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Season 6

116 :06x01 - Fits & Starts (1)

After calling off his wedding to another woman, Darnell admits his true feelings for Maya, and they run off to Las Vegas to get re-married. Meanwhile, after giving birth to their daughter, Toni realizes that she and Todd may not have a future together. Also, during a hike in the mountains, Lynn encounters a despondent woman, and in a last ditch effort to make her feel better, Lynn spontaneously proposes marriage to her. Later, Joan is freaked out after spending an intimate night with William.
Guest Stars: Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Brendan Paul as Preacher | Rebecca Creskoff as Jennifer

117 :06x02 - Odds & Ends (2)

Desperately trying to tell Jennifer that getting married is a huge mistake, Lynn digs herself in deeper when she tries to break up with Jennifer, but ends up agreeing to a wedding in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Toni and Todd struggle with the decision whether or not to stay married as Maya and Darnell confront some of their own marital issues only being back together for a week. Later, Joan is outraged when she learns that William revealed intimate details to her girlfriends about the night they spent together.
Guest Stars: Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Jill Remez as Nurse | Rueben Grundy as Ben | Rebecca Creskoff as Jennifer
Writer: Regina Hicks

118 :06x03 - And Nanny Makes Three

Completely overwhelmed by being a new mom, Toni's irresponsible behavior from accidentally locking the baby in the house alone to missing the baby's first doctor's appointment, causes Todd to take drastic action. Meanwhile, Joan is trying to deal with the fact that the J-Spot isn't doing well, and her friends don't seem to notice.
Guest Stars: Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Lillian Hurst as Concepcion Immaculate

119 :06x04 - Latching on and Lashing Out

Joan persuades a resistant Toni that she must start breast-feeding so that the baby will become dependent on her so that Todd won't be able to get full custody of Morgan. Meanwhile, Maya and Darnell must deal with some unresolved newlywed issues when Joan offers to throw them a post-marriage party and Darnell refuses to go. Later, Jennifer thinks that Lynn is avoiding sex with her because she is secretly in love with Joan.
Guest Stars: Tanner Scott Richards as Jabari Wilkes | Rebecca Creskoff as Jennifer | Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes
Director: Salim Akil

120 :06x05 - Judging Edward

When his mother needs an operation, William heads home to be with her, but is also faced with memories of his childhood and a father who never quite understood him. Meanwhile, the girlfriends must learn how to adjust to Toni's new lifestyle as a mom.
Guest Stars: Lynne Denise Burnett as Moviegoer | Jonathan Biggs as Young William | Bernie Casey as Judge Edward Dent
Director: Salim Akil
Songs: Simple Plan -- Perfect

121 :06x06 - Everything Old Is New Again

As she stresses over her decision to continue with her restaurant or return to her legal career, Joan finds herself pursued by a much older man (guest star Melvin Van Peebles), but she questions whether or not she should date him because of the age difference. Meanwhile, having trouble with the pitch for her second book, Maya's publishers threaten to take back their advance.
Guest Stars: April Custodio as Hostess #1 | Christine Lucas as Hostess #2 | Terry Savage as Rick | Adrian Tibbs as Bill | Ka'Ramuu Kush as Gordon | Melvin Van Peebles as Kenneth Daly
Writer: Tim Edwards

122 :06x07 - Trial and Errors

Completely unprepared for her custody battle with Todd for their daughter, Toni is taken aback when Todd's attorney portrays her as a bad mother putting her in jeopardy of losing Morgan. Meanwhile, surprised that sex with her older boyfriend, Kenneth (guest star Melvin Van Peebles) has been so great, Joan is convinced he is taking Viagra. Later, William starts to date a much younger woman. Toccara ("AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL) guest stars as a waitress, and Loretta Devine ("Boston Public") guest stars as a family court judge.
Guest Stars: Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Noureen DeWulf as Jasmine Crane | Meredith Scott Lynn as Doreen Reznik | Colin Ferguson as Eric Stone | Loretta Devine as Judge Jackson | Melvin Van Peebles as Kenneth Daly | Christopher Goodson as Bailiff | Toccara Jones as Waitress
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Karin Gist

123 :06x08 - Hot Girl on Girl Action

Trying everything in her power to put off having sex with her partner Jennifer, Lynn realizes she must make a decision one way or the other, but Jennifer surprises Lynn with something completely unexpected.

