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Showmance - Recap

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The episode opens with Kurt being thrown into a dumpster by the football players. He tells them that one day they will all work for him. Emma and Will run into one another and he thanks her for being there for him and have a nice brief conversation. They are quite flirty, too.

Sue has beckoned Will and she tells him that she talked to Figgins. Figgins has said that if Glee doesn't get to regionals and do well they will no longer have a Glee club. She also tells him that they are going to need to have 12 people in Glee before they can even qualify. She tells him that maybe he should get the people from special education classes since no one else would in her mind. He asks if she is threatening him and she says that she isn't. She thinks that he wants to be like her and he is convinced that he can get the kids to win at regionals.

The lovebirds--Finn and Quinn are having a bit of an argument. Quinn thinks that if he stays in Glee then they are going end up on the bottom of the totem pole. She also tells him that people are starting to believe that Finn is homosexual. Rachel is listening in on it and when he walks away, Quinn tells Rachel that she will never be able to take him. Rachel is confident and slightly cocky as she tells Quinn that she understands why she is so worried about her. She believes that she and Finn have bonded on a much more personal level than he ever could with Quinn. She tells her that she doesn't want or need to steal Finn because she has plenty of other options, however.

At rehearsal, the kids are doing a routine to the song "Le Freak" and they aren't into it. Kurt says that the whole routine is just gay and that the song is, too. The other kids agree and Will tells them that they are performing it so they can recruit more Glee heads. After that, Will and Terri are looking for a house. They got into this position because Terri's sister thinks that they need much more space to live in with a child. Terri wants to build or buy a brand new house because she thinks that used homes aren't clean. Terri spent a while fawning over extra additions and then shows him what would be their child's room. He decides that he wants to do this for her and their future family.

Will has been inspired and goes to tell the kids that they should do the song Gold Digger by Kanye West (and Jamie Foxx). They still would have to do Le Freak for the assembly, but he would like to work on Gold Digger, too. Finn thinks he has zero talent, but boy is he very, very wrong. Will helps him learn some steps and Finn takes to it quite a bit.

Emma goes into the bathroom and she hears someone getting quite gaggy. It is Rachel and she is failing at trying to throw up. She realizes she must not have a gag reflex and Emma says that'll be very beneficial someday so not to worry. She also worries and decides that she and Rachel should probably talk. They go to her office and talk and she says she's not going to even bother trying throwing up anymore but she wishes she could be like Quinn...pretty and skinny. She feels so torn up over wanting Finn and all of her feelings. Emma tells her she should really work on finding some common ground with him.

Later on, Finn and Rachel have been caught using Sue's printer to get some flyers printed for Glee. She has drug them and Will to the principals office and he decides that they are going to need to pay for the copies. She thought that they'd get into a world of trouble for it, but she was sorely disappointed. After that, Finn and Rachel ask Will to not have them perform the lame song "Le Freak". For whatever reason, Will is thoroughly convinced that disco is very much in. Then he goes and asks to get a job doing late night janitorial work so he can make more money. He even gets the job by getting half the pay anyone else would get.

Rachel has joined the celibacy club and wonders where the boys are at. They seem to separate the sexes during celibacy club. Finn says that he only really joined so that he could sleep with Quinn. Most of the celibacy club is made up of the cheerleaders and they talk about how their skirts were designed. They like to tease, but not please.

It is now time so they all get together co-ed style and they are doing something called "immaculate affection". This is when they have a balloon between a guy and a girl and if it pops then that causes the angels to cry. Rachel doesn't get it and thinks that celibacy is not all that possible when in high school. She thinks that they should all be prepared just in case and that girls are just as into sex as the guys.

Rachel decides that they are going to give the assembly some sex to entertain them. They decided to perform Push It instead of Le Freak and it was pretty hilarious. They get a standing ovation and Sue freaks out. She drags Will into the office and she says that he must get fired and Glee must be taken down. Instead of that, Figgins gives them songs that are approved and cuts the Cheerio's budget so they can get costumes for Glee club.

Ken asks Emma out and tells her that he is willing to put up with all of her crazy and he wants to take care of her, too. She says she'll go on a date with him. She wants to do anything to stop thinking about Will. Finn and Rachel are working on a few things and then they eat. They begin to make out and Finn runs off after things get too hot for him to handle. He also asks that this be kept secret.

Terri has found out that she is not really pregnant. She had a fake pregnancy due to wanting to be pregnant so badly. Quinn and a couple of her cheerleaders have decided to audition for Glee. They tell Sue about it and she has officially enlisted them as her spies so they can tear Glee down.

When Will gets home, she has made him dinner and tells him that they are having a boy and she wants him to quit his second job. She offers to just turn their extra room into a bedroom for the baby and she just wants to compromise instead of buying a giant house. The next day, Will tells Rachel that Quinn gets the lead on the song that they're performing and hopes that she has fun despite that.