Furt - Recap

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Kurt is arm-in-arm with Burt and Carolyn. They've come to share some
special news with Finn. Carolyn asks Burt to share the news, but just
when he gets to the best point, she blurts out that he proposed! They're
getting married!! Kurt is going to be the wedding planner, and they want
New Directions to perform as their band. Finn is not overly enthused.
They share a family hug. Finn finally says he's happy for his mom.

The anchor team is engaged, and they'll have an open marriage. Sue is
humiliated. The female anchor tells her she'll never find anyone, and
she'll die alone. Nobody else is good enough; she checked e-Harmony. So
Sue is planning her big wedding to herself.

Sam is shooting for his old job. He wants to be the most popular kid in
school, so he's hitting the weights hard. Finn can't win every game, and
Coach Beiste promised him he'd stay quarterback as long as he keeps
winning. Finn points out that being quarterback won't put him on top,
especially since he can't even get Quinn to be his girlfriend. Sam's
working on that, too. They fist-bump a "no hard feelings" as Sam leaves.

He tries to give Quinn a promise ring. He says all the right things, but
she refuses. For now.

Finn is trying to figure out what special thing he can do for the
wedding. He is obviously trying to use his mom's wedding to make himself
look like "a leader". Kurt suggests that he have the first dance with
his mom. Finn doesn't think that's such a great idea but Kurt assures
him he's been planning weddings since he was two. His power rangers got
married and divorced in so many combinations, they were like Fleetwood Mac.

Mr. Schue sees Kurt and Karovsky interacting and checks to see if he's
okay. He's not, so they go to Sue's office. She can see both sides of
the issue. Anything they can pin on Karovsky, he can wiggle his way out
of. She calls Kurt 'Lady' through the entire meeting. Kurt describes
what it's like to be terrorized. He says they don't know what Karovsky
is capable of. Will picks up on it, but Kurt refuses to elaborate. She
assures Kurt that if Karovsky lays one unkind finger on him, he should
come straight to her and she will expel him faster than a Thai place can
read back the delivery order. But until that happens, and she's
genuinely sorry to say this, there's nothing she, nor the school board,
can do. As they leave, Kurt tells Sue that calling him 'Lady' is also
hurtful and bullying. Sue apologizes, claiming she genuinely thought
that was his name. As an apology, she gives him a series of nicknames to
choose from. He picks Porcelain.

Rachel calls a meeting with the girlfriends of football players. She
suggests that the guys take on Karovsky to get him off of Kurt. Santana
arrives late. She wasn't invited because what she has going with Puck
most certainly does not qualify as "dating". Tina points out that if
Puck messes with Karovsky, he'll get sent back to juvie.

The wedding planner is confused. Sue sets her straight. When she hired
Marsha Dean weddings, she did so because they specialize in unique
weddings. Marsha says unique as in outdoors, not as in what Sue has
planned. Since she can't see her way clear to Sue being the bride,
groom, and officiating the wedding, she is fired. "Nothing is too good
for Sue Sylvester", she growls. Her mother pipes in from the doorway
"Well, that's one way to look at it!" Doris asks her daughter 'Suzy' for
a hug, and the squabbling begins. She's done Nazi hunting. Sue asks if
she's seen Jean net, and Doris says it's at the top of her list. She
asks what's up with the ridiculous wedding; has she given up on love?
Doris wants to walk her down the aisle, but Sue refuses. She wants to
sing at Sue's wedding.

Rachel confronts Finn, who refuses to confront Karofsky. Karofsky is
right guard. If he gets pissed at Finn, he'll sack him every chance
he'll get. Then they'll lose, then Beiste will make Sam quarterback. He
claims he wants to help, but he can't. Rachel is very disappointed in him.

Mike and Arty confront Karofsky. Karofsky shoves Mike, who runs into
Arty. They topple with the chair. Sam comes in and totally lays out
Karofsky. Coach Beiste breaks it up.

Finn says he was still out in the field. Will finds everybody and gets
brought up to date. The club starts rehearsing for the wedding while
Finn sits there looking lame.