Meanwhile, Joan, Toni and Maya convince William's much younger girlfriend that he is trying to change her with his controlling ways.
Director: Arlene Sanford

124 :06x09 - Sleeping Dogs

While on a blind date with one of Darnell's friends, Joan learns that Darnell may have slept with another woman the night before he re-married Maya, Meanwhile, Desperate to hang with the guys, William is excited when Darnell includes him in one of his outings.
Guest Stars: Katt Williams as Rick Beatty
Director: Mary Lou Belli
Writer: Kenya Barris

125 :06x10 - My Business, Not Your Business

As Joan wrestles with the future of her failing restaurant, her business partner William unexpectedly finds success turning the J-Spot into a sports bar and tries to convince her to be a part of the new venture.

Later, after seeing Joan desperate to not let her dream disappear, the girlfriends come together to try and help.
Director: Eric Laneuville

126 :06x11 - All God's Children

After sharing the holidays with both families for Morgan's first Christmas and Hannukah, Todd offers Toni full custody of their daughter on the condition that she raises her Jewish. Later, as Toni struggles between what is best for her daughter and her faith, the girlfriends don't hesitate giving their opinions, which only confuses Toni further.
Director: Vito Giambalvo

127 :06x12 - The Music In Me

After Lynn and Jennifer end their co-dependent friendship, Lynn feels lonely and without a focus, so the girlfriends try to get Lynn back on her feet by helping her rediscover her passion for music.

Later, fed up with working crazy hours, William's assistant turns to drastic measures to convince William to get a life outside the office.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Creskoff as Jennifer Miller | Scot Zeller as Avery | Carolyn Hennesy as Melora Stewart
Director: Keith Truesdell

128 :06x13 - The It Girl

With the renewed success of the J-Spot, Joan lands the cover of a trendy magazine as the "It Girl" of L.A., but is then concerned that it may because she slept with the reporter.

Later, William gives Lynn a guitar so she can finally learn how to play it and start to follow her passion for music.
Guest Stars: Wayne Brady as Derek Tyler | Mustafa Shakir as Jevon Dennis | Tony Yalda as Lem | Barry Zito as Himself
Director: Eric Laneuville
Songs: Chris Brown (2) -- Run It

129 :06x14 - Work in Progress

Upset that Maya is making more money than he is, Darnell decides to sell the garage and pursue his dream of working on a NASCAR pit crew.
Guest Stars: Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes | Tanner Scott Richards as Jabari Wilkes | Andrew Maguire as Waiter | Christian C. Campbell as Employee
Director: Eric Laneuville

130 :06x15 - Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar

After being rejected for a spot in two bands, Lynn's frustration grows as she tries to steal some of the limelight and attention during Maya's seminar, only to get thrown out and confronted later by Maya about her lack of commitment, Meanwhile, Joan becomes insecure when she thinks she is being upstaged by the other participants, and despite telling the attendees not to ask her for a job, Toni is approached by an ambitious young woman, Tammy Hamilton, who begs her for an internship.
Guest Stars: Kelly Rowland as Tammy Hamilton | Drew Sidora as Sage | Jessica Stroup as Riley | Burnadean Jones as Audience Member | Brian Michael Jones as Band Member
Director: Eric Laneuville

131 :06x16 - Game Over

After firing her nanny, Toni starts to lean on the usually reliable Joan, who is so caught up in her new life as the "it girl of LA" that her self-involved behavior begins to cause a strain on their friendship.

