Preggers - Recap

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In the opening of the show, they show Kurt, Tina, and Britney doing the dance to Single Ladies. They are all dressed up much like the video and they are doing a pretty great job. While they are doing this, Kurt's father Burt comes home and turns off the stereo. He has come home from work pretty early and asks what Kurt is wearing. He tells him that he is wearing a unitard and he says that the guys wear them for football. Britney tells his father that Kurt is now on the football team, which is very much not true. She tells him that he is also the kicker. Kurt tells him that Tina and Britney were helping him out with the whole work out thing. His father asks him who his girlfriend is and Kurt smacks Tina on the butt. He also tells him that he just doesn't want to settle down, yet. His father asks to keep the music down and to get him a ticket so he can see him play football.

Terri and Will are dealing the lamaze exercising. He helps her while her sister looks on and drinks some wine. She wants Will to toughen up because dealing with a pregnancy isn't meant for the weak, passive man. When they finally get Will out of the room to make food, Terri goes into panic mode and says that she can't keep it up. Kendra thinks that she really is pregnant and tells her to calm down because it is not as scary as it sounds. Terri asks her if she can keep a secret and then shows her stomach to her. She says that she can't tell him that it is fake and she is really scared that she is going to lose him. She thinks she should be honest, though. Kendra tells her to keep lying and chill out and that they are going to need to concentrate on getting a baby.

The next day, Will goes to the lounge for some lunch. His only real option is to sit with Ken and Emma. Which of course is weird, but it is better than his other option which is sitting with someone that may be creepier than the boogie man. He sits with them and Emma talks to him about how much she loves the news due to it being a lot like scary movies. She goes on to talk about it and then says that Sue has a segment on the local news. She told Ken and Will about her topic for the week which was caning kids and why it is for the best to do so. Will is perplexed by her even having a segment.

During Glee, Will is passing out some music to the kids. Rachel realizes that the music is supposedly in the wrong key. He has given her a different spot to sing in--and Tina is the head. Rachel is upset by this because she said that no matter what happens if there is a West Side Story song then the solo goes to her. Rachel is thrown into a hissy fit and leaves because things aren't going her way. She was even quite rude to Tina saying that she is not ready to sing what Maria from the movie sang. Too bad Natalie Wood didn't sing the song from the movie either but hey--Rachel is a teenager.

Kurt talks to Finn and tells him that he has to ask him something. Finn says that he has a date to the problem already but he's flattered. Kurt says that he isn't gay and asks him for a favor. They go to the field and the team is awful, he has gotten Kurt on the team though. Puck asks Finn why he is even joining the team and if they're an item. He's not pleased at all that he wants to join the team.

Ken tells the team that they have not done well at all. He demotes the kicker to water boy and says that whoever can do it better gets position. Kurt goes up and says he's "auditioning" for the kicker. He tries out and he does an amazing kick so now he is on the team. Elsewhere, Sue is signing portraits and the man from the station walks in to give her fan mail and warns that there is hate mail, too. He then tells her that she can only have the segment if the cheerleaders win nationals.

Finn and Quinn catch up in the hallway and he is wondering why she has been ignoring him lately. He apologizes to her not that there is a reason and then she finally tells him that she is pregnant. She tells him that the baby is his--even though he is a virgin. She reminds him that he had an "early release" that "one time" in the hot tub. He still doesn't think that is possible, but soon enough she convinces him that she is pregnant with his child.

For whatever reason Sue is visiting Sandy Ryerson. He collects dolls and has been for fifty years. He then asks why she is even there and she says she just wanted to stop by. She tells him that she wants him to run the arts program at the school. He doesn't think the principal will approve, but she is going to handle it the way she always does. She decides that she is going to blackmail the principal and it kind of works. Sandy is hired and Sue tells him that she wants him to destroy Glee. She sets up a play for Cabaret to get Rachel away from the club. She goes out for the lead and gets it. Will is upset that Figgins has hired Sandy.

Will goes to speak to Rachel and wonders why she left. She said she isn't leaving, she's just finding other outlets. He says she did all of this out of spite and she tells him he needs to admit that he doesn't like her. He tells her that it is quite the opposite as he can be her biggest fan most of them. He tells her that he needs to make everyone feel good in Glee, not just her. She can't just be the only star.

Finn shows up and starts to cry and Will hugs him. Will decides to take him out for some dinner. He has told her about how Quinn is pregnant. Finn worries that he will end up trapped just like the other guys in town. Finn also asks Will to teach the team how to dance. He agrees to it.

Back at the locker room, Finn has told the guys about the dance lessons. Puck isn't pleased at all. The coach is for it so they get all dressed up in their uniforms and go to the rehearsal room. Kurt has taught them the dance routine in the most basic way. After that, Puck wants to know what is up with Finn and he tells him that Quinn is pregnant. Finn goes elsewhere and Puck looks worried.

The next morning, Puck confronts Quinn asking her what is up. He tells her that he's put two and two together and it is pretty weird that she'd say the baby is Finn's. He tells her that he'll help take care of the kid and she eventually snaps on him calling him a Lima loser. She goes to her car and Terri is in there waiting for her. She asks her how many weeks she is and then asks if she told her parents yet. She asks who she is and she says that she wants to help. Quinn says she doesn't need help and Terri tries to convince her that she does.

At the football game, everyone shows up and gets ready for it to start. Finn tries to pump the guys up but they don't want to dance during the game. They don't play well and eventually they do the dance and then they win the game. At home, Burt goes down to talk to Kurt. He tells him he is proud of him and then Kurt tells him that he doesn't want to lie to him anymore and comes out to him as gay. He expects a horrible reaction, but his father tells him that he loves him just the same.