Dream On - Recap

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Will comes into the office and he wants to introduce him to Bryan Ryan. Bryan tells the principal that they have met and Will thinks about how he ruined his life. He thinks to himself that he got every girl Will liked and even got all of the best solos. They flash a scene where they are singing a song and Bryan does a magic trick turning a flame into a bouquet of flowers and gives it to the girl he was singing with. Bryan asks him if the cat has his talent and everyone laughs. Will snaps out of it and Bryan is now officially a part of the school board. He tells him that he is doing an audit of the school's budget and they may need to cut some art programs. The principal tells him that it is a formality and Bryan tells him that it is more than that because they will probably cut the Glee club. Will asks him why since glee club was his life. Bryan tells him that it was his life and he got bigger than he ever thought he would and begins to brag about all of the great things he did. He tells him that he even got a gig on a cruise ship and that dried up. When that dried up--nine years later he ended up on a urine soaked mattress in the crack district of Lima. That is when he woke up and he was introduced to Jesus--Honduran social worker. He tells him that thanks to him he got cleaned up, met the love of his life, and now own a used Hummer dealership. Will makes a face and Bryan tells him not to because global warming is a theory. He tells him that four nights a week he runs a show choir conversion group. It flashes to a group where a woman introduces herself as Brenda and she tells them she hasn't sung a show tune in over 40 days. She tells them that she started huffing glue. The next guy says that whenever something bad happens one should put on a show. He tells them that putting on a show about one's father's prostate cancer can hurt even more and Bryan says that Show Choir kills.

Bryan tells Will that he just wants to talk to the kids to make sure that he is not building them up for the inevitable knockdown. Will asks what if he says no and the principal tells him that he should let him speak to the kids. He asks what the worst that could happen. He introduces Bryan to the club and tells him to listen critically because many people have different viewpoints. Bryan tells them to take out a piece of paper and write their biggest dreams that they wouldn't even admit to anyone let alone themselves. One girl writes down "big star" and one guy writes "3some". He squishes the paper and throws it out and tells them that their dream will never happen. He tells them that most of them won't even leave the area and unless they want a mid level entry job at a mid level insurance company or at an elderly community--they will be very disappointing. He says that he is going to guess that a lot of their dreams involves showbiz and he tells them that that is the most unrealistic dream of them all. Will says that they think they get his point and Bryan tells them that Will could not make it happen for himself so now he feels he has to convince them all that it will happen for them. He tells them that his dream didn't work out and neither will their's. Will tells him that he is done there. Bryan tells him that he would be wise to show him some respect and Will tells him that he's said his peace and he should get out. Bryan tells him that he should thank him because he made his decision about which program to cut much easier.

Artie is looking for a book and Tina gets the book for him. He figures that since he'll never become a star as a performer, maybe he could become one behind the camera. She asks if that is what he wrote as a dream and he lies and says that it was before Bryan Ryan crushed it. She asks if he really wants to get with her why he lies to her. She went back for her book bag and she looked for the trashed dream in the trash can. His dream was to be a dancer. He tells her that he may be in a wheelchair but he is still a guy. He asks her what the difference is if he'll never be able to dance anyway since he is a cripple. She asks him since Will didn't get the chance to assign something to them why don't they do one on their own? She says she wants to do a dance number.

Rachel is practicing a dance routine and her boyfriend shows up. They talk about what Bryan Ryan said and he tells her that her dream is not a possibility, but an inevitability. She tells him that she thought he'd never come back. He asks her what her dream is and to go inside and find it and get to what it would take to reach it. He asks what she is missing when she is laying awake at night and she tells him that it is her mom. He asks if she means that she wants to meet her and she said that she would like to know her or at least anything about her. She says that it is silly because it won't happen. He asks her why and her dad never tells her anything. Her boyfriend tells her that he came back to school there to make nationals and make sure that all of her dreams come true. He tells her that if that is one of them then he isn't going to stop until it happens.

Artie and Tina are working out a dance routine and he takes issue with using his wheelchair. He tells her that he borrowed the crutches from the kid with cerebral palsey and she asks if he has ever used them. He tells her no but he says that he has super human upper body strength from using the wheelchair. She helps him get up and he is trying to take a step but then he falls. She asks if he is okay and he asks her to go away. He is embarrassed and tells her that she pushed her to do this. Will goes to talk to Bryan and he is working on grading the home economics class. He tells him that they teach people useful practices such as food preparation and that he can't feed people sheet music. He then says that he could but they would be dead in a month. Will offers to get him a beer and tells him that he wants to convince him that he is wrong. Bryan tells him that he won't. He then says for old times sake.

Rachel goes to her boyfriend's class and tells him that she found her in the library. She says that her mother is broadway legend Patti Lapoe. She says that she was born in 1994 and that her "mother" was busy touring for plays. She then says that the audience must be asking how it would happen if she was in NY and Rachel was born in Ohio. She says that she was in Ohio nine months before she was born. Her boyfriend asks what was in it for her and she says that he is right. He tells her that they should start an investigation to figure out who she was. She tells him that her father keeps all of her papers in a file in the basement. She then says that it is like a museum specifically about her. Will and Bryan are drinking at the bar and Will is telling him that he was the kind of guy that all the guys wanted to be and all the girls wanted to date. He said not all of them. He asks him who was the girl that got away and Bryan says Terri Delmonico and asks if he remembers her. Will spits his beer out in response. He says that he does and says he married her. He then tells him that it didn't work out. He loved her but they just grew apart. He tells him that music gave him the strength to get out of the "terrible marriage". He tells him that glee club is about expressing himself to himself. Bryan breaks down crying and tells him that he misses it so much. He says he is tired of living a lie. He also says that three times a year he says he is going on a business trip but he sneaks off to see a bunch of Broadway shows. He says he has a box of playbills hidden away in his basement like porn. Bill goes to the jukebox and puts on Billy Joel's Pianoman and asks if he remembers that he sang that at sectionals. He tells him to sing it again. Will starts singing and then Bryan starts singing. Will tells him that they are both going to try out for an audition for Les Miserables.

