Sectionals - Recap

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Rachel has begun to notice that Puck is paying a lot of attention to Quinn. Rachel is in the dark about Quinn being pregnant by him because they don't want her to go telling Finn. If Finn were to find out they would not be able to win sectionals. The team has all plotted how they are going to keep it from her. The kids start ganging up on Santana a bit because she apparently told everyone and it must be because she and Puck are "dating". Santana tells them that sex doesn't equate to dating.

Emma has decided that she is going to be the faculty adviser of Glee. Elsewhere, Rachel is being manipulative and convinces Quinn that Jews are predisposed for a disease and they need to know whether or not someone has it. Quinn goes and finds Puck and says that they need to go get the tests. Rachel listens in while she pretends to read her magazine. After that, Will introduces Emma to the group. She is replacing Will.

Some of the girls (Rachel and Mercedes) argue over the ballad solo that will be performed at Sectionals. They both feel that they deserve it and Mercedes sings "...and I'm telling you". Rachel bows out and decides to just hand the solo over to Mercedes. Then she wants to hug her. Rachel is feeling a bit vindictive and goes to talk to Finn. She tells him that Puck is the actual father of Quinn's baby. He flips out and attacks Puck for doing this to him.

Finn pushes Quinn into telling him the truth. Rachel feels bad and apologizes to Quinn for blowing the lid off of that secret. She's not mad at her, she's relieved and scared. Puck wants to have her back and be the father, but she is dead set on doing everything by herself.

At Sectionals, they are less Will and Finn. They have someone filling in for Will so that they have twelve people. They show a Juvenile Delinquents school that does the songs "And I'm telling you" and "Proud Mary". They do this in wheelchairs and our kids start to panic and worry. Emma decides to call Will so she can update him on the situation. Artie is wigging out and slamming himself into a wall and Jacob has just wet his pants. Will is angry and calls out Sue, threatening to have her brought down.

Will meets up with Finn and gives him a speech. He leaves his car keys with Finn so that he'll make up his mind to do what is right. At Sectionals, Emma calls out the other leaders. The deaf group starts singing Journey's Don't Stop Believing and the Glee kids need to get themselves centered.

They figure out that Brittany has given their setlist to the rest of the teams and they decide to pick new songs. Rachel is given the ballad and Finn shows up with a song that he picked out too. Rachel gets to perform her ballad first and she sings "Don't Rain on My Parade". While she is singing the song Emma has Will on the phone so that he can hear everything.

Finn does an amazing performance of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and Will has begun to cry in reaction. It is a sad song considering the situations that have been going on. So, everyone is pretty emotional at that moment. The judges are in the room discussing all of performances. The judges are Candy Dystra, Rod Remington, and Donna Landries. Candy Dystra is uncomfortable with the deaf kids. Then they argue over who was really the best team. That is when Eve shows up to tell them that she was cheating but it seems that the judges have already made their decision as to who is winning.

Will is getting ready for Emma's wedding to Ken and Terri shows up. She tells him how she has been getting counseling and he says he hopes that it will actually work out for her. He's very clearly over her. After that, he goes to Emma's wedding and she has been left by Ken. She decides that she wants to quit working at the school because of her guilt for falling for Will and ruining her relationship with her fiancee.

Sue is at the principal's office and boy is he reaming her out for giving the set list to the opposing schools of the sectionals. She thinks that she's just going to get yelled at, maybe a mark on her record, and then they will go back to normal. She is very wrong. He suspends her and tells her that she can't be the coach for the Cheerios anymore. Also, he decides that he is going to make Will the director again. She is not going to take any of this, but she needs time to stew and plot out her revenge, so that is exactly what she is going to do.

Sue isn't okay about this and she is as mouthy as she can get. She tells them that she's going to go to Boco and get tan. She also tells Will that when she gets back she is going to destroy Will's life thoroughly. She walks away and pushes one of the cheerleaders out of her way. After this, it is learned that they have actually won sectionals! They are to go to the Regionals after this, but they decided that they were going to perform a song for Will. They sing Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" and it is really, really cute.

During the song, we see that Emma is packing up her office. That is when Will has an epiphany. He decides that he really just wants to be with her. They have a beautiful embrace when he finally finds her and they kiss.