Mash-Up - Recap

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Due to the fact that Quinn and Finn are now pregnant, they are getting a lot of bullying and harassment. A slushie has been thrown into Finn's face and it doesn't help that he is now a part of the Glee club. Elsewhere, Emma and Ken aren't in agreement on a song for their super secret wedding. Emma wants to use "I could Have Danced All Night" while Ken on the other hand wants to use The Thong Song. Well, they decide to ask Will if he will do a mash up of the two songs and also teach Emma some steps so she can actually dance for the wedding.

Finn and Quinn have also met up with Emma trying to figure out what they are going to do so that they can be cool again. She of course doesn't know how to respond to that kind of question.

After being inspired, Will goes on to tell the kids of Glee that mash ups will be the theme of the school week. He wants the kids to actually make their own mash ups of whatever song they want along with the song "Bust a Move" which seems to be Will's favorite song, ever. Emma has come to the first lesson and she is wearing a giant wedding dress. She says that it is because she was always obsessed with Princess Diana's wedding and thought she would do it that way. Will begins singing the Thong Song and they lose balance so they fall down and she falls on top of him. Her fiancee is in the back, lurking and watching what is going on. He begins to see red and becomes very jealous.

Ken decides that he is going to schedule football practice while there is glee club and also decides to give the guys on the team that are also in Glee an ultimatum. It is up to them to decide whether they want to be with the football team or with Glee. Elsewhere, Puck and Rachel have started dating and are making out. While this is going on Rachel kind of hallucinates and she sees him as Finn. She wigs a bit and tells him that she can't date him if he can't do a good solo. He is offended by this because she is questioning his talents. He decides that he is going to perform "Sweet Caroline" in front of all of the Glee kids.

Elsewhere, Finn and Quinn have been slushied again. Sue is doing her show and she tells everyone that they should simply marry their dogs because there is no room for intimacy in a marriage. The other anchor decides to ask her out and she is caught off guard by it. After that, she has asked Will to teach her how to swing dance because she's in love with the news anchor and wants to learn so they can compete. She also tells Will about what the football coach is up to as she is leaving.

Will goes to call Ken out about what he is up to and Ken goes off and throws the whole Emma thing in his face. Will says he will stop it with Emma if he breaks the ultimatum. Ken refuses to do that and he is definitely making them choose. Puck and Rachel are walking down the hall all sweet and cute and then Puck has been slushied for dating her. She gets him all cleaned up and he decides that there isn't any reason for him to experience that kind of humiliation and he chooses football over glee.

Emma has decided that she needs to pick a new dress and she has Will go with her. She sings the song "I Could Have Danced all Night" and then afterwards Will realizes he has no time and goes back to school to see who has made a decision in regards to the ultimatum. It seems that Finn is the only one that picked football. Puck, Matt, and Mike have decided to stick with Glee. The club are all wearing raincoats and Finn was sent to slushie one of the kids in Glee. He decides that he can't do it and Kurt just takes it and splashes it in his own face. He asks him to figure out which person on the football team would do that for him.

Finn leaves and Kurt demands that he gets a spa. The girls get him dealt with. Sue shows up to meet up with her "boyfriend" and she is wearing a Zoot Suit. She catches him making out with another woman and is crushed by that. She is also told that only the guys wear the suits. Silly Sue.

Rachel has decided that she is going to break up with Puck due to the fact that she has some pretty strong feelings for Finn. Puck tells her that he has feelings for Quinn anyway. Will has decided to talk to Finn on the field and see what is going on. They have a sweet talk and then Finn decides that he is going to talk to the coach and tell him that he just doesn't want to have to make that kind of choice anymore--it isn't fair. He also tells him that he is basically the leader of the team by being a Quarterback. He wants to see a world where he can play football and also be a part of Glee. Ken decides that he is going to just let it go and cancels practice for the day.

Sue is back in true mean woman form and she forces Will to give her a song list. She tells him that she is going to break into his house and punch him straight in the face if he is at all late on handing it to her. Not only that but she has decided to kick Quinn off the cheerleading team and does exactly just that.