The Rocky Horror Glee Show - Recap

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A mouth set in a black background is singing - Science Fiction Double Feature.

Rachel and Finn are playing the leads in Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's all going swimmingly, until Carl interrupts. He's there to call Will on going after Emma. Will wonders how things went from Rocky Horror to HIS horror.

One week ago

Will joins Emma at lunch. She forgot to cut the crusts off her sandwich! She had the most amazing weekend with Carl. They hit the revival theater for the midnight show of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Will asks if that theater isn't a total dive, and she says yes, but she's having so much fun she doesn't even notice. She and Carl are actually going to dress up as characters from the show, and go trick-or-treating. Emma is very happy and excited. Will is so busy examining Emma and Carl's relationship that he doesn't even notice he interrupted her to say that he's going to have Glee Club perform Rocky Horror, and isn't it cool how that show means so much to the both of them? Emma looks a bit perplexed. RHPS isn't exactly high school fare. She tells Will he's going to have to do a fair amount of editing to get the principal to sign off on it.

Mr. Schue tells the kids that he wants to do Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is going to edit it as necessary. He sends home parental permission slips, and they're going to charge admission so they can raise money to go to nationals. Rachel volunteers Finn and herself to play Brad and Janet. Mr. Schue thinks Kurt should play Dr. Frank-n-Furter, but Kurt adamantly refuses. Mike offer: he's feeling more confident about his singing these days. That's fine with Schue, who then goes on to suggest Joe play the creature.

Rachel's discussing the play with Finn, and he has not a clue what's going on. When he hears that he's supposed to wind up in his tighty-whiteys, he refuses. Not in front of the whole school. Rachel tells him it'll be like going to the beach, but he counters that he wears a t-shirt when he goes to the beach. Finn quietly admits that he's kind of insecure about the way he looks. Rachel reassures him, and they carry on going over the script.

Over on Sue's Corner, she takes on Halloween. It's not about candy, it's about fear! Children need to learn how to fear. Without it, they'll consider frenching grizzly bears, or living in Florida. The new cable managers introduce themselves (Barry Bostwick played Brad in RHPS, and Meatloaf played Eddie) to Sue. They want Sue to use fear in her future editorials. On another note, somebody at the school is trying to get permission to put on Rocky Horror. Does she know that show? Yes. She took her sister to see it, back in the day. The audience was so enraged to have a disabled person there, that they threw toast at them. She asks if they want her to shut it down, but they don't. They want her to do an expose on how secular progressive agenda is at McKinley High. It's got local Emmy written all over it.

Santana takes a verbal shot at how great it will be to see Finn topless. Rachel finds that inappropriate, but Quinn correctly points out that guys do it to women all the time. They perform "Dammit Janet".

Sue confronts Will about keeping her out of the loop. He said he just hoped they could get far enough along that she couldn't stop them. Sue counters that she doesn't intend to stop them. She appreciates how Rocky Horror pushes the boundaries. So Sue's not going to fight them? She says perhaps not. The arts matter. Will invites her to join them, play the part of the criminologist. She's happy to help. She reminds him that she gets final script approval.

Sam runs over his diet regime for Finn, who wonders when all of this started mattering to guys. Artie blames the internet. Sam tells Finn that if he gets up on that stage looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, there's no way he's going to remain popular.

Will asks Emma to be his costume designer and she is honored, and very excited.

Mike shows up with bad news. His parents won't let him play Frank-n-Furter.

Becky dresses up as Sue for Halloween. Sue congratulates her for wearing the best Halloween costume she's ever seen. Will swings through to tell her they lost their Frank-n-Furter and can't find a replacement. The musical is canceled.

Carl and Emma are going over their costumes when Sue interrupts, accusing them of indulging in sexual fantasies on school property. Emma tells her that they are going to wear Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes. She recruits Carl for the musical, and brings him to Will to audition. He performs "Opportunity". Everybody has a blast, but Sue says they don't need an Eddie, they need a Frank-n-Furter. Mercedes volunteers. Both rolls are cast.

They're doing a dress rehearsal, and Finn refuses to wear his "undies only" costume until the actual performance. Sam mentions that what they've got him in is too short, too tight, and he needs something different. Will says fine but we need to get moving. Mercedes rocks her role as Frank-n-Furter singing "Sweet Transvestite". Carl drives his cycle through the wall two scenes early, but he felt it made more sense when he did it.

Carl said something that Will thinks made sense. Some of the roles are too risqué for kids to play. So Sam won't be in the show; Will is going to play Rocky. He asks Emma to help him rehearse "Touch a Touch a Touch me", and she's reluctant but he convinces her. They perform the entire song, and when Emma notices how intimate they are, she runs out.

Sam fills Finn in on losing the Rocky role. Finn fears he'll lose his part as well, but Sam tells him no. The part of Brad is about knowing you're cool, no matter what anybody else thinks, or how uncool you may appear. Sam says Finn should just be himself, and the sexy will shine through. Finn gets it. He says he doesn't have to hide behind his muscles like Sam does. Sam says "Awesome. Wait. Are you insulting me?"

They're trying to rehearse without Finn. He's late, and he's not answering his cell. The principal shows up and tells Will he needs to get into his office immediately. When he arrives, he finds Finn has been suspended, for walking down the hall in his tighty-whiteys and Brad glasses. The principal is recommending one month suspension as well as summer school, to make up for any lost class time. Will asks for a minute alone with Figgins. He talks Figgins down to a warning, but Figgins also warns him about this show. Whatever reason he has for doing it, it better be worth it. Because if they take heat for the production, Figgins isn't going to be able to protect him.

When he gets back to rehearsal, it's where the show opened. Carl confronts Will about coming on to Emma, and using the show to do it.

Will is in his office. Becky swings by to trick-or-treat. He doesn't have any candy because he's been so busy with the show. Becky says that Rocky Horror is an abomination. She heard Coach Sue say that on her tape. Come see, she'll show it to him. Will watches "Sue's Corner" regarding Rocky Horror as the school show. He confronts Sue, but he agrees with what she's saying. He's going to cancel the show, and that means she loses her local Emmy. He tells Emma it's over, and that he only did it to get close to her. Will apologizes. He says he loves her, so he's going to let her go. Because at least for now, being with Carl is the best thing for her.

He tells the kids, and explains why he's stopping the show. They're still going to do it, just without an audience. The show closes with them performing "Time Warp."