Sue and her mom perform a song about Ohio. That just stops the
squabbling for a time. Sue resents being abandoned, even if it was
allegedly for "very important work." Three phone calls a year basically
translate to Sue growing up an orphan, fully responsible for her
'handi-capable' sister, Jean. They sing another couple of lines, and
clasp hands, then hug. The minute the music ends, Doris announces that
they could have done better, and she has a fitting for the wedding.
She's wearing white and hopes Sue doesn't mind; it goes with her skin tone.

Kurt teaches Burt and Finn to dance. Finn fears being seen by someone,
and asks for the door to be shut. Kurt blows him off. Karovsky comes
through and aims a limp wrist at Kurt. Kurt tells his dad everything,
including the fact that Dave threatened to kill him. Burt physically
attacks him, and when he's pulled off he asks Finn what the hell he's
been doing while all this was going on.

Dave, Kurt and both their dad's wind up in Sue's office. Karofsky denies
it, but Kurt repeats. "He said he would kill me if I told anyone." Sue
asks tell anyone what, but Kurt doesn't tell the truth. He says if he
told anyone about the bullying. Dave is visibly relieved, but calls Kurt
a liar. His dad notices that his grades have slipped and he's been
acting out. Sue says she's heard both sides, and Dave is expelled. If he
doesn't think it's fair, he can appeal to the school board. He is
expected to leave campus immediately. As Burt leaves, he thanks Sue. She
tells him to enjoy his wedding.

Santana wants Finn to admit that he slept with her, in order to be at
the top of the school heap. He can't, because Rachel didn't have sex
when they were apart, and he says he didn't either. So he can't admit
it, or she'll break up with him. Santana threatens to tell Rachel herself.

New Directions sings and dances their way down the aisle. Burt is the
last one up the aisle before Carol. Kurt didn't want them to start with
a prayer, so Burt and Carol say in their own words what this day means
to them. It was all so very beautiful. Second love is amazing. They are
very grateful for each other and their kids. Carol tells Finn she's most
proud of him for becoming a brother to Kurt. Burt took Carol before the
minister could finish his sentence, and she returned the favor.

Will sings at the reception. Kurt tried to talk Burt through the steps
from his table at the edge of the floor. He dips her at the end. Finn
takes the mic and gives the first toast from the best man. He announces
himself and Kurt as the newest couple. "Furt". He apologizes for not
manning up, and tells Kurt he has his back. He put together a number
from New Directions in his honor. It sounds like it's for the bride and
groom but he pulls Kurt on the floor for the chorus and sings it to him.
"You're amazing, just the way you are." Their parents come out and dance
with them. Finn and Carol, Burt and Kurt. Then Burt and Carol.

Jean is at Sue's wedding rehearsal, but it's just the two of them. When
Sue enters, she's wearing a gown that's a track suit on top. She does
all three parts, putting the ring on twice. Doris says this is crazy.
She didn't get to sing! She wanted a special moment with the girls. Sue
tells her that 'we girls' have had lots of special moments. Sue tells
her that she finally started liking who she was when she stopped trying
to please Doris. She finally tells Doris the truth. She's a bully. Sue
cannot recall walking away from one conversation with her that she felt
better about herself, rather than worse. Doris says she's disappointed
in Sue. Sue uninvites Doris from her wedding. Doris asks about her song,
and Sue says she's welcome to sing "The Sounds of Silence" in her hotel
room. As Doris is leaving, she claims she was going to send Sue to
Israel for her honeymoon. They love her there. Jean tells Sue she's
beautiful, and Sue tells her the same, kissing her on top of her head.

Quinn brings Sam medicine for his bruise. She also shows him that she's
wearing his ring. He's very happy.

Sue is sorry to report that the school board reversed Karofsky's
expulsion. Kurt can't live like this anymore. Sue says she'll do what
she can. She tendered her resignation. She can't help from behind this
desk, but she can out in the halls. Kurt has resigned himself to going
back to school, but Carol and Burt have something they want to talk to
him about. Kurt arrives and makes an announcement. He's going to
transfer to Dalton Academy, effective immediately. His parents are using
the honeymoon money for tuition. He has to go.