A Very Glee Christmas - Recap

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Emma asks Will if he's avoiding her. They haven't talked at all since
she told him she got married. He says not at all, they're fine. She asks
what he's doing for Christmas, and he says quiet time. She invites him
to come to their Christmas party. He appreciates the offer. Beiste comes
around with the Secret Santa jug. Everybody's name is in there, and you
get who you get, and you don't get upset. Will got Sue.

Artie and Brittany talk about Christmas. All he wants for Christmas is
that his parents stop sending him friend requests. Brittany wants to
know what he wants from Santa, though. Today is the last day he can get
his letter to Santa delivered in time. And remember. Even the smallest
envelope is heavy for an elf. Artie is stunned to realize that Brittany
still believes.

The gang decorates the tree and wraps presents while they sing the
Island of Misfit Toys. Will asks what's the reason, and Finn tells him
they're getting into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is Finn's favorite
holiday. Finn found the tree on the side of the road. And apparently the
guy next door killed his elderly mother. When they carted him away, they
left the door wide open. Santana thinks she must have been a holiday
hoarder. Puck lifted the presents from a display at the mall, but don't
worry; they're empty. Mr. Schue says he appreciates the effort, but this
isn't what Christmas is supposed to be like.

Despite the fact that they won sectionals two years in a row, everybody
agrees they still suck. Mr. Schuester says they are going to lend a hand
to a homeless children's organization. Rachel asks how they're going to
do that, and Will says they will go classroom to classroom, caroling to
raise money. The kids are logically horrified, except for Finn. He
thinks Christmas is the time for miracles.

They start caroling, and they're heckled badly. As they are licking
their wounds, Brittany announces that Santa can do anything, and this
year she asked for the glee club to stop getting picked on. They can't
believe what they just heard, but Artie acknowledges that yes. Brittany
believes. Lauren says somebody has to break it to Brittany. Puck says
even he is not that cruel. Artie wants to just let her believe. He has a
plan to make sure she stays a believer. The whole gang goes to visit
Santa. Brittany's the last to sit on his lap. She only wants one thing
for Christmas. She points out her boyfriend, Artie, and tells Santa that
for Christmas, she wants him to be able to walk. Artie motions to Santa
to Just Say No, but Santa says "Sure." As Artie announces that they are
screwed, Brittany thanks Santa and gives him a hug.

Rachel gives Finn a Christmas gift, and wants to sing him a song. He
refuses, and leaves. She sings her song anyway. "Merry Christmas, Darling."

Will is making a list of possible gifts for Sue. #2 is "A soul".

Blaine arrives, startling Kurt. He claims to be Marley's ghost, and he's
there to tell Kurt to stop studying so hard. He wants Kurt to help him
rehearse "Baby, It's Cold Outside", and Kurt is more than happy to
oblige. They sing the song, it's purely awesome, and Kurt tells him he's
good to go. Will stops in, and shares a big hug with Kurt. He asks if
Blaine is his flame, and he says no, but it's progress; Blaine is his
friend, and he's gay. As far as life goes, the classes are harder but
the kids are kinder. He misses the glee club, though. Will asks Kurt for
Christmas shopping assistance. He doesn't have any idea what he can buy
for Sue.

Emma arrives with a beautifully-wrapped Christmas gift. Will asks who
she drew, and she says Sue. As does Beiste. In fact, Sue is everybody's
secret Santa. She switched out the jug with the names on it. Or rather
she created a diversion, and Becky switched it out. Kurt picked a
fur-lined track suit for Sue. Will doesn't want her to have it, given
the stunt she pulled, but she refuses to give it up. They're all very
angry with her.

Sue continues trying to ruin the spirit of Christmas by making it all
about gimme, gimme-gimme. She takes away Lauren's Santa hat. Becky runs
and gets Sue, because there's a problem. The students are hauling away
Sue's haul. She sends Becky out to her car to get her tear gas. She
opened all the presents, so they can't be returned. She also claims to
have licked them. Will doesn't care. The staff agreed that the presents
should be donated to the homeless kids. Sue says she has a legal right
to the gifts, but Will checked with human resources. Because she
misrepresented herself, they are within their rights to take back the
gifts. He gives her a very sarcastic Ho-ho-ho, and Beiste chuckles. As
he leaves, Will tells Sue that she's a Grinch.