Meanwhile, when Darnell teaches William how to excel at playing video games, William becomes completely obsessed and competitive.
Guest Stars: Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes | Tanner Scott Richards as Jabari Wilkes | Mustafa Shakir as Jevon Dennis | Adam Mayfield as Valet
Director: Mary Lou Belli
Writer: Tim Edwards

132 :06x17 - I'll Be There for You... But Not Right Now

When Toni starts spending time with her old ex-boyfriend, she can't manage all the other aspects of her life: single motherhood, a custody battle, her career and her girlfriends, and realizes that something has to give, Meanwhile, when Maya and Darnell decide to buy a house, they turn to Toni, who is too busy to take a real interest in helping them. Later, Joan ditches William in favor of enjoying her new life as the "it " girl.
Guest Stars: Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes | Kelly Rowland as Tammy Hamilton | Terrell Tilford as Michael Daniels | Kevin Earley as Husband | Charlene Amoia as Wife
Director: Mary Lou Belli
Writer: Regina Hicks

133 :06x18 - The Game

Joan's concerned about her cousin, Melanie (Tia Mowry), who is putting her life on hold to help her boyfriend, Derwin (Aldis Hodge), a rookie with the San Diego Sabers. Guest stars: Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha, Jennifer Baxter as Kelly and Shanti Lowry as Dionne.
Guest Stars: Tia Mowry as Melanie | Hosea Chanchez as Malik | Aldis Hodge as Derwin | Jennifer Baxter as Kelly | Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha | Coby Bell as Jason
Director: Salim Akil

134 :06x19 - It's Raining Men

Consumed with her very active social life, Joan starts dating three men, Derek, Jevon and Kurtis, at the same time, causing more problems with her relationship with Toni, Meanwhile, William signs up with an elite dating service only to be matched with his former-flame Monica.
Guest Stars: Mustafa Shakir as Jevon Dennis | Wayne Brady as Derek Tyler | Keesha Sharp as Monica Charles Brooks | Marina Sirtis as Gina Richards
Director: Linda Mendoza

135 :06x20 - I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More

When she thinks she is ready to settle down with her basketball-player boyfriend Jevon, Joan decides to break it off with Derek (guest star Wayne Brady) and Kurtis, but she's disappointed to learn that Jevon has other ideas about their relationship, Meanwhile, after learning that her protégé Tammy (guest star Kelly Rowland) has set her up to be carjacked and put Morgan in harm's way, Toni attacks Tammy and gets thrown in jail instead.
Guest Stars: Kelly Rowland as Tammy Hamilton | Claude Brooks as Kurtis Carter | Mustafa Shakir as Jevon Dennis | Wayne Brady as Derek Tyler | Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett
Director: Linda Mendoza
Writer: Kenya Barris

136 :06x21 - Party Over Here

Part 1 of two. Joan leaves Maya's housewarming to attend a Hollywood party, where she gets drunk and embarrasses herself. Meanwhile, William tries to convince Monica that they're meant to be together.
Guest Stars: Loretta Devine as Judge Jackson | Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes | Keesha Sharp as Monica Charles Brooks | Tanner Scott Richards as Jabari Wilkes | Jenifer Lewis as Veretta Childs | Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Wayne Brady as Derek Tyler | Marina Sirtis as Gina Richards
Director: Salim Akil

137 :06x22 - Ain't Nothing Over There

Toni is upset with the fact how Joan didnt keep her promise to go to the custody court. Maya and Darnell faces trouble after learning that Darnell is leaving for Florida. Lynn writes a song of how the four of them are drifting apart.
Guest Stars: Loretta Devine as Judge Jackson | Wayne Brady as Derek Tyler | Jason Pace as Dr. Todd Garrett | Tanner Scott Richards as Jabari Wilkes | Jenifer Lewis as Veretta Childs | Khalil Kain as Darnell Wilkes | Keesha Sharp as Monica Charles Brooks | Marina Sirtis as Gina Richards
Director: Salim Akil
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 11, 2000
Ended: February 11, 2008
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