Wheels - Recap

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In the beginning of the episode, Quinn is watching the Cheerios have practice. Finn comes in and wants to talk to her. She tells him that he needs to start helping out with the medical bills and he tells her that he has been having a really hard time finding a job. They fight over money and she demands that he gets it together so he can support them. Finn tells her that it has been hard for him.

The principal has told Will that the school can't pay for a wheelchair accessible bus that would help Artie out big time. He tells him that he will have to get Artie on the bus without his chair or buy their own bus. Will tells the kids that they are going to be doing a song from Wicked for the Sectionals. The song is called "Defying Gravity". Rachel gets the solo part and Kurt is none too pleased about that. He thinks that they should have a bake sale so that they can get a bus for Artie, but they don't really dig it. They say they don't have the time or the know how to do it.

The next scene shows Artie having a solo in his daydream. The song he sings is "Dancing With Myself" and he dances through the school in his wheelchair. During this daydream, he thinks about Tina which makes it clear that he has a crush on her. Will overhears him singing and he makes it clear that he wants them to have the bake sale anyway.

Kurt tells Will that he really wants the solo and he tells him that he can't since that part is for a girl. He then decides that he is going to prove his point about the bake sale by having the club be in wheelchairs for three hours a day. Finn gets hit a lot while he is rolling around in his wheelchair and Rachel getting food thrown in her face in the cafeteria.

Quinn is in HomeEc and she is trying pretty hard to make cupcakes. Puck finds her in there and he attempts to give her some money to help with the baby. He only gives her eighteen bucks and that doesn't make her happy. She doesn't even take it from him. They get into a bit of a flour/batter fight and have a lot of fun doing so until Finn catches them.

Kurt is at his father's car garage and he doesn't bring him his favorite donut. His father asks what is going on with him and thinks that maybe all of the stuff he puts in his hair might be making his brain go soft. Kurt tells his father that he is really upset because Will isn't letting him do the solo for that song. His father gets pretty outraged and goes to the school to tells the principal that it is discrimination and they need to let him audition for the song. Finally, Will has agreed to allow him to try out for the song.

Will has decided to allow the rest of the club decide who is the best one out of Rachel or Kurt. They are made to promise that they will vote for the best, not just be biased. Elsewhere, the bake sale isn't working out too well. Britney buys her special friend a cupcake. Her special friend is Becky and she has Down's Syndrome. Puck gets nasty and says that Britney copies off of her papers.

The principal tells Sue that she needs to have an open try out for the Cheerios. He says they need to be more inclusive and Will will be watching to make sure she does what she is told to do. They have try outs and Becky is one of the prospects. Sue decides that she wants to put Becky on the team and Will is suspicious of her motives.

Artie has just finished giving lessons in the art of wheelchair dancing to the Glee crew. He and Tina sit down and have a nice talk. She asks him what happened that got him put in the wheelchair and he says that his mother was driving and had an accident when he was eight years old. He also clarifies that his "most important functions" are still functional.

At Burt's garage, there is an anonymous phone call. It was a prank call saying that Kurt "is a fag". His father is livid over this and a bit worried. Kurt doesn't think of it as a big deal, but his dad definitely thinks that it is. He is scared that something might happen to him, because he knows how homophobic teenagers can get--he was one, after all.

Puck has come up with an idea that will help the bake sale. He has put drugs into the recipes of the baked goods. So, now there is a big boost in sales for that. Will catches Sue being really mean to Becky. He tells her that she is unbelievable and that she shouldn't bully her. Sue says that she is treating her the same as the other girls and that's what Becky wants from her, too. He is still extraordinarily suspicious of Sue's intentions.

The time has come and now Rachel and Kurt must battle for the solo of Defying Gravity. Kurt was doing great until he messes up at the end and is slightly embarrassed. Puck has stolen money from the bake sale and is trying to give it to Quinn. She doesn't want to take it and there is a brief moment when you can't help but notice that she's really falling hard for him. Finn shows up and brings cash of his own to give to her. Rachel helped him to get a job and he made this money.

The bake sale did pretty great by raising a little over a thousand dollars. Artie wants to actually give the money to the school for more ramps. Despite that, they still get the bus because Sue has decided she would donate money for the ramps instead. They worry that she possibly has something wrong with her, because they never expected that to happen. This is when we find out that she has a sister that has Down's, too. She even went to visit her and read her a book in this episode.

Artie has finally gotten Tina to go on a date with him. They speed down the hall in their respective wheelchairs and Tina kisses him when they have stopped. She tells him that she really doesn't have a stutter. She began to fake it when she had to give a speech and wanted to get out of it. She also wanted to push people away because she was too shy to handle it. She doesn't want to push anyone away anymore, though.

Artie is upset about her having lied to him. He is also jealous that she gets to go back to being a normal person while he is in the chair permanently. He then leaves her upset. Elsewhere, Kurt and his father are having a conversation. He says that he failed on purpose so that he could protect his father from humiliation. At the end of the show, they had a wheelchair number in which they sang the song "Proud Mary".