x03 Unknown/Unaired Thanksgiving Favorites
119 4x04 Unknown/Unaired Chocolate Heaven
120 4x05 Unknown/Unaired Backyard Campout
121 4x06 Unknown/Unaired Elegant Appetizers
122 4x07 Unknown/Unaired Christmas
123 4x08 Unknown/Unaired Rise and Shine
124 4x09 Unknown/Unaired Power Boost
126 4x09 28/Jan/2012 Game Day Favorites
125 4x10 Unknown/Unaired Everyday Ingredients
127 4x12 Unknown/Unaired Pure Comfort
128 4x13 Unknown/Unaired Nonna Luna's Recipe Diary: Chapter 2
0 4x14 07/Apr/2012 Jade Turns 3
129 4x14 Unknown/Unaired Baked Goodies
131 4x16 Unknown/Unaired Italian Food Tour
132 4x17 Unknown/Unaired L.A. Food Trucks
133 4x18 Unknown/Unaired Spring Lunch
134 4x19 Unknown/Unaired Weeknight Special
135 4x20 Unknown/Unaired Cooking with Kids
136 4x21 Unknown/Unaired Alex's Lemonade Stand
137 4x22 Unknown/Unaired Go Fly a Kite
138 4x23 Unknown/Unaired L.A. Steak Houses
139 4x24 Unknown/Unaired Nonna Luna's Recipe Diaries: Chapter 3
140 4x25 Unknown/Unaired Book Club: Chapter 2
144 4x29 Unknown/Unaired Stars and Stripes
146 4x31 Unknown/Unaired LA Hot Spots: Breakfast
147 4x32 Unknown/Unaired Soccer and Snacks
148 4x32 06/Oct/2012 Beer and Snacks
0 4x34 20/Oct/2012 Oodles of Noodles
149 4x34 Unknown/Unaired Girls Rock
0 4x35 03/Nov/2012 Ethnic: Spanish Food
150 4x35 Unknown/Unaired Just Desserts
0 4x36 12/Jan/2013 Meatless Mondays
152 4x37 Unknown/Unaired Date Night
0 4x38 16/Mar/2013 Pie Heaven
153 4x38 Unknown/Unaired Tahitian Party
0 4x39 13/Apr/2013 Ladies Empowerment Lunch

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
154 5x01 Unknown/Unaired Haunted House
155 5x02 Unknown/Unaired Thanksgiving Sides
0 5x03 24/Nov/2012 Share the Amore
156 5x03 Unknown/Unaired Happy Holidays
157 5x04 Unknown/Unaired Milestone Recipes
158 5x05 Unknown/Unaired Chicken Three Ways
0 5x07 26/Jan/2013 Sports Bar Favorites
160 5x07 Unknown/Unaired Decadent Delights
161 5x08 Unknown/Unaired Recipe for Romance
162 5x09 Unknown/Unaired Meatball Madness
163 5x10 20/Apr/2013 Venice of America
165 5x12 Unknown/Unaired My Grandfather's Favorites
166 5x13 Unknown/Unaired Double Trouble Baby Shower
168 5x15 Unknown/Unaired Spring Luncheon
169 5x16 Unknown/Unaired Mexican Fiesta
170 5x17 Unknown/Unaired An Apple a Day
171 5x18 Unknown/Unaired Coast to Coast Barbecue
172 5x19 Unknown/Unaired Father's Day Pasta
0 5x20 22/Jun/2013 Muffin Mania
173 5x20 Unknown/Unaired Spa Day at Home
174 5x21 Unknown/Unaired Happy Birthday, Raffy
175 5x22 Unknown/Unaired Planting the Seed
176 5x23 Unknown/Unaired Viewer's Choice 2
177 5x24 Unknown/Unaired Jade's Dance Class
178 5x25 Unknown/Unaired Pasta From Scratch
179 5x26 Unknown/Unaired Stuff It

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
180 6x01 24/Aug/2013 Career Day
181 6x02 31/Aug/2013 Grilling with Bobby
182 6x03 19/Sep/2013 Jade's Sleepover
183 6x04 28/Sep/2013 Dim Sum
184 6x05 19/Oct/2013 Diner Favorites
185 6x06 26/Oct/2013 Ghoulish Goodies
186 6x07 02/Nov/2013 Casino Night
187 6x08 16/Nov/2013 Thanksgiving Leftovers
188 6x09 30/Nov/2013 Gifts Galore
189 6x10 07/Dec/2013 Christmas Brunch
190 6x11 05/Jan/2014 Healthy and Hearty
191 6x12 19/Jan/2014 Easy Italian
192 6x13 26/Jan/2014 Game Day Goodies
193 6x14 09/Feb/2014 Black and White
194 6x15 16/Feb/2014 Cocktails and Appetizers
195 6x16 02/Mar/2014 All Grown Up
196 6x17 16/Mar/2014 Giada's L.A. Vacation
197 6x18 23/Mar/2014 Feel-Good Food
198 6x19 13/Apr/2014 Springtime in Italy
199 6x20 20/Apr/2014 Recipe Swap
200 6x21 04/May/2014 200th Episode: Spice of Life
201 6x22 11/May/2014 Lunch with Mom
202 6x23 18/May/2014 Mini Me
203 6x24 01/Jun/2014 California Dream
204 6x25 08/Jun/2014 My Thai
205 6x26 06/Jul/2014 Summer Splash

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 7x00 Unknown Just Because Party
206 7x01 17/Aug/2014 Kids in the Kitchen
207 7x02 24/Aug/2014 Giada's Vegas Favorites
208 7x03 31/Aug/2014 Giada's Korean Barbecue
209 7x04 14/Sep/2014 Giada's Quick and Easy Favorites
210 7x05 21/Sep/2014 Cooking With Raffy and Buzz
211 7x06 28/Sep/2014 Ciao Chow!
212 7x07 26/Oct/2014 Halloween Goodies
213 7x08 16/Nov/2014 Giving Thanks
214 7x09 30/Nov/2014 Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
215 7x10 07/Dec/2014 An Italian Christmas
216 7x11 04/Jan/2015 Garden Spa Day
217 7x12 11/Jan/2015 Festive Desserts
218 7x13 18/Jan/2015 Restaurant Tips
219 7x14 25/Jan/2015 Football's Top Four

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
220 8x01 01/Feb/2015 California Dream
221 8x02 08/Feb/2015 Chocolate Kisses
222 8x03 15/Feb/2015 Hooray for Hollywood
223 8x04 22/Feb/2015 Late Night Munchies
224 8x05 01/Mar/2015 Muffin Mania
225 8x06 05/Apr/2015 Springtime Celebrations
226 8x07 12/Apr/2015 Starry, Starry Night
227 8x08 19/Apr/2015 The Steak House
228 8x09 26/Apr/2015 Friends for Lunch
229 8x10 03/May/2015 15-Minute Pastas
230 8x11 10/May/2015 Raffy's in the House
231 8x12 17/May/2015 Not Your Grandmother's Tea Party
232 8x13 24/May/2015 Giada's Tasting Menu

S04 - #1Unknown/UnairedThe Royal TreatmentN/A

    Season 8 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Cooking/Food | Educational | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: food network ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 18, 2008
Episode Order: 14
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