Mattress - Recap

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In the beginning, it is realized that Ken set up he and Emma's wedding day when the sectionals are. It is also time for everyone to get their pictures taken for the yearbook. Sue has come in and she has two black eyes. This is due to getting surgery to make herself look better for picture day. She gets this done every year. She always get a touch up and she even tells Emma that she had them remove the tear ducts because she doesn't use them, anyway. Being the witch that she is, she tells Will that they have decided not to have Glee in the yearbook. It will save money and according to her--further embarrassment for the club. He is pretty upset by this which of course gives him a boost of determination to fix the situation--even though the kids may not be as into it as he is.

The kids don't seem to mind because of all the horrible things that happen when they are in the yearbook. The pictures are always defaced and they always have to face being made fun of by the other kids, so they're just not into it. Will still goes on to work something out so that they can have their space in the yearbook. He pays for ad space and that is where the picture should be. Rachel is the odd man out in this situation as she finds it to be very important that she be in the yearbook for Glee club. Quinn has begun missing being a cheerleader and wants to feel like she belongs again. So, she has a new found determination to get back on the team and be in the team photo. We will see where she goes with this, because she says she is going to get it no matter what she has to do.

Terri basically tells Will that he can't just buy space for the picture. She says it is because how small the space is. The whole club would not be able to fit in that tiny space. They decide that they need to pick two people to represent the club and no one wants to do it except for Rachel. Rachel tells Kurt he should start a GSA so that she can actually be head of every club she can be a part of fairly. GSA is the Gay Straight Alliance and maybe that will happen at some point, but not any time soon with all that is going on in that school.

Will has asked that someone else takes part in the photo and she pretty much guilt trips Finn into finally doing it. She demands that they practice the photo and they sing the song "Smile" by Lily Allen. They have great chemistry, too. Unfortunately, after they have that moment Finn goes to the locker room. His teammates make fun of him and bully him. They even wrote Loser on his face. He decides not to go to the photo shot and has left Rachel to her own devices. She is disappointed, but she handles it with the grace as a future super star.

After the picture has been taken the photographer mentions that he needs to go to a casting for a commercial. She convinces him that he should let the Glee Club be casted into the commercial. They all show up and do the commercial by singing the song Jump by Van Halen. They all jump on mattresses and Artie holds a sign that says "Jump" on it. Mercedes get to have a solo part of the song, also.

Will is at home looking for something and he finds what seems to be padding for a baby bump. Will is pissed off and he calls Terri out. He even pulls her shirt up to take out the cushioning that she is using to fake her pregnancy. She confesses everything to him about herself and about Quinn. He is so angry that he leaves and goes to the Glee room. He finds mattresses and opens one so he can sleep on it.

As Sue is filming her show, she sees the commercial that has been made. She immediately goes to the principal and tells him that they can't go to sectionals since they accepted the financial payment (mattresses) for the commercial since that means they are no longer amateurs. This would make it so that Glee is no longer a viable club. They think that they can't return the mattresses since he opened one.

Will goes to speak to Emma and she tells him that she understands why she was so desperate to keep him. Quinn decides that she is going to blackmail Sue into backing off of Glee. She tells her that she gets plenty of things from being a part of the Cheerios team and that she will tell the principal if she doesn't back off. That would mean that the team wouldn't be able to compete or anything anymore. She is allowed back on the team and has even gotten her to give her one of the pages she has for the yearbook so that Glee can have a page.

Sue has accepted this deal and Quinn tells her that she doesn't even want to be back on the Cheerios. She wants to be a part of a team that cares about her and accepts her, too. She knows that she belongs on Glee and that is where she wants to be.

Thanks to Will being taken off the position, the Glee Club will go on to compete in the sectionals. The kids are not happy about this, but they still have to compete without him. The kids have an end scene where they sing the song "Smile" by Charlie Chaplan. While they sing they are preparing for the photo that they can finally have and rightfully so. When the episode ends, it shows people drawing on their picture turning Chris into a girl.