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Gilmore Girls: The Deer Hunters

At school, Rory receives her first D ever, leading her to study like crazy for the upcoming exam. After she and Lorelai spend all night reviewing Shakespeare, they oversleep. To make matters worse, on her way to school Rory hits a deer which further delays her arrival to Chilton. When she finally makes it to school, she is denied from taking the test and does not handle it well. Lorelai is called in, and tells off the headmaster and Mr. Medina.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 226703
Airdate: Thursday October 26th, 2000

Director: Alan Myerson
Writer: Jed Seidel

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TF6) Sep 15, 2001
DE (Vox) Apr 07, 2004

Guest Stars
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
As Drella
Dakin MatthewsDakin Matthews
As Hanlin Charleston
Emily KurodaEmily Kuroda
As Mrs. Kim
Liza WeilLiza Weil
As Paris Geller
Scott CohenScott Cohen
As Max Medina

Co-Guest Stars
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Tristan DuGrey
Jackson DouglasJackson Douglas
As Jackson Melville
Jim JenkinsJim Jenkins
As Man #2
Richard TopolRichard Topol
As Waiter
Shelly ColeShelly Cole
As Madeline Lynn
Teal RedmannTeal Redmann
As Louise Grant
Daniel GravesDaniel Graves
As Reviewer
Jon BrunoJon Bruno
As Man #1
Sarah BrookeSarah Brooke
As Woman #1
Main Cast
Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
As Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis BledelAlexis Bledel
As Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy
As Sookie St. James
Scott PattersonScott Patterson
As Luke Danes
Yanic TruesdaleYanic Truesdale
As Michel Gerard
Keiko AgenaKeiko Agena
As Lane Kim
Episode Notes
Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Edward Herrmann (Richard) do not appear in this episode.

This episode marks the first appearance of Scott Cohen (Max Medina).

The poem Paris recites to Rory is "Sonnet 116" by William Shakespeare.

This episode is the last of four appearances of Alex Borstein as Drella. She will later guest star as Miss Celine in "Here Comes the Son" and "Come Home".

Ratings: 3.0/4

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Black SabbathIron Man 
Wesley Yang & Gavin McNettWendy 
WilcoMy Darling 

Episode Quotes
Lorelai: Now, these erasers are on lithium so they may seem cheerful, but we actually caught them trying to shove themselves into the pencil sharpener earlier.

Luke: You look like you need pie.
Rory: I do?
Luke: Violent pencil tossing usually signals the need for pie.
Rory: What if I'd thrown a pen?
Luke: I would've brought you a trout.

(after walking into a globe at the parent's meeting)
Lorelai: What in the world?

Lorelai: Can parents come?
Mom #1: What?
Lorelai: Yeah, it's a big exciting test. I just thought - I'm sorry, is that stupid?
Max: No, it's not stupid.
Lorelai: I just thought I'd like to see the excitement.
Dad #2: It's a test.
Lorelai: Yeah, I know.
Dad #2: What's exciting about a test?
Lorelai: Do you play golf?
Dad #2: Yes I do.
Lorelai: You explain yours, I'll explain mine.

Rory: Oh my god, I just got hit by a deer!
Lane: You hit a deer?
Rory: No, I got hit by a deer!
Lane: How do you get hit by a deer?
Rory: I was at a stop sign and it hit me.
Lane: Was it a 4-way stop?
Rory: What does that matter?
Lane: I don't know. I don't know what to ask after you've been hit by a deer.

Lorelai: I hate when I'm an idiot and I don't know it. I like to be aware of my idiocy, to really revel in it, take pictures. I feel we missed a prime Christmas card opportunity.

Michel: There's a man with a funny accent on the phone asking for you.
Lorelai: Really? Did you guys exchange the secret handshake?

Lorelai: This school is so different from Stars Hollow you know. They send home like a thousand pages of updates every week. It's a very intense place.
Sookie: Uh - huh.
Lorelai: Last week there was a huge debate over whether plaid scrunchies were acceptable head wear. People took sides, things got ugly, the scrunchie motion finally passed and I'd like to think I was the tie breaker.

Rory: Lorelai, go to your room!
Lorelai: Wow, smart girls are mean!

Michel: Can I kill her?
Lorelai: Not before high tea.
Michel: Fine, then I will curse you constantly and in several languages.

Lorelai: Sweetie, mommy can’t get up right now. Mommy’s been sleeping at a right angle all night.

Sookie: Fine is a word you use when someone stops you on the street that you sort of know but you don’t wanna talk to, so they ask you how you are and you say fine and that’s just enough so they don’t have to keep talking because they don’t want to. And then they can feel good about themselves because they’ve been considerate enough to ask and then if God forbid something actually is wrong they’ll actually sit down and take the time to listen, even though they don’t want to.

Episode Goofs
At the parent meeting, Mr. Medina says that the AP test will be on September 25, but AP tests are taken in May, not September.

When Rory was stopped and got hit by the deer, the stop sign was facing the wrong way.

Rory drove herself to school but Rory didn't turn 16 until episode 6, "Rory's Birthday Parties".

In the final scene in the diner, the french fries on Lorelai's plate change positions between shots and the lettuce on the hamburger appears then disappers between shots.

Cultural References
Episode Title: The Deerhunters.

The title refers to the movie The Deerhunter which tells the stories of Vietnam soldiers who have trouble readjusting to civilian life, much like Rory having trouble adjusting to a new school.

Drella: I am the Artie Shaw of harpists.

Artie Shaw is a jazz artist who was known as one of the innovators of big band music.

Lorelai: Wouldn't want you to get in trouble with Il Duce here.

Il Duce is the nickname of Benito Mussolini, the Italian fascist dictator who ruled from 1922 until 1943.

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