Journey to Regionals - Recap

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William is posting up a poster that asks for support for his Glee team. The Coach walks by and tells him that she'll see him on Saturday because she is one of the judges. William is outraged by this and doesn't want her to be a judge. He goes to the principal about it and the principal tells him that he has no control over the matter. William asks her if she has any idea how hard the kids have been working and she says that she's having a hard time listening to anything he says because his "hair looks like a briarpatch" and she "keeps thinking racist Disney characters are going to pop up and sing". William tells the principal that she's the one who has been leaking their set lists and was even punished for it. He thinks it is impossible that she was made a judge.

Quinn has a moment of reflection with Will about the time that she and Puck had sex. She tells William that it has been a long year. They drank wine coolers and she said she didn't want to because she is the president of the celibacy club. Will has a party for the kids. They have a nominations "party" for the set list. The kids are really down about how the coach is going to ruin it. She has even said that she'll crush glee club. They are all upset because things are going to change for the glee club.

William talks to the counselor and she reminds him that the feeling of loving what he is doing is more important than winning or losing. He tells her he misses her and she tells him that she is seeing someone. He is caught off guard by that. She tells him that she is dating her dentist.

William is driving home and searching through the radio stations. Journey is on one of them and he seems to be inspired to cry. Finn needs to talk to Rachel and tells her that she needs to be more motivating. He says that they're going to regionals and are going to win it. Rachel kisses Finn and he is speechless.

William talks to the class about how everything is going to be over soon and he says that life only has one beginning and one end. He wants them to make the most of it. He tells them they are going to do a Journey medley. Rachel tells him that they are all really glad that he didn't become an accountant.

It is time for the regionals. They introduce the judges which are the Coach, a newscaster, Josh Groban, and Olivia Newton-John. The first club does a mash-up of Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John songs. Finn and Rachel are getting ready and Rachel says "break a leg" and Finn says "I love you" to her. That is when they start their set. It starts off with Journey's "Faithfully", then go to "Anyway You Want", and end the set with "Don't Stop Believing". Quinn's mother actually shows up. They are super happy with the work that they did.

Quinn's mom shows up backstage. She says she was there to sing and she is sorry she missed everything else. She tells her that she left her father because he was having an affair. She tells her she wants her to come home and she'll turn the guest bedroom into a nursery. She asks if she has anything to say and Quinn says her water just broke.

Another team does Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". It is Jesse's team. While they sing, they are taking Quinn to the hospital. Quinn wants Mercedes to go with her along with Puck and her mother. She is giving birth as they have their set. The rest of Glee are in the waiting room waiting nervously. Rachel is left behind to watch the set. They have an endearing shot of Quinn, Puck, Mercedes and the baby.

Rachel goes to say congrats to her mother. She knows that her team won, so she asks her mother if she'd come teach at her high school with William. She believes they'd be unstoppable. She tells her that there is so much that she can teach her. Her mother says she can't do it anymore and she is tired of coaching Glee club and needs a life. She wants a house, garden, dog, and a family. She says she missed out on her chance with Rachel and it kills her so she can't let that happen again. She asks where the rest of her team is and she says that Quinn had her baby--a beautiful baby girl.

Coach walks into where the rest of the judges are just kind of taking their time. Olivia Newton John is putting make up on and the men are speaking. She tells them that she doesn't care who comes first or second, but has a strong opinion in who comes third. The newscaster says he loved Bohemian Rhapsody. Olivia is offended only one group memorialized her.

Josh asks her two questions 1. If she is single and 2. How she feels about New Directions. He felt they had a lot of heart. Josh loved them, Olivia is snooty about how poor the school must be. Coach thinks she is being harsh as they are "just kids" and that some kids are afforded more than others. Olivia is nasty and asks her if that is what she tells herself to sleep at night. The other judges knock the coach down a peg or two and she is not pleased. They decide to vote. They announce that Aural Intensity are runners up. Finally, they announce that the winners are Vocal Adrenaline. The newscaster hands Will the last place trophy. They are all saddened by this.

Quinn and Puck are at the hospital looking at the baby. He says she looks like her and asks if she wants to keep her. Quinn asks if he loved her and he says "yes, especially now". Rachel's mother shows up and asks which one is her's. Quinn asks what she is doing there. She asks if there is a name and Quinn says no and Puck says that the baby's name is Beth.

When Will is walking in the halls he can hear Emma screaming at the principal because the coach cheated and they already gave up the choir room. He tells her a deal is a deal. She says that some things are worth fighting for. Will says he loves her and they kiss. Rachel shows up and asks if Will can come to the auditorium. The kids have gathered up and tells him how much they all changed since they joined Glee. They say that they don't care what the judges said, they won because they had him. They sing the song "To Sir With Love".

Coach tells Will that she actually voted for New Directions. She talks to the principal and she told him that she'll stop black mailing him if he gives Glee another year. He thanks her and is emotional and of course she gives one of her quippy one liners. Will tells the kids and they are happy about it. He sings them a song and it is Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Finally, during his song Shelby (Rachel's mother) has adopted Quinn and Puck's daughter. She has even named her Beth. At the end, everyone is still together having quiet time and holding hands being happy. Cute!