Vitamin D - Recap

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In this episode, Will is trying to get it all together for sectionals. The kids are a bit complacent and that worries him. They have some pretty stiff competition and he decides that he is going to give them a theme for the week. The theme for the week is mash ups...boys versus girls. Nothing like some competition between the two genders to get them started and pumped up for the real competition, right? He has decided to have a "Glee-off" and that is exactly what they are going to do. Whoever wins this Glee Off will be able to perform the first song at Sectionals. He has also decided that Emma is going to help out with the judging.

Quinn is at practice and she isn't doing too well. She tells Sue that it is because she is exhausted over doing Glee, too. Sue is tired of Glee messing with her competitive nature and she wants to bring that team down good and hard. She decides to go see Terri and tell her all about what is going on with Emma and Will. Sue has also gotten rid of the nurse that they already had by pushing her down the steps. After that, Will's wife has decided that she is going to work at the school as a nurse so that she will be able to spend more time with him. She wants to ruin whatever is going on between Will and Emma. She has a lot of plans for that and has even decided to upset Emma by trying to kiss Will in the cafeteria.

Sue is writing in her diary and telling the diary that she has begun to worry about Quinn's concentration on the squad and also worries about her new nefarious plan. She is trying to convince Will's wife that he is having an affair. She tells his wife that she should really make more of an effort to be a part of his life.

Finn has a lot going on in his life and seems to be under a lot of pressure. There are a lot of new things going on such as Quinn being pregnant, being an important member of a football team, and he is also a part of Glee. Not only that, but he still has feelings for Rachel and he is pretty much exhausted. He decides to go to the school nurse and he tells her about her feelings for two different girls. Terri isn't okay with this and she basically tells him to take caffeine pills or some other variation of OTC speed. He begins taking it and also giving all of the other kids the medication. Their first song of the episode is a mash up between It's My Life and Confessions.

Rachel has seen that Quinn isn't coming around to rehearsals. She goes to talk to her in the hallway and tells her that she and Glee will be her friend through everything especially when she becomes more of an outcast. Quinn agrees to it and feels comforted by it. The girls are also getting into taking the pills after Kurt has told them that they boys were on them and they decide that they are going to mash up Walking On Sunshine and Halo. They are energized and they do a pretty great job. Quinn has decided that she is happy where she is, but isn't ready to have a baby to take care of. She talks to Terri and tells her that she is willing let her adopt the baby but asks that she helps with medical bills and maternity clothes. Terri doesn't like that idea.

Will's wife has also decided that she would tell the football coach to finally propose to Emma. He definitely does it and gives her an engagement ring with all the grace that cubic zirconia could muster. She says she doesn't know and talks to Will about it. She wants him to talk her out of it but he doesn't. After that, Terri has decided to talk to Emma about her husband. Emma says that Will deserves better than that. Unfortunately for Emma, it doesn't last long. Terri tears her down and convinces her that she should marry the coach. She decides that she is going to do it as long as she can basically act as if she is still single. Live alone, same last name, see each other at work, etc. When she finally accepts the proposal, Will is there to see it and his heart is absolutely broken because of it.

Terri has taken notice that the kids were more happier on the pills so she orders thirty six more boxes through her Acafella alum. Not only that, but Will is tired of her being around. He thinks that her being at the school and working there isn't working out for their marriage. The principal has found out that Terri has gotten the kids all on pills. He fires her and decides that Glee needs a co-chair since Will didn't even realize that the kids were on uppers. He has decided that Sue is going to be the person to do that job.