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Gilmore Girls: Rory's Birthday Parties

It is Rory's 16th birthday and both Lorelai and Emily have planned parties for Rory. At Emily's, all of Rory's classmates are invited leading Rory to have her first fight with Emily. The following day, Lorelai throws Rory another bash and Emily and Richard decide to attend hoping to reconcile with Rory. However, while at the party, both Emily and Richard realize how different Rory and Lorelai's lives are from their own. Later, Dean comes by once everyone has left to give Rory a bracelet he had made for her. As they hold hands in the yard, Lorelai oversees.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 226705
Airdate: Thursday November 09th, 2000

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TF6) Sep 15, 2001
DE (Vox) Apr 13, 2004

Guest Stars
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Tristan DuGrey
Deborah TheakerDeborah Theaker
As Mrs. Caldicott
Jackson DouglasJackson Douglas
As Jackson Melville
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Dean Forester
Jonathan FiccadentiJonathan Ficcadenti
As Kid #3
Liz TorresLiz Torres
As Miss Patty
Liza WeilLiza Weil
As Paris Geller
Sally StruthersSally Struthers
As Babette Dell
Sean GunnSean Gunn
As Kirk Gleason
Teal RedmannTeal Redmann
As Louise Grant
Ted RooneyTed Rooney
As Morey Dell
Greg RikaartGreg Rikaart
As Kid #4
Jonathon FiccadentiJonathon Ficcadenti
As Boy at Party
Nora ZehetnerNora Zehetner
As Girl in Hallway
Sharmila DevarSharmila Devar
As Harvard Representitive

Nelson GrandeNelson Grande
As Hired Help
Main Cast
Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
As Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis BledelAlexis Bledel
As Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy
As Sookie St. James
Scott PattersonScott Patterson
As Luke Danes
Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
As Richard Gilmore
Kelly BishopKelly Bishop
As Emily Gilmore
Yanic TruesdaleYanic Truesdale
As Michel Gerard
Keiko AgenaKeiko Agena
As Lane Kim
Episode Notes
We learn Miss Patty's full name is Patricia LaCosta.

Alexis Bledel's (Rory) actual birthday occurred while taping this episode.

Ratings: 3.5/6

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Altered ImagesHappy Birthday 
Brian Setzer OrchestraThis Old House 
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful World 
TravisWhy Does It Always Rain On Me? 

Episode Quotes
Lorelai: Okay, Burger Boy, dance.
Luke: Will you marry me?
Lorelai: What?
Luke: Just looking for something to shut you up.

Emily: And this man with the ice.
Lorelai: Luke.
Emily: How long have you been seeing him?
Lorelai: Luke? I'm not seeing Luke. He's just a friend.
Emily: Mm-hmm.
Lorelai: Mom, I swear. Luke keeps me in coffee, nothing else.
Emily: He seems to like you.
Lorelai: And you're judging this by what?
Emily: By the way he looked at you.
Lorelai: Which is how?
Emily: Like you were about to give him a lap dance.
Lorelai: Mom, he did not look at me like that.
Emily: You're pleased.
Lorelai: What?
Emily: You smiled. You're pleased that the ice man looked at you like a Porterhouse steak.
Lorelai: I'm smiling because you're crazy and that's what you do to crazy people to keep them calm.

Rory: Mom's famous for her blowouts.
Lorelai: The best one was her eighth birthday.
Rory: Oh yeah, that was good.
Lorelai: The cops shut us down.
Luke: The cops shut down an eight year old's birthday party?
Rory: And arrested the clown.

Emily: They're her schoolmates. I assumed they were her friends.
Lorelai: Well, you know what they say when you assume things.
Emily: No, I don't, what do they say?
Lorelai: That...you shouldn't.
Emily: Very clever.

Rory: So, is this party Grandma's having going to be a big deal?
Lorelai: Not really. The government will close that day. Flags will fly at half-mast. Barbara Streisand will give her final concert...again.
Rory: Uh-huh.
Lorelai: Now, the Pope has previous plans, but he's trying to get out of them. However, Elvis and Jim Morrison are coming and they're bringing chips.
Rory: You ask a simple question...

