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Gilmore Girls: To Whom It May Concern

Lorelai confronts Jackson after she notices that Sookie's behavior has been off recently. Luke and Anna square off at a custody hearing regarding April. At Yale, with Paris' help, Rory is able to get Lucy, who recently broke up with Marty, to forgive her. Later at Yale, Rory attends one of Richard's lectures and is shocked by what she sees. Elsewhere, Christopher finds the character letter that Lorelai wrote for Luke and confronts Lorelai about their relationship.

Episode Info

Episode number: 7x12
Production Number: 2T7762
Airdate: Tuesday January 30th, 2007

Director: Jamie Babbit
Writer: David Babcock

Alternate Airdates:

Spain Oct 02, 2007


Special Guest Stars
David SutcliffeDavid Sutcliffe
As Christopher Hayden

Guest Stars
Jackson DouglasJackson Douglas
As Jackson Melville
Krysten RitterKrysten Ritter
As Lucy
Sherilyn FennSherilyn Fenn
As Anna Nardini
Cheryl WhiteCheryl White
As Barbara
Main Cast
Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
As Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis BledelAlexis Bledel
As Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy
As Sookie St. James
Scott PattersonScott Patterson
As Luke Danes
Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
As Richard Gilmore
Kelly BishopKelly Bishop
As Emily Gilmore
Liza WeilLiza Weil
As Paris Gellar
Episode Notes
Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Keiko Agena (Lane), Matt Czuchry (Logan), and Sean Gunn (Kirk) do not appear in this episode.

Ratings: 4.26 million viewers

Starting with this episode, series star Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) is credited as a show producer.

Episode Quotes
Judge: (reading Lorelai's character letter) To whom it may concern: in the nearly 10 years that I have known Luke Danes, I have come know him as an honest and decent man. He's also one of the most kind and caring person I have ever met.
Lorelai: (voiceover) I am a single mother, and I raised my daughter by myself, but once Luke Danes became my friend in this town, I never really felt alone. Luke and I have had our ups and downs throughout the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter Rory has never changed. He's always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays, he was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been sort of a father figure in my daughter's life. With his own daughter Luke wasn't given the opportunity to be there for her first 12 years, but he should be given that opportunity now. Once Luke Danes is in your life, he's in your life forever.
Judge: I know from personal experience what an amazing gift that is, and not to allow him access to his daughter would be to seriously deprive her of all this man has to offer, and he offers so much. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lorelai Gilmore.

Christopher: I read your letter.
Lorelai: It's not a letter, it's a character reference. Luke asked me to write for his court case.
Christopher: Reads like a letter.
Lorelai: Oh yeah?
Christopher: Almost like a love letter.
Lorelai: No, it's a favor Luke asked because he needed --
Christopher: You know what, before you go through a whole list of excuses, let me just ask: is our marriage for you basically just marking time?
Lorelai: What?
Christopher: No, come on Lor.
Lorelai: Of course not.
Christopher: I mean obviously you still have very deep feelings for the guy.
Lorelai: No, no. I've just known him a long time and he's --
Christopher: Always been there, always will be there.

Jackson: So, how's Christopher?
Lorelai: Oh he's good. He's putting up a ginormous flat screen as we speak.
Jackson: Cool. What the pixel aspect ratio?
Lorelai: It's got two remotes.
Jackson: I'll ask him.
Lorelai: Good idea.

Lorelai: You smell good. Familiar. Is that my conditioner?
Christopher: Maybe. I don't know.
Lorelai: Are you using my conditioner?
Christopher: Sometimes, why? You don't like to share?
Lorelai: No, I'm married now. I love to share.
Christopher: So why is it so funny?
Lorelai: Because you don't have that much to condition.
Christopher: I know that.
Lorelai: It's just been really unruly lately?
Christopher: Alright, I got a lot of work to do here.
Lorelai: Alright. Listen, I love that you're using my conditioner. And I love that you're putting up this jumbo-tron thingy all by yourself, and I can't wait to come home and watch flat sports with you, and I love you, goodbye.
Christopher: I will be here.
Lorelai: Hey if you feel like shaving I’ve got a brand new Lady Schick in the drawer. Feel free to use it.
Christopher: Oh, I might just do that.

Christopher: I know you're not done with him.
Lorelai: Okay, this is ridiculous. Hey, this is a ridiculous conversation, okay? I have a history with him, yes. I was engaged to him, yes, but I married you.
Christopher: Tell me you're not in love with him.
Lorelai: I am not in love with him.
Christopher: I should have known. I mean, all the signs were there.
Lorelai: What signs?
Christopher: Well, the fact that you didn't want to leave Stars Hollow, that you were dead-set against redoing the wedding, that you didn't want to have a baby with me. I mean, it's all because of him, right?
Lorelai: No! How can I tell you? It's over, okay? What I had with him is over, Chris.

Rory: I'm going through something with a friend.
Richard: Paris?
Rory: No, someone else. I hurt her feelings, and even after writing her a very long letter of apology, she hasn't gotten back to me, and I just feel terrible.
Richard: Well, I doubt it's as bad as you think it is. I'm sure the girl will get back to you. Maybe she's just a very slow reader. Oh, honey, anyone who knows you knows that you would never purposely do anything to hurt someone else's feelings.
Rory: Well, that's just it. We don't know each other that well. She's a new friend. We don't have a history.
Richard: Hmm. Well, I wouldn't worry about it. Rory, you are a person of great heart and great character, and that combination will always win the day.

Sookie: Oh, God, I hope I have a girl. Ooo, or a boy!
Lorelai: Well, chances are pretty good that you'll have one or the other.

Episode Goofs
The amount that Christopher's zipper is unzipped while he confronts Lorelai about the letter changes between shots.

Cultural References
Episode Title: To Whom It May Concern

The episode title shares a title with albums by Freestyle Fellowship, The Bee Gees, Nat King Cole, and Lisa Marie Pressley.

Christopher: All the better to watch Reggie Bush score touchdowns on.
Lorelai: I forget. Which one of the Bush daughters is Reggie?

Reggie Bush is a football player for the New Orleans Saints.

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