The boys ask Beiste for help. It's serious. About Santa. She loves
Santa. She asked for a full set of weights. She kept asking her dad how
Santa got 75 pounds of weights down the chimney. She should have
suspected something when her dad was in traction until January. They
want her to pretend to be Santa and tell Brittany that she can't give
her the gift of Artie walking this year. She doesn't feel right, but
Artie is adamant. She asked Santa for the impossible. If Christmas
morning comes and he's not dancing, she'll lose faith. Beiste is all in
until they tell her she'll need to break into Brittany's house. Her
parents know, they're fine with it.

Sue and Becky are dressed up as the Grinch and his reindog. Becky asks
why, and Sue says that if they get caught, they'll have plausible
deniability. If Schuester thinks she's a Grinch, well. That's exactly
what he's going to get. She sings "Sue the Grinch" as she dismantles the
Glee tree and steals all the gifts. After that, she cuts all the
branches off the Christmas tree. Brittany sees everything. She's
bringing a dollhouse for the homeless kids. She claims she took the tree
to fix it up in her workshop, and then she'll bring it back.

Will comes in and sees all the destruction. Brittany tells them what Sue
told her, still believing she was Santa. Finn says that in the greater
scheme of things, this is not that big a deal. They start cleaning up.
Rachel wants to use this opportunity to make things right. Things are
still incredibly tense between them. They split up to check out trees,
and sing "Last Christmas". She tries to kiss Finn, but he steps back.
She did a lot of damage, he's only had two girlfriends, and they both
cheated on him. With Puck. He officially breaks up with her.

The club decides to go all "Gift of the Magi" to raise money for the
homeless kids. Guys selling their watches, girls cutting of and selling
their hair. Will says no, they can't do that. And no more fighting. They
need to work as a team. He asks if any of them have ever actually read
"Gift of the Magi". Brittany indicates that she read a very small amount
of it. Will says they should put down the scissors, put their watches
back on, and go out and find some people who really need some Christmas

Brittany says good night to her dolls, and finds Santa in her living
room. Beiste even pulls down her beard and mustache, and Brittany still
thinks she's Santa. She tells her that she can't make Artie walk. Beiste
tells Brittany her own story, about how she was a husky girl and she
asked Santa to make her look more like the other girls. She wasn't
asking to be pretty or nothing. She just didn't want to stick out so
much. Santa couldn't do it. So instead, Santa gave her patience. Later,
the girl was glad Santa let her be. She put being husky to good use.
Brittany tries, but Santa is sure that it's just not going to happen.
Artie won't be able to walk for Christmas. Brittany asks her if she's
not going to go back up the chimney, but Beiste tells her that on dry
runs, Santa uses the Isuzu.

Brittany thinks she lost the Christmas spirit, if it's true that Santa
isn't magic and can't heal Artie. It's not fair that he can't walk. She
feels terrible. Artie tells Mr. Schue that Brittany's not feeling so
well, so he's going to take her home.

The glee club performs for the teachers to raise money for the homeless
kids. Sue really enjoyed breaking the collective heart of the glee club
- but she didn't. As they sing, her heart melts.

They raised $210 with their performance. Rachel is going to be alone
too, so she invites Mr. Schue to come over. When they get back to their
room, they see Artie standing up. Some guy in Israel developed it, it's
called a rewalk. Nobody knows where it came from, but Brittany knows
it's from Santa. Beiste watches, grins, and walks away.

Will gets home and grabs a soda. He sees a fire burning cheerfully, and
a decorated tree. Sue greets him. She had a key made ages ago. She
apologizes for stealing everything out of the choir room. She admits to
having a change of heart. There's all sorts of presents under the tree
for orphans or whatever, but she also got Will a non-exploding gift of
his own. She gave him a Wahl so he can shave off that Chia pet. She
blows a whistle, and the glee kids come in. Will thought Sue hated the
holidays, but no. She just hates him. Finn looks at Rachel and flashes a
half-smile her way. Will and Sue wish each other a Merry Christmas.