Rory: I'll be back in plenty of time to help you decorate.
Lorelai: No, this is your party. You do not work. You lounge and mock those who are. Have I taught you nothing?
Rory: Sorry, I'll try to be better.

Emily: So, your Grandfather and I thought it might be nice after dinner for you to go around the house and pick out what you'd like us to leave you in our will.
Richard: Take a look at the desk in my office. It's a really fine Georgian piece.
Lorelai: Why don't I ever bring a tape recorder to these dinners?

Lorelai: Oh, I love pudding. I worship it. I have a bowl up on the mantel at home with the Virgin Mary, a glass of wine, and a dollar bill next to it.

Lorelai: Emily Gilmore -- you could set your watch by her. Oh, you know what she did do last night?
Sookie: Wore jeans?
Lorelai: Served pudding.
Sookie: I was close!

Lorelai: And it's so hard to believe that at exactly this time many moons ago, I was lying in exactly the same position --
Rory: Oh, boy. Here we go.
Lorelai: Only I had a huge, fat stomach and big fat ankles and I was swearing like a sailor--
Rory: On leave.
Lorelai: On leave -- right! And there I was --
Rory: In labor.
Lorelai: And while some have called it the most meaningful experience of your life, to me it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.
Rory: I wonder if the Waltons ever did this.
Lorelai: And I was screaming and swearing and being surrounded as I was by a hundred prominent doctors, I just assumed there was an actual use for the cup of ice chips they gave me.
Rory: There wasn't.
Lorelai: But pelting the nurses sure was fun.

Lorelai: The headstand portion took a very ugly turn. The good thing was I brought the smug, blonde, pretzel chick down with me. I've since learned that I'm a bit too competitive for yoga.

Episode Goofs
When Luke comes to the party with ice, he doesn't close the door all of the way. However, when Lorelai is talking to him, the door is completely shut.

While Lorelai talks to Emily on the phone about shopping for Rory, the apple in front of her contantly changes locations without Lorelai touching it.

As Rory cuts her cake, her grandparents arrive. Sookie was the one to bring in the cake, we don't see her leave the room, and if she did she would meet Richard and Emily on the way. But when Lorelei enters the kitchen a little later, Sookie is there and is surprised to hear that they have come, even she was seemingly in the room when they entered.

Cultural References
Lorelai: Lucy, I'm home!

Famous line from I Love Lucy that Ricky Ricardo would say every day when he came home from work.

Emily: My daughter, Henny Youngman.

Henny Youngman was a comedian famous for his one liners.

Lorelai: I got your Good Ship Lollipop right here, mister.

Lorelai makes the reference to Shirley's Temple's most well known song, Good Ship Lollipop, because as she makes the reference, she is drinking a Shirley Temple Black.

Lorelai: I'm shopping for Rory. You're shopping for your imaginary granddaughter, Barbara Hutton.

Barbara Hutton is an heir to the Woolworth fortune and is known for her lavish lifestyle and expensive shopping sprees.

Lorelai: I think Edith Wharton would have been proud, and busy taking notes.

Edith Wharton, an American novelist who was born into a wealthy family, wrote books that closely examined the priviledged world that she grew up in.

Lorelai: No, she has her Vulcan death grip on that one.

Lorelai is referencing a Star Trek episode where a non-existent Vulcan death grip was used to fool Romulans that Spock had killed Kirk.

Rory: I wonder if the Waltons ever did this.

The Waltons was a TV show about a family's joys and struggles through depression, war, school, marriage, illness, and death, all told through the eyes of John Boy.

Emily: Oh, yes, and there was a T-shirt with a Farrah Fawcett face.
Lorelai: A hero to many who aspire to the perfect feather fluff.

Farrah Fawcett was an actress famous for her role in the TV series Charlie's Angels and was an icon and sex symbol throughout the ‘70s. The 'perfect feather fluff' is a reference to the hair style that Farrah Fawcett was known for.

Lorelai: (to Jackson) You didn't build one of those machines like in The Fly did you?

The Fly is a 1986 sci-fi film about a scientist who mutates into a fly.

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