Girl Code

  Season 4 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 23/Apr/2013 Crushes; Boobs; Roommates & Drinking
02 01x02 30/Apr/2013 Dancing; Snooping; Waxing & Going to the Bathroom
03 01x03 07/May/2013 Makeup; Being Gassy; Driving & Being Slutty
04 01x04 14/May/2013 Girls' Night Out; Sexting; Breaking Up, Gynecologist
06 01x06 19/May/2013 Frenemies; Bad Boys; Dreams; Working Out
07 01x07 19/May/2013 First Dates; Time Of The Month; Girl Fights; Friend Zone
08 01x08 19/May/2013 Dieting; Vacation; Being Needy; Watching Sports
10 01x10 21/May/2013 Ex-Boyfriends; Gossip; STDs; Hosting A Party
11 01x11 21/May/2013 Hair; Cheating; Compliments; Penises
12 01x12 28/May/2013 Experimenting; Playing Sports; Dads
13 01x13 28/May/2013 Getting Dumped; Being Classy; Working; Jealousy
14 01x14 04/Jun/2013 Contraception; Whipped; Canceling; Plastic Surgery
15 01x15 04/Jun/2013 Pregnancy Scares; Mean Girls; Sleepovers; Online Dating
16 01x16 18/Jun/2013 Compliments; Shopping; Set-Ups; Hair
17 01x17 18/Jun/2013 PDA; Style; Smoking; Calling Dibs
18 01x18 07/Jul/2013 Porn; Set-Ups; Underwear; Social Climbing
20 01x20 07/Jul/2013 Morning After; Boyfriend's Friends; Flirting; Decorating
21 01x21 07/Jul/2013 Rebounding; Cooking; Meeting The Parents; Bridesmaids

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
22 02x01 30/Oct/2013 Halloween; Picking & Popping; Virginity
24 02x03 13/Nov/2013 T-Blocking; Wine; Sweating
25 02x04 20/Nov/2013 Getting Engaged; Pets; Insecurity
26 02x05 27/Nov/2013 Guys That Are Taken; Gaining Weight; Karaoke
27 02x06 04/Dec/2013 Boners; Puberty; Religion
28 02x07 11/Dec/2013 Boyfriends' Exes; Astrology; Babies
29 02x08 18/Dec/2013 Purses; Boyfriends; FOMO
31 02x10 01/Jan/2014 Kissing; Being Scared; Snacking
32 02x11 14/Jan/2014 One Night Stands; Sisters; Being Nerdy
34 02x13 02/Feb/2014 Picking Up Guys; Getting Older; Sleeping
35 02x14 17/Feb/2014 Shoes
36 02x15 23/Mar/2014 Turning 21; Your Friends' Boyfriends; Clothing
37 02x16 23/Mar/2014 DTR Talk; Being Sick; Hating
38 02x17 06/Apr/2014 Anniversaries; Walking; Being Embarrassed
39 02x18 06/Apr/2014 Birthdays; Bad Habits; Getting Back Out There
40 02x19 20/Apr/2014 New Relationships; Getting Dressed; Brothers
41 02x20 20/Apr/2014 Wingwomen; Friends; Being Alone

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
42 03x01 01/Oct/2014 Your Sexuality
44 03x03 08/Oct/2014 Strength
45 03x04 15/Oct/2014 Race
46 03x05 15/Oct/2014 Being Healthy
47 03x06 22/Oct/2014 Girl Power
48 03x07 22/Oct/2014 Money
49 03x08 29/Oct/2014 Humor
50 03x09 29/Oct/2014 Vacation
52 03x11 12/Nov/2014 Self Expression
53 03x12 19/Nov/2014 Holidays
54 03x13 10/Dec/2014 Freshman Year
55 03x14 23/Dec/2014 Bad Girls
56 03x15 29/Dec/2014 Music
57 03x16 29/Dec/2014 Sadness

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
58 04x01 03/Jun/2015 Dry Spells; Slang; Quitting
59 04x02 10/Jun/2015 Vomiting; Pictures; The One
60 04x03 17/Jun/2015 Sexual Pressure; Boredom; Hobbies
62 04x05 13/Jul/2015 Birth Control; Showing Off; Over Thinking
63 04x06 13/Jul/2015 Vaginal Health; Smarts; Spoiling
64 04x07 28/Jul/2015 Your phone; Having a Baby; Anger
65 04x08 28/Jul/2015 Butts; Attending Weddings; Therapy
66 04x09 04/Aug/2015 Playing It Cool; Injuries; Parents & Technology
67 04x10 11/Aug/2015 Moving Back In; Manners; Penis/Balls
68 04x11 11/Aug/2015 Picking Up Guys 2.0; The Weekend; Your Voice
69 04x12 18/Aug/2015 Watching TV; Hugging; Being Insecure

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 08/Jul/2013 Special #1
S01 - #2 09/Jul/2013 Special #2
S01 - #3 11/Jul/2013 Special #4
S02 - #4 31/Dec/2013 New Year’s Code
S03 - #5 07/Sep/2014 Back To School
S04 - #6 21/Apr/2015 Prom
S04 - #7 26/Aug/2015 Girl Code to Girl's Rights

  Season 4 »
Network: MTV ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Sex, Comedy, Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 23, 2013
Episodes Order: 20
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