Hairography - Recap

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Sue catches up with Will and tells him that she'd really like to see the set list for sectionals. He is understandably suspicious since one of the cheerleaders was videotaping their rehearsals. Brittany tells him that she wasn't told to do it. He just knows that Sue is plotting a way to get the sectionals messed up for them and getting the set list will do exactly that. Emma tells him that he should go to the other school and ask the directors if they are being bribed to do what their set list is for their performances.

First he goes to Jane Adams Academy and the director there is being played by hip hop artist Eve. This academy is for troubled girls. The director is offended that he would even ask if she was cheating because she is working very hard to try to teach the girls what is right. She tells him that they don't have any money for space to practice or even to get costumes. He decides that he should invite them to practice at their auditorium. That team decides to show off their one set and it is Bootylicious by Destiny's Child. There are thirty members of this Glee club, too!

Will becomes nervous and worried because he thinks that the club can't really compete with all of the amazing things these girls are doing. Rachel calms him down by saying that it is just hairography. He decides that for this week they need to be doing Hair and he gives out a bunch of wigs.

Elsewhere, Quinn is really thinking about whether she should give up the baby or not. She is also rethinking her relationship with Finn. She wants to see if Puck would be better to be with, since he is really the father. She decides to do this she is going to need to give Finn a distraction. She goes to Kurt and asks that he gives Rachel one of his famous makeovers. He is into it as he loves giving makeovers.

While Will and his wife are in bed, he is interested in making with the love but she needs to get him to back off since she is faking a pregnancy. At Rachel's, Kurt is waxing her eyebrows. She asks him why he is even bothering with giving her a makeover and he tells her rudely that she needs it because she has such an awful personality. She tells him that she is very much in love with Finn and he goes into panic mode. He tells her that he is going to have to make her like a giant slut so that she can get his attention.

Elsewhere, Terri has decided that she is going to buy Will an old car to get him good and distracted. He is pretty happy about it because he had the same car back when he was in high school. Quinn decides to keep the baby she is having and Terri gets all stressed and worried about it.

The director of the glee club from the deaf school is pretty harshed out by the fact that their club wasn't invited to have a scrimmage at the school like the other team did. Terri is still losing it over the fact that Quinn wants to keep the baby. Kendra is keeping her cool. Will comes in after working on his car and Kendra tell him how hot he is.

The reason that Kendra is keeping it together is because she is seriously plotting. She is going to have Quinn babysit her kids and then she will for sure change her mind after that experience. Rachel goes to school with her new look and she is looking quite sexy. She has definitely gotten Finn's attention. She ask him to come to her house to practice for Hairography and he agrees to it. Finn double checks with his girlfriend Quinn and because she has some things going on like babysitting she is pretty cool with it. Not only that, but she has invited Puck to be there.

Britney has been given the job to teach them about hairography. While this is happening, Sue is spying and has been caught by Will. She says that she worries that he may be losing faith in the club. She then gives him an ultimatum as she does often and says that if he doesn't give her the set list then she is going to come back to being a co-director to the Glee Club.

Finn gets to Rachel's house and she is dressed and ready. She looks like she is from the movie Grease and that is very much where they went with it. They begin singing the song "You're the one that I want" off of the musical's playlist and soon Finn breaks down and tells her that he is really being made to be uncomfortable by the situation. He thinks that she looks like crap, basically. He doesn't like who she is trying to be when she's just fine being herself. He tells her that he was even having a conversation with Kurt about exactly what he wants in a girl--which is the complete opposite of what Kurt made her into. He just really likes a girl that is simplistic and most importantly--real.

In Quinn and Puck land, they are tied up by the kids. They are destroying the house and have managed to win complete control. Finally Quinn has gotten them untied and Puck is texting his friend Mike. He wants to sing the kids a lullaby and they started singing the song "Papa Don't Preach".

Kendra and Terri get home and they are shocked that all of the kids are actually sleeping. They even somehow got them to take baths so Kendra is extra shocked by that. So, instead of that working out in her favor--Quinn has decided that she and Puck should in fact raise their child together.

Things are pretty tense at school the next day. Rachel is furious that Kurt was playing her the way he did so that she couldn't get with Finn. She calls him out on it and then puts two and two together. She finally knows that he also has feelings for Finn. She tells him that she has a better chance due to the whole gender thing and with Finn being straight and all. He says that he's in love with Quinn so it isn't going to work out for either of them.

Things get ugly between Santana and Quinn, too. Santana tells Quinn that she had spent all night having text sex with Puck and she should stay away from him. After that, there is another scrimmage. Glee does a mix of Hair and Crazy In Love. They weren't even trying to make it good, on purpose. After that, the deaf team is now performing John Lennon's famous song "Imagine". They all join in on the song after a while. They connect and bond with the other team.

Quinn is jealous and worried so she decides that she is going to check Puck's text messages to see if it is true. Puck tells her in a real sexist way that if he's not getting it from her, he will find it somewhere else. He tells her that he is completely capable of being a good father and still being the guy that he is. Quinn has decided due to this that maybe she shouldn't keep her baby. She says that she just really wants her daughter to have a good father and asks if she thinks that Will will be that for the baby. Terri agrees that he will be and he comes in. Quinn gives him a big hug and she leaves.

Will tells Terri that he has sold the car and got a mini van instead. After that, Quinn goes to Finn and asks him if they can just go back to the way that they were. He tells her about the close call with Rachel and then reassures her that he just wants to be with her. Unfortunately for Rachel and Kurt, they see it all go down.

Will goes in and talks to Sue. He apologizes because she was right and he was wrong. He gives her their set list and then she of course hands it out to all of the other schools. We shall see if they will take her up on her offer. To top off the show, all of the kids sing the song "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. Tina got to sing in lead and it was beautiful.