The Power of Madonna - Recap

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When the episode starts Sue is writing in her journal. She is telling the journal that she has always looked up to Madonna ever since she was a little girl. For this reason, Sue wants Figgins to play Madonna every day on the intercom...every single day. She seems to believe that her team can dedicate themselves to Madonna, too. Figgins tries to tell her no, but of course she has the blackmailing over his head like a cloud full of rain. Sue even goes as far as demanding that the girls of the team date people that are younger than them. Even the freshman. That is how far she is willing to go to devote her team to Madonna.

Rachel is trying to find someone to give her advice for dating. She asks the other Glee members and Jesse is trying to get her to have sex with him, so she needs the help. She wants to know how she is going to keep Jesse without having sex with him. The girls don't have very good responses. Santana and Brittany tell her she should just have sex. Mercedes doesn't know because the last guy she was interested in was gay.

Will tells the girls that they may need to talk to Emma. Rachel says she tried and she was not really helpful. The girls tell him that they've been treated badly by the guys lately. Quinn goes off about how women are treated badly in all ways. Will goes and sees Emma and she doesn't think she should talk about sex since she is a virgin. Will goes to talk to Sue and he sees that the girls on the team are practicing to Ray of Light. This inspires him to do an assignment of doing a Madonna song. The guys aren't okay with it, but Will says that they have been sexist.

Rachel decides to lead the other girls into doing Express Yourself. She tries to prove that it is not about gender. After that, Santana wants to take Finn's virginity. He's not into that, because he likes Rachel. She tells him that she and Jesse are still together and that Rachel really wants him like a cat in heat. Elsewhere, Sue has had Emma's intercom disconnected because she doesn't "deserve" to listen to Madonna because of her being a virgin.

Rachel and Finn have a performance of Borderline and Open Your Heart. Kurt and Mercedes decide to make a tribute video and Sue comes in and flips on him demanding that he stop doing Madonna songs with Glee. He snaps on her after she mocks his hair and then makes her even more angry by mocking her's. Elsewhere, Finn has decided to have sex with Santana.

Kurt and Mercedes are speaking to Sue and she talks about how her parents hunted Nazis and she raised her "special" sister by herself. She tells them that she makes fun of Will due to her hair being ruined as a young one and she's just jealous. She tells them that her sister tried to bleach her hair. Supposedly, she used Napalm to do that. Kurt decides to help her by giving her a make over.

Rachel and Jesse meet up at a library of some sort. Jesse tells her that he is sorry for pressuring her for sex. She says that she is ready to do that, however. Emma tells Will she is ready for that, too. She wants to take control over her own life and body, so she wants to do it.

They show the video that Kurt made and it was pretty great. After that they have a scene of the three couples taking part in a song "Like a Virgin" while they deflower. Rachel didn't follow through on the loss of her virginity. She lies and tells Finn that she did. Finn did lose his and didn't like it at all. He tells her that he didn't do it, though. Emma didn't do it, either. She totally freaked out and ran away. Will says that she needs to seek counseling so they can actually follow through with the act.

This is when they find out that Jesse is going to be switching schools to join New Directions. The other members are just not okay with it at all. They don't want to fight for their positions anymore and Finn thinks that everyone is against him. Jesse claims that he transferred so that he could be with Rachel.

Then Kurt and Mercedes are singing "4 Minutes" while the band plays the song. Will sees it and is shocked. Kurt and Mercedes have joined the Cheerios because they are just so tired of not being noticed or allowed to show what talents they have. Later on, the boys are given "What It Feels Like For a Girl" and they are inspired to realize something. Everyone except for Puck, who just doesn't care in general.

Tina and Artie have finally stepped it up and kissed one another. They are becoming closer and closer and it is well needed that they actually kissed. After that, Rachel and Finn get together to talk. Finn is apologizing to her and when they get to trying to talk Jesse comes up-jealous--and want to have a bit of a sing off. Rachel gets overdramatic and wants them to avoid doing that at all costs. Instead of Finn wanting to have the sing off with Jesse, all he wants to do is accept him into the group like a good friend would--he tries, anyway. He has seemingly changed a bit and would prefer to be the nice guy instead of acting like a mean jock like he has been acting.

At the end of the show, they do the song called "Like a Prayer" and it even has a gospel choir. Kurt and Mercedes were given their solos that they wanted pretty badly. They certainly earned it, however.