The Rhodes Not Taken - Recap

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Will is putting up posters for the invitational and then Will goes to the choir room to get them trained properly for the song "Don't Stop Believing". The Glee club has a bunch of new members and Quinn just so happens to be singing lead. It is then when she starts having some morning sickness and leaves to the bathroom. Finn says that she may have had a bad breakfast meal. Kurt doesn't care and mentions that they should deal with the elephant in the room. He tells Finn that they can't do anything without Rachel and they need to get it figured out. Will says that Mercedes and Santana should go over Quinn's lead so that it isn't so bad when she performs. Artie doesn't think that this is a bad idea because it might work locally but once the competition gets bigger then it really isn't going to work out too well. Puck says that Artie is right and Will isn't liking the way that they are thinking. He has a bit of a hissy fit. He tells them that they need to let go of the whole "Rachel thing" and then tells them they need a break.

Will goes over to his piano and Finn goes over to talk to him about how he worries about Quinn and her pregnancy. Will decides to give Tina some of the solo and then asks if Finn should probably tell his mother about the pregnancy. Finn tells him that he would rather just keep it to himself and he will tell her when things calm down.

Will and Terri have gone to have dinner and Terri is really tearing apart some pie. Will is having his french fries and then asks her why she never gets any morning sickness. He tells her while she panics a bit that Quinn has been getting sick a lot in the morning. She tells him that that means that the baby isn't mentally retarded. By her saying that, Will begins to worry about their "baby" and whether there is something wrong with it. She tells him not to worry, that she is very much getting sick while she is at work.

Will talks about what is going on with Rachel and then the waiter comes up. Will recognizes him as he used to teach him. He asks what he is up to and he tells him that he is at the other high school--Carmel--and Will is shocked by this considering the kid has to be 24 by then. He says that they hold him back so that he can keep working in Vocal Adrenaline. This gives him some inspiration.

Finn is seeing Emma because he has been called there. He worries that he is in trouble and Emma tells him that he's not. She's just interested in him. She tells him that she knows life gets scary and can be fast. She thinks that he needs some more guidance. Finn wonders if someone has talked to her about him. She tells him that no one has said anything to her about it even though Will has told her about it. She then talks to him about scholarships. She says that athletic scholarships are becoming few and far between but there are a lot of colleges out there that will offer a full scholarship to those with musical or vocal talent. She doesn't want him to end up being stuck in town with a family he never signed up for. Now that he has found something that could help him find another opportunity, he is pretty excited.

Rachel is interviewed by the Celibacy Club elsewhere. He tries to blackmail her into showing her bra to him so that she can end up with a good review. After that, she and Finn have a bit of a bonding moment because he wants to be a good friend (and more) to her. He offers to read lines with her and she takes him up on his offer.

Elsewhere, Will is trying to find someone that hadn't graduated. They find a woman named April Rhodes. She never graduated so he wanted to get her in on the team. He tells Emma that he had a crush on her back in high school (April Rhodes, not Emma) and that she is a goddess. They begin looking her up on the internet and then she tells Will that he probably wouldn't want to do that. She warns him that digging in his past can become quite the mess. He doesn't listen and then he sees that April is online and messages her. He tells her who he is and she tells him where to find her and to bring wings.

They decide to get her enrolled back into high school. Glee is introduced to April and they say that she is no Rachel. She proves them differently by performing "Maybe This Time". Glee has been impressed. April isn't doing that great in class and Will is not happy about it. He wanted to talk to her about what is going on with the kids and how they feel about her joining Glee.

Later that day, Puck and another football player have come out of a shower and they look pretty happy. April follows right after wearing a jersey and a towel. Rachel is having a hard time with her singing coach and he has made her feel like the worst performer every known. She finally loses it. April shows up and asks if she had a tough day. Rachel has been pissed off by April's interest in Finn and she has decided to tell her off. After that, she goes on what seems like a date with Finn. They go bowling and then Finn tells her how much the rest of the Glee kids miss her. She tells him that she loves Glee but feels like she wastes her time on being under appreciated. Finn tells her that he appreciates her and they made out.

Rachel has decided that she is going to join Glee again and tells Finn that they can't be together. Puck blurts out that Quinn is pregnant and everyone is shocked. Rachel comes in right after and then says that she is coming back. They all ignore Rachel because the gossip seems more important to them.

Soon Rachel figures it out and confronts Finn about it. She slaps him and calls him a liar asking why he didn't tell her about Quinn. They argue about it and then quits Glee yet again. That weekend they find that they have a sold out show and get a standing ovation. The kids are happy about that and after that Will comes in and says the show is canceled due to April being wasted. Rachel decides that she is going to help because she knows the song and doesn't want to see them fall. Quinn gets nasty and tells her that she doesn't know the choreography but Finn says that they'll help her. They then do a performance of "Somebody to Love" by Queen to end the show.