Artie and Tina go to the school the next morning and she apologizes to him. He apologizes to him about how it is hopeless. She asks who says it is hopeless? He tells her that all of his doctors told him this. She tells him about all of the research she did about something that could help him in the future. She tells him not to give up on his dream and she kisses him. Rachel brings everything up the steps and they go through all of the stuff. Her boyfriend finds her ultrasound and then he sneaks a tape into the box and asks her what it was. He goes to put the tape into the stereo and she asks that he goes because she is not ready. Bryan and Will are at the audition for Les Miserables. They are both going to sing Impossible Dream. Then he says he is going to sing Dream On. The auditioner tells them to sing it as a duet. Both Will and Bryan sings Dream On by Aerosmith. They both bring it pretty hard overcompensating while competing. They both do the high pitched end of Dream On at the same time and the auditioner says that they'll let them know.

Tina and Artie are at the mall and he says he can't believe he just bought tap shoes. She tells him that think of it as an investment in his future. He tells her that he went to the doctor to get on all of the treatments she told him about. He tells her that it is working and then he gets up and tells her that ever since he can remember all he has wanted to do is dance. He puts a cd into a stereo and starts dancing and everyone at the mall dances with him to a remix of "We Can Dance if We want to" He is singing the song too, of course. It turns out that he was daydreaming about it. She comes back and gives him pretzels and he tells her that he is going to dance one day. Bryan talks to the athletics director and tells her that he has gone through the budget and has had a reawakening as to what is most important. He tells her that her cheerios cost a lot of money. She tells him that her cheerios sell the tickets. She tells him that she is tired of sports taken a back seat. He spouts of multiple fake statistics. He tells her that learning pitch makes it easier to learn a different language and learning to read Shakespear may help kids learn physics. She tells him that two out of three teenagers are obese and sports improves attendance, teaches social skills and how to problem solve, and improves grades. She said that she realizes her methods are over the top but her track record has proven her methods. Bryan tells her that she turns him on and asks if she knows what anger sex is. She tells him that it is the only kind she knows and he tells her that he is married. She says that it is not a problem. He tells her that he is still cutting half of her budget and she says that you win some you lose some. He asks if he should lock the door and she tells him that she has a secret room upstairs.

Shelby (Rachel's mother) and Jesse are in her car speaking about she has the tape and she won't listen to it. He tells her that once he does his part he will be able to go back to his school. She tells him that she can't approach her herself because she signed a contract. She wants her to come to her. She says that she answered an ad in the newspaper that said that 9 months work would give her enough money to live in New York for two years. She said that her dad seemed like a nice guy so she went for it. She says that she never got to hold her and they took her immediately when she gave birth to her. She said that she looked right at her. She said that she failed as an actress and that her walls are lined with trophies instead of wedding trophies. She says that after all of that she only has one regret and tells him to get her to listen to the tape.

Artie is at the counselor and she tells him that there are only genuinely mentally ill students that come to see her on a regular basis such as a "certain junior that eats her own hair". He says that when he starts walking he is going to need help adapting to his drastic change in life style. He tells her that there are all of these new studies and shows her all of the research. He figures if he tries them all one is bound to work. She tells him that the damage to his spinal cord is pretty severe--even irreversible. He says that he used to know that. She asks him if he knows how long it takes for testing for medical protocols like these. She says that it is at least ten years before they even start human drugs. She tells him that she truly believes there will be a doctor that will find a treatment for what happened to him but it won't happen for a long time. She then tells him that maybe he is right--he should start coming to see her once a week for a while. He thanks her and rolls away leaving her all of the research.

Bryan tells the Glee club that he siphoned some money and got them "rad" New Direction jean jackets, dance wear, and every piece of sheet music from every Broadway show in the past fifty years. The coach comes in and congratulates him for landing the lead of Les Miserables. She then tells him that he got the "exciting" part of towns person. Bryan gets angry and tells him that he is cutting the program. Bryan is rehearsing and Will comes to him and asks if he can give it a shot at having him rethink cutting the program. Bryan tells him that if he keeps this going they will end up jaded and bitter. Will says that if he cuts the program they will certainly end up like him. Bryan tells him that he has grown weary of his insults--they sting and it makes him want to punch his face. Will tells him that all of these kids get labeled as soon as they walk into school but he sees who they truly are--no labels, no misconceptions--their true spirits. He says that most of them are not stars but they shine like hell. He tells him that if he takes away Glee he is not just taking away that but he creates 13 black holes. Will gives Bryan his part and tells him that he is a black hole right now and he wants to remind him what it is like to shine again. Bryan asks if he means that if he doesn't cut the funds for Glee he gets his part and Will tells him yes. Bryan tells him that it is cool and a deal and then goes to talk to the man that did casting about all of the ideas he has and tells him he doesn't really take direction.

Rachel comes home and Jesse is in her room. She asks what he is doing there and he tells her that he said he was going to make her dreams come true. He puts the tape in and she sings "I Dreamed a Dream" and she imagines that they are singing it together. She cries. Artie and Tina are talking about how he can't dance and he never will so she needs to find a new partner. He tells her that he has to focus on dreams he can make come true. She asks if he will at least sing the song and he tells her that he will. Will announces that Bryan Ryan is not cutting Glee. He tells them that he is trading his one dream in hopes that all thirteen of them will have dreams. Tina goes up and tells them about her dance routine. Artie sings on stage the song "Dream a Little Dream" and Tina and her new partner do the routine.