Acafellas - Recap

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In the beginning of the show, Will has invited his parents over to dinner. That is when they tell them that they are expecting and what they are expecting. They also say that they are working on the new nursery. When alone, Will tells his father that he doesn't think that he wants it and is worried about all of this baby stuff. His father feels bad about it and kind of takes the blame. His father tells him that to be a man is to have guts. Not only that, but Terri is absolutely ravenous trying to get pregnant so that her lie becomes the truth.

Glee is not happy about Will's dance moves and they want to hire someone else. A really hardcore choreographer named Dakota Stanley. The cheerleaders are really working on knocking him down so that they can destroy Glee. Rachel has decided that she needs to talk to Will about what is going on with his choreography. She tells him that maybe he should get someone that will teach the dance movies. He's not into it and decides that he is going to have an acapella group with a couple of the guys from school. He starts it with the football coach, shop teacher, and another guy that doesn't work at the school. He happens to work where his wife Terri works.

Sandy had been around when the Acafellas was being formed, but he is just creepy enough that he was certainly not accepted into the group. Besides, what was he doing there anyway? Sandy had been fired for touching a male student inappropriately but for whatever reason he was always around. In fact, there is a court order that says he needs to stay 50 feet away from the students. He tells them that he can get Josh Groban to check them out to see if the can be an opening act. They let him in the group based on that, but when Josh Groban does show up--Sandy gets another restraining order. Groban also tells the guys that this so called "friendship" was really him stalking him and being delusional in all kinds of way. He even sent him poetry, hair, gift baskets, and nude pictures!

Despite Will's struggle between being a part of a group and being a teacher, he has come to the conclusion that he loves being a teacher more. His father also comes to the conclusion that he is going to just throw caution to the wind and finally go to law school like he really wanted to before his life got all out of wack.

Glee has hired their own choreographer because Will isn't around. Finn says that maybe Will's confidence has been knocked down and no one really agrees or cares about what he has to say. Finn says that if people don't start taking him seriously, he is going to quit Glee. Mercedes is getting pretty sad that she is single. She has becoming closer to Kurt and knows she really shouldn't get closer in a different way, but somehow Quinn works her magic and convinces Mercedes otherwise. She decides to ask Kurt out and he wants her to go to Liza night. Rachel and Tina try to convince Mercedes that Kurt is actually gay, but she just doesn't want to be lonely anymore.

She calls Kurt out on it and he says that he is in love with someone already. She thinks that he is talking about Rachel for whatever reason even though he's obviously into Finn. He breaks her heart and events fold from there. She even smashed his windshield. He comes out to her and lets her know that he didn't want to hurt her, but he is very much gay and doesn't want to lie anymore. He was a bit fenced for a bit, wishing he could turn around and slam the closet door but he was strong enough not to turn back from it.

Elsewhere, Puck has decided that he is tired of the high school fish and wants to be used strictly as some sort of a pool boy. He wants to find some older women to sleep with by cleaning pools in the area--which is few and far between. He is tired of the girls who care about who they are going to marry more than getting some.

Back to the choreographer, though. Since Quinn has hired the most awful, mean choreographer on purpose things have been crazy. She had been enlisted by Sue to get them taken down while Will was concentrating on his own thing and pretty much neglecting glee. Stanley asks for quite a bit of money--money they don't have so hopefully they get rid of him soon for their sake. During the car wash that they had, Rachel eventually had enough of the abuse and decided to fired him. She feels they can win no matter what because they have what it takes. She also says that they are all very much special. It is good that she has faith in her group.

Two of the Acafellas have left already so now they have Finn and Puck joining to fill in the spots. Puck joins because he wants to get some MILFs and Finn is convinced somehow despite wanting to quit Glee. Will teaches them the moves necessary for the performances.

At the end of the show, Sue is completely angry with the cheerleaders and calls them a disaster. She decides that she is going to take away their privileges to tanning for that semester. Quinn tells her that she learned the best lesson she could and that it is not necessary to bring people down when you really believe in yourself.