Ballad - Recap

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The episode opens with Will telling the club that for sectionals they will have to work on a ballad. They get set up into pairs and sing ballads. Rachel and Will sing Endless Love to prove to them what a ballad is. During the little duet that they are having Rachel starts to gain herself a little infatuation with her Glee coach. She begins to follow him around with stars and hearts in her eyes. She is definitely infatuated and she is starting to scare Will a bit, to be honest.

Quinn is at home and her parents are introduced as super Christians that are full of hatred and judgment. Not only that, but Miss Quinn has begun to show. At school, Will has been given a gift by Rachel. He's not into it and he goes to talk to Emma about it. He doesn't want to hurt Rachel's feelings because of how fragile young girls can be. He tells her about how one girl had a crush on him and tried to commit suicide by eating a hot pepper so that she'd burn a hole in her esophagus.

Emma tells him that instead of telling her straight, he should sing her a song that shows how he feels. Elsewhere, Kurt is telling Finn to sing what he feels to him. Finn gets angry and tells him that he's real tired of people trying to make him someone that he isn't. Finn finally tells Kurt about how he might be a father. They sing the song "I'll Stand By You" and it is devoted to his future child. Kurt was singing the song while he was alone in his room and Finn was singing to a sonogram that was on his laptop. His mother comes in and asks if he was singing to a sonogram. He starts to cry, because he is scared. She figures out that Quinn is pregnant.

Later, Quinn found out that Finn's mother has figured it out. She goes off on him and calls him dumb. He talks to Kurt after that and he says that it must be enough to give up dating chicks. Kurt thinks about how he has had a crush on Finn for a long time. He doesn't understand why he finds this stupid boy charming.

Elsewhere, Will is going to go sing a mash up to Rachel. He asks that Emma comes with him. He sings Don't Stand So Close to Me and Young Girl. After his songs, he asks if she gets it at all and she misunderstands greatly. She tells him that he must be saying she's young and that he is having a hard time standing close to him. Afterwards, she runs off and starts working on the ballad that she would use in response. When she leaves, Suzy Pepper is there. She is watching everything and she looks like she has gone really crazy to be honest.

Finn is looking through his father's clothes and decides that he needs to ask Kurt for help picking out an outfit since he is going to have a family dinner with Quinn and her parents. Finn wants to tell her parents what is going on and he doesn't know how. Kurt says he should sing them a song to tell them exactly what is going on.

Weirdly, Rachel is at Will's when he gets home. She has been cooking and cleaning. It seems that Terri took advantage of the fact that Rachel has a crush on Will just so that she could get some things done without having to do them on her own. Will is offended by this and thinks that it is immoral. He demands that he take Rachel back to her house and does so. While he is driving her home, she puts on the song "Crush" by Mandy Moore. He is weirded out by that and he turns the song off. She is still pretty aggressive about her feelings despite the fact that he clearly has no interest. When she went to school the next morning, she was threatened by the last girl that had a crush on Will--Suzy Pepper. She told her to stay away from him or she will pretty much get hurt bad.

Mercedes and Puck are also partners and they are working on their ballads. They start talking about other things such as Quinn and Finn and that they are working on a song just for them. Puck can't take it anymore and he looks like he is about to explode. He tells Mercedes that he is the father of the baby and not Finn. Mercedes snaps on him telling him that while he may have made the baby with her--the father is going to be Finn because that is how Quinn wants it to be. She tells him that he needs to leave it alone.

Finn has gotten to the family dinner and goes into panic mode. He excuses himself and goes to call Kurt. Kurt gives him some positive reinforcement and Finn cuts the conversation short by saying he has to go just in case they think that he may be pooping. He comes out with a new found determination and sings the song "You're Having My Baby". The parents are not remotely accepting of this and Quinn is immediately kicked out by her father. Quinn tries to talk to her mom, but she's not being receptive. Quinn snaps on her because her mom knew the whole time that she was pregnant and just ignored it. She wasn't there for her when she needed her. She begs him to still love her and to let her stay, but he walks away heartlessly.

Finn feels he can bring her home and he does. His mother accepts her with open arms and she stays there for that time being. The next morning, Suzy goes to talk to Rachel. She is not as nasty as she seemed to be before. She tells her that they are a lot alike in a lot of ways. She tells her that she only likes him because he's not tangible and she's not that confident in herself. For whatever reason, this works and Rachel gets it. She says sorry to Will and things seem to be back to normal rather quickly.

Finn seems to be pretty relieved that all of the "truth" according to him has been put out on the table. Kurt had picked a song called "I Honestly Love You" to sing, but that didn't happen. The group sings "Lean On Me" and that is the song that they had planned for Quinn and Finn. In fact, Artie got to sing lead male in this song